Udemy – Access VBA for Non Programmers – Learn Access VBA Quickly [100% off] Worth $199!!

Course Description

Learn the basic Access VBA concepts, tools and functions that you will need while you build a fully functional system!
Build a strong foundation in Access Visual Basic with this tutorial for Non-Programmers!
  • Create VBA Subroutines for Forms and Control the Keyboard
  • Extensive Training on Handling Errors
  • Control Record Sorting and Searching for Specific Records
  • Learn How to Move and Pass Data Between Forms
  • Create Interactive Pull Down Filters for Form Data
  • Build a Complex Report Entirely with VBA
  • Introduction to SQL and How to Use SQL in VBA
  • Turn the Ribbon and Nav Pane On and Off
  • Prevent Form Closure or Resizing
  • Learn How to Close Access with VBA

Powerful Skills That Increase Your Value in the Marketplace
Learning VBA enables you to use all the power of Access to easily create systems that will be in high demand with your current employer or other businesses. The practical skills taught in this class will give you a solid foundation in creating systems that people can use while making sure that they do not create or run into errors. 
There is a HUGE need in the marketplace for people who can create systems in Access. This is your opportunity to break away from the mass of people who struggle to create effective Access databases, and learn to easily automate tasks!
Content and Overview
All you need is basic experience with Access components: tables, queries, forms and reports. This course does not require any programming experience or knowledge of macros.
Through 60+ lectures and over 6 hours of content, you’ll learn all of the Access VBA fundamentals and establish a strong understanding of the concepts behind programming with VBA. Each chapter builds on the previous one as you build a complete system, putting your new learned skills into practical use immediately.
Starting with simple goals, this course will take you through VBA step by step as you add to your system in each section. Since you will be expanding and enhancing the same system with each section, the need for and usefulness of each new VBA concept will be obvious.
By the time you have finished the course you will have done so much with VBA and it will be so familiar that you will be ready to tackle your own project immediately.
Building systems with VBA will always bring up situations that are new but, with your solid foundation in how VBA works and how to solve problems, you will be able to expand your knowledge to handle these new situations.
The course is complete with working files and finished code samples for everything covered. You will be able to work alongside the author as you work through each lecture and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

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