Udemy – A Basic Understanding Of Hashtags [100% off]

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Course Description

Hashtags are everywhere!

We see them during television shows; on movie trailers; for sporting events and on entertainment programs. They are event printed on shirts and hats!

Although we might see a hashtag, we might not really know what it means and why there is a hashtag in the first place.

In this introductory course, we’ll explain the following:

  • What is a hashtag?
  • What does a hashtag look like?
  • What does a hashtag mean?
  • How did hashtags get started?
  • Who uses hashtags?
  • How hashtags can be valuable during a disaster.
  • How hashtag activism and cause marketing works.
  • How hashtags are being used in a negative way…and much more!
This 11-lecture course also includes a simple course review worksheet and a 10-question quiz.
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