Udemy – 4M (Marketing, Money Making Machine) – It All Began Here [100% off]

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4M (Marketing, Money Making Machine) - It All Began Here

Course Description

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Hello my friends, my name is Arman Ghafouri and I’m very happy with you in this course.

The reason I created this course is I felt there is a need to review Marketing fundamentals in a different perspective and another important reason is that I think many people think marketing is just for organizations but I believe that marketing is the essential factor for every living person in the world. A doctor, an actor, a professor and any man or woman in the world should be able to create value for him(her)self. It’s not important what you are doing, it’s important to create value for yourself in the market.

As you see, I started a series called marketing, money making machine. The reason I started as a series because I have a long-term plan for making courses about marketing and this course is just the beginning of it. I put a poll in the last of each course to know your opinion about next courses.

In this course, If I want to summarize, in the beginning I say a little about marketing and market general basics and then I show you a model of marketing and different marketing tools, and at last I talk about digital marketing and some useful points that you can use in the market.

So I hope you enjoy this course and learn many things from It.

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