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Advertising is one of those fields where not only creativity is required but along with creativity one must understand what the requirements of the society are. In this current society where to survive you have to be the fittest and for that it is very essential to understand the latest happenings of the society. In this course we will go through what are the latest trends in the field of advertising, but prior to that we must understand how did the society change post LPG period. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization not only changed the economic but also changed the way people used to live their standard of living was raised. 
People got exposed to new ways of shopping, clothing, eating and above all things they viewed on televisions. Western culture has influenced the life of people around us to an extent, a major role played, in spreading this culture, is done by the media. Media shows what the people want to see, some like it some get offended by it. 
There are many ads that have done wondered in the society by educating the masses, there are ads that are made to spread awareness, there are public service ads, and then are controversial ads. People feel ads create controversies but the actual thing is that there are different segments of the society who get offended by different things has companies have to be very careful whenever they come up with any particular ad campaigns as these campaigns not only involve crore of rupees but they also carry with them the brand image. It is essential to understand that ads are now a part of the internet, prior to watching videos on YouTube we are exposed to ads, and while surfing on various WebPages we come across various ads.
Internet has now become a breeding place for advertisers since majority of the people have access to internet. Hence it is essential to understand the role played by advertising industry in this current society. Understanding the culture of the society, role played by politics, economics, demographical, geographical condition has now become an integral part of the advertising industry. No doubts the exposure that people to have a print ad is too small but the impact is very big, case in point that can be considered is AMUL butter ad campaigns, we have a small exposure to audio-visual ads but we still criticize ads that we feel is against the ethics of the society case in point AMUL MACHO ad campaign, even if we don’t want we are exposed to ads on internet. With changes in the society the advertising industry is also changing and it has a big scope with the involvement of technology.

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