Udemy – 360 Video Production Using 6 GoPros and Kolor Autopano Video [90% off] Worth $99!

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360 Video Production Using 6 GoPros and Kolor Autopano Video

Course Description

This course will teach you how to use GoPro video cameras, special GoPro mounts, and computer software to create 360 degree videos. 360 Video is an amazing medium for sharing experiences and has applications for the web, mobile devices, and virtual reality. In this course, we will cover

  • How 360 Video works
  • How to capture 360 Video
  • How to Stitch 360 Video with a popular software solution
  • Where to share 360 video online

We will establish a workflow that is repeatable and can be used over and over again to make 360 video content for Youtube, Littlstar, and VRideo. You should enroll if you want to make panoramic 360 video or want to create Virtual Reality Content.

This is a class for video production people, virtual reality developers, technology integrators, digital media storytellers, marketers, advertisers, and other media creation organizations. It covers the camera options and software solutions that exist to help make 360 video from GoPro cameras. It will take less than 2 hours to complete. There are quizes along the way to test your retention of the material. I also include how to connect to a community of 360 degree video professionals on the internet through Facebook.

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