Udemy – Accounting for Beginners : Learn Basics in under 1 Hour [100% off]

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Course Description


Are you struggling with doing accounts ?

And what to learn accounting easily and instantly ?

And without finance experience ?

And with examples and exercises?

*****Then you are on right place*****

Warm welcome to the course page of accounting for beginners !

This course is for beginners who want to learn accounting with simplified method.

In this course, you will learn about basic accounting terms, accounting entries, accounting principles as per GAAP, concept of accrual vs prepayment, methods of cash accounting vs accrual accounting, accounting cycle, how to prepare ledger, how to make trial balance and prepare financial statements. I have explained concept with examples in excel sheet ( when needed) to make your learning process easy.

The course has +79 minutes of content having 20 lectures.

  1. First section is introduction section.
  2. Second part is theory part explaining fundamentals of accounting, accounting terms, accounting principles as per GAAP, concept of cash accounting vs accrual accounting.
  3. In third section, I have explained how to do basic accounting via drafting ledgers and preparing trial balance.
  4. Fourth part is having ex plainer videos about how to prepare financial statements and close the accounts.
  5. Fifth section is resources in which I have given 10 Exercises so that you can do repetition what you have learnt.
  6. Additionally there are quizzes given after completion of each section for knowledge testing.

You should take this course because it is simple and still effective and covering basics in very short duration. After completion of course, Your accounting fundamentals will be strong and you will be able to do basic accounting for business or at job or for client. You can view preview lectures FREE before purchasing !

For puchasing, Just click the take this course button. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you have got a lot to gain.


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