Udemy – 3D Models Anime-Getting Started in 3D Modeling and Animation [99% off] Worth $199 !!


The Best Guide for beginners for learning 3D Modeling and Animations

Note: This course is for beginners. If you already know the concepts of 3D modeling and animations then you should buy some other course.
About this course:
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What’s inside this course?
The course contains 5 sections:
  1. Getting ready
  2. Learn about the software
  3. The three dimensional modeling
  4. Getting ready for animations
  5. Animating a game character model
In Section 1:
In the firs’t section of this course, You will learn how to download the blender software. I will show you where you can download it and which version will be used in this entire course. And after that we will install it. 
In Section 2:
After you have installed the software, It’s time to get to know it. This section contains the instructions of how you can use this software. The different modes, the panels and all the other stuff inside the software. This section also contains the shortcuts information. These shortcuts come very handy when you are using the software. And finally, there is a quiz. The quiz is based upon 2nd and 3rd lectures. That is a test of how much you have learnt in this section. 
In Section 3:
In this section, You will start learning the concepts of three dimensional objects making. The section contains three types of vital stuff that are used in games and those are weaponry, a human model and vehicle. All the other 3D modeling is done with the same concept. First you will learn to create a sword, and then comes a little tough part in which you’ll learn to create a human figure. And then you will learn to create a car. Be very careful in watching this section. It’s very basic yet very difficult. 
In Section 4:
This is the second last section of this course in which you will learn to do the skinning and rigging processes on your character model which is related to creating animations in the next modulus. 
In Section 5:
It is the final section of this course and it only contains one video. In that final video, you will learn to lock the armature of your character model and then you will learn to create your very first character animation ever. We will create a walk animation for our model the Aqua man. After you have learned that, You will be ready to create your own animations. 

“You can make it if you try. Don’t give up or quit the fight. If you believe, you will see, you can do it.”

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