Udemy – 9 hours | Creating Apps using Visual Basic 2013 Tutorial [100% off]


Thanks for reaching out the guest page !
Visual studio 2013 , do you know what is this ? you don’t have to , because you will start learning from the scratch without any previous skills required . 
Learning programming and creating real applications ” REAL ” , using Visual Basic application 2013 , will put you on the correct way to start your programming career. 
This tutorial is going to tell you how you will be able to start designing the application from A to Z until you move to the programming page and start coding , don’t worry , it’s not that Java or any kind of the complicated programming , its absolutely different , check the free preview if you don’t believe the words that i am writing to you . 
You will be able to create your own calculator for example ! how cool is that ? 
This course is going to be around 8 to 10 hours of content ! which will include
1 – The explanation of using tool box options, properties of the functions and much more
2- How can you design an application
3- Running this application and make it available online and share it with others ! 
The course is divided into several parts , all the parts are basically practical parts no theoretical parts.
Reasons why you should join this course ?
1- Everybody who is interested in computers must start thinking about learning this easy programming language and get close to VB WFA.
2- Make sure that you will be able to write on your own Resume that you can create applications using VB.
3- Visual basic 2013 / Studio 2013 is the most exciting/comfortable programming environment that any body can learn and use , triple your skills !
4- Teaching you every details and repeat the information until i make sure that you will understand it 100%.
5- The cheapest course available comparing to the content and the value of information
6- Many examples added , updated course to make sure that information can reach out all kinda of people ! and much more.
Its the time to start learning , and make sure you
Enjoy learning

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