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50 Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs: Become A Sales Expert


In this course, I will teach you my TOP 50 sales strategies that helped me to scale my businesses to 6- and 7 figures. This course covers 50 beginner to expert sales strategies that will transform your sales forever.

If you want to take your business to the next level and generate more sales, then this is the right course for you to take.

After watching this course, you will be capable of doing…

1. Know how to use the art of pressure in order to influence people

2. Understand the needs and wants of customers and how to do proper customer management

3. Know how to apply the 5 rules of sales success 

4. Know how to come with closing strategies and fallback positions

5. Understand how storytelling works and you will be capable of using storytelling in order to generate more sales

6. Map out sales calls effectively upfront and succeed at telephone sales 

7. Know how to come up with a sales focus and follow it according to your predefined goals

8. Analyse market trends and know how to use data to model a future market trends

9. Understand the concept of value proposition and how it applies to sales talks

10. Come up with a structured and thought-through sales system

11. Generating customers at a low customer acquisition cost (+ know how to calculate a customer acquisition cost)

12. Know how to work together with other people in a sales team (<10 people)


☆ TIMO ALTBAUER – Berlin, Germany – Student of: “50 Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs” and “Business Development Masterclass: Learn to Build Businesses”  “Hi, I am Timo. Four months ago, I started my own company and am now already generating strong 5 figures every month! Leon and I have since then met in person and he took an entire evening to eye out the next steps on my journey. Leon’s 50 sales strategies course and his business development masterclass are the best business development courses out there. I bought both for 15 USD and they literally made me 10.000s of dollars (and probably 100.000s of dollars in the long-term). Massive THANK YOU!”

DON’T FORGET: If you are not satisfied with this course and your sales don’t at least double or tripple, you can get your money back within the first thirty days of purchase.

If you have any questions, I will be here for you at any given time!

Take this chance right now and ENROLL IN THIS COURSE!

I will see you in the next video!


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