Udemy – A Complete Trademark Registration Course. Protect Your Brand [100% off]


****To celebrate the start of my new course, I’m lowering the price of this course to $10 for my first 500 students.*****
Anyone who has thought about registering a trademark but hasn’t because of time, money, or lack of information should take this course. 
This course GOES BEYOND providing simple answers to the “most common questions” like other courses. This course isn’t a thinly-veiled sales advertisement for my services unlike many others.
Instead, my aim is to discuss trademarks in REAL DEPTH so you’ll come away from this either (A) understanding enough that you can register your own trademark OR (B) equipped with the information you need to save money and time when hiring an attorney.
Other courses spend 45 minutes on patent law, trademark law, and copyrights. Here, I’ve spent over 2 hours here talking ONLY ABOUT TRADEMARKS because I want to provide the depth of information necessary de-mystify the process and take you step by step through it. 
WHO AM I? I’m an IP lawyer who works with creative professionals like web designers, game developers, and Youtubers. Some of my clients are the most-viewed, most subscribed to video creators and social media personalities on the internet. 
WHY DID I CREATE THIS? I’ve advised literally 100’s of aspiring creatives for free out of the kindness of my own heart over the years. To ensure that I could help as many people as possible, even the people who can’t pay may rate as an attorney, I am building this course. My goal is to ensure that you take the path of least resistance and most reward in your creative and business endevors. I used to be a filmmaker and own my own production business, so I want to give back to creators/entrepreneurs as much as possible.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee! – If you don’t like it, get your money back
  • Avoid paying a lawyer 500 an hour for this general information. And if you do hire a lawyer, they’ll spend more time actually “doing the work” instead of getting you up to speed.
  • Learn that you may have more trademarks than you think you do. Your brands and slogans are important to what you do. The more information you have up front on trademark and brand protection, the more time you can save and costly legal fees you can avoid in the future.
  • Ask me questions directly. I’ll be adding more free videos and content to the course based on your questions. In the discussion board you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get personal feedback (please note: I can’t give specific legal advice in the discussion board)!
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Lock in your price now. Since I’m going to be adding new content each week, the price of the course will raise. If you want to get that new content for free, now is the time to buy.

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