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Note: This course is for beginners. If you already know the concepts of 3D animations then you should buy some other course.
About this course:
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What’s inside this course?
In this course, We will work with a very powerful and amazing tool “Blender” for creating animations for game character models. 
This course will only cover the basic stuff, As this course is designed to help newbies who don’t know anything about animations.
When I was creating my first game two years ago, I faced many challenges. I didn’t know how to create my own 3d models or how to make background music etc. & One of the main challenges that I faced was to creating animations for my game characters. I couldn’t find proper and fast guide for that. It was really frustrating. So, I am making this course to help you guys if you are facing the same problem as I did. 
===========================Some Q & A’s============================
Q. Which software will we be using for creating animations?
A. Blender. This is one of the best software for creating animations. Plus ! Its FREE !!!!
Q. Is this course for beginners?
A. Yes ! This course is totally for beginners.
Q. What will you cover in this course?
A. This course will cover three vital steps for creating animations. Rigging, Skinning & Animation. Plus a section for helping you to get to know Blender.
Q. I don’t know how to use Blender. Is it gonna be a problem?
A. Nope ! You don’t need any knowledge for using blender. You’ll learn it on the way.
Q. Why should I buy this course?
A. Its the quickest guide for learning the Animations.
Q. What kind of materials are included?
A. Video tutorials, power-point presentations, pdf files & .blend files
Q. Are the skinning & rigging processes linked with animations?
A. Absolutely ! They are totally linked and without them animation is not possible. I will show you how they’r linked in the course.
“You can make it if you try. Don’t give up or quit the fight. If you believe, you will see, you can do it.” 

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