Udemy – 3ds Max + V-Ray: PRO material workflow [100% off]

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Course Description

**Taught by a practicing professional

**The teacher is always available to help

**More real world examples / demonstrations to follow

Improve Your 3d Materials Workflow — Achieve Photorealism

This course will dive into the details of 3d materials, showing you all the important tips and tricks necessary to achieve photorealism. The course will be demonstrated within 3ds Max, and the textures will primarily be created using V-Ray materials. Other types of shaders will also be demonstrated, but the class generally teaches you principles that can be applied across several different platforms. You will learn settings, shader types, map creation, etc., all while seeing real time demonstrations of materials being created and rendered.

In short, take this course if you want to vastly improve your ability to create photoreal textures, and streamline your workflow.


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