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Course Description

Join Over 700 Students Taking Their Beats To The Next Level!

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Read what students are saying about Advanced Beat Making Skills

“This is an excellent course on creating beats. I was able to create my own instrumental while watching and following along. Now I’m in the process of mixing, I can’t wait to learn that next. Thanks!”

“I’ve been making beats for a long time and bought this course on sale just to see what it was about. I’m glad I did because I learned a few great things in here that I never knew about. The section about the chords was awesome! I got the most value from this section. The instructor definitely knows what he’s talking about and shows in his beat making demonstrations. He has awesome piano and beat making skills! Anyone that can make beats from just a keyboard workstation has serious skills. I like the part about how music is spiritual and is something you feel, that resonated with me. This course is re-commended for beginners looking to take their beats to the next level. If you apply the lessons learned in this course you definitely will!”



  • Watch over 6 hours of beat making videos
  • Learn how to build your own production studio
  • Get live tutorials of leading beat making software programs
  • Go from beat making basics to advanced!
  • Improve your sound & take your beat making skills to the next level!

Read what a few other students had to say…

“Joseph Evans WILL help you make better beats. Right from the start, he covers why most youtube tutorials fail in teaching how to make professional music in that they ALL cover the same ultra-basic method of starting with the kick drum, adding the snare, then the hi-hat. This is the musical equivalent of ‘My name is -x- and I’m here to say’. If your foundation is bass/snare/hihat, then layer melody on top, you’re never going to advance far. This is where Joseph stands out from the others. He gives you the insider knowledge gleaned from years of production that will give you the edge you’re looking for.”

“This course is as good as it gets! I only did music as a hobby because i didn’t understand the composing of everything. Joseph is great at explaining things in a way thats easy to understand and get you going quickly. Again, this is a 5 star class if you want to get better at making music and have fun at the same time.”

Gain Insider Knowledge From A Producer Who Has:

  1. A Degree In Recording Arts From Full Sail University
  2. Music Played Overseas In Africa & The Philippines
  3. Worked On Mixtapes Hosted By DJ Smallz, DJ Ames, & DJ Wreck
  4. Produced For Several Independent Artists In America
  5. Several Years Experience

You Can Do This And More Once You Enroll In This Course And Take Your Beats To The Next Level!

You literally have nothing to lose! You have…

  • A Udemy backed 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime membership
  • And full access to all future updates at no additional cost!

So be about that life and Enroll Now!


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