Udemy – AdWords Math: Data-Backed Strategies for Better Advertising [100% off]

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Course Description

Join over 1300 students who have taken Nikolai’s courses. Are you confused with Google AdWords? Not sure why visitors are leaving in masses when they come to your page?

I was confused like you before. Then, I spent months reading and researching about advertising. From Traction to Scientific Advertising, I read every marketing and analytics book I could get my hands on. This course is the product of my research. From my College Prep Course off of Udemy where I created sales of a $220 eCourse without an established brand name, to my “Test Your Business Idea” Bestseller on this site, I’ve created massive returns.

What I learned is that using AdWords is all about leveraging the right data and metrics. There’s a lot of courses on how to jumpstart your AdWords campaign on Udemy, but none of them tell you what to do when your efforts haven’t panned out. That’s what this course is about–figuring out with certainty and objective data that you can analyze what’s going on with your AdWords campaigns. No previous experience is necessary. In the first section, I’ll jumpstart your AdWords account if you’ve never used it before. I’ll even walk you through how to sign up.

Then I’ll show you specific strategies and tactics you can use to make objective, data-backed decisions that will make your advertising campaigns really stand out.

Join now. I’ll see you on the other side. Every moment you wait is time that could have built a business.



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