PHOTOMOD is to provide the world-wide geospatial community with advanced and cost-effective digital photogrammetry solutions and services for creation of wide range of output products from the available remote sensing data.

Scope of activity

-Development of digital photogrammetric system PHOTOMOD and its promotion on the worldwide market

-Promotion of supplementary geoinformatics software products

-Satellite imagery distribution

-Photogrammetric production service.

Main PHOTOMOD advantages

– Complete image data processing workflow without third party products

– Wide range of supported sensors

– Full line of data output: DTMs, 3D vectors, orthoimages, digital maps

– Multiple data exchange formats

– Full photogrammetric operations automation with comprehensive quality control at all stages of data processing

– Flexible modular architecture

– High scalability to terabyte-sized mosaics

– Distributed network configurations for large projects implementation

– Wide choice of stereoviewing options: LCD glasses or screens, simple anaglyph glasses .

Main PHOTOMOD functions

-Aerial triangulation and block adjustment

-Processing of aerial and satellite images

-Flexible strategy for DTM generation and editing

-Contour lines building, editing and smoothing

-3D feature extraction


-Digital maps creation and output

The course

PHOTOMOD UAS Montage Desktop

– Creating backup copies of projects

– Project packing

PHOTOMOD UAS Raster Converter. Preparing images

– Data formats

– Images conversion options

– Radiometric correction

PHOTOMOD UAS Montage Desktop. “W/O project” mode

– Project coordinate system

– Loading georeferenced data

– Converting vector objects and images from one coordinate system to another

PHOTOMOD UAS Montage Desktop. Creating a project of the type “Central projection”:

– Digital camera

– Specifying the project name

– Selection of the coordinate system

– Adding images to a resource project

PHOTOMOD UAS Montage Desktop. Main Toolbar

– Main window. Options

– Toolbars

PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator

– Coordinate systems and cartographic projections

– Tools for creating user-defined coordinate systems

PHOTOMOD UAS AT. Interior and relative orientation

– Import of exterior and interior orientation elements from metadata of digital cameras

– Interior orientation of images obtained from a digital camera passport

– Import of onboard elements of exterior orientation

– Direct georeferencing

– Automatic block splitting on strips

– Block adjustment using onboard elements of exterior orientation

– Manual measurement and editing of tie points

– Methods for automatic measurement of tie points

– Report on relative orientation. Visual control of results

– Measurement of control points

PHOTOMOD UAS Solver A. Network alignment

– Batch mode with aerotriangulation

– Methods for calculating the initial approximation

– Block adjustment methods

– Systematic errors compensation

– Network alignment using camera self-calibration tools

– Block adjustment report

PHOTOMOD UAS Montage Desktop. Stereo window

– Stereo modes

– Hotkeys

– Tools for controlling parallax

– Tools for managing the marker

– Creating and editing vector objects

PHOTOMOD UAS DTM. Creating a digital terrain model

– Variants of manual DEM creation

– Variants of automatic DEM creation

– Creation of digital terrain models:

– Pickets and structural lines



– Filtering of objects above the ground

– Editing of pickets and structural lines

– Construction of TIN and DEM in batch mode

– Working with contours

– Monitoring of the accuracy of DEM

– Calculation of volumes

– Import / Export

PHOTOMOD UAS dDSM. Dense DSM creation with SGM method

– Building dDSM

– Filtering dDSM:

– Buildings and vegetation filter;

– Slope-based filter

– Filling null cells

– Building 3d-point cloud in LAS format:

– LAS viewer

– Filtering 3d-points (LAS)

– Building True Ortho:

– Filling null cells

– Color balancing

PHOTOMOD UAS StereoDraw. Stereovectorization.

– Functional features of the module of creating and editing 3D objects.

– Using the classifier

– Operations with vector data

– Editing objects / vertices

– Group editing

– Working with layers

– Mode of automatic following on a relief

– Snapping

– Topological operations and topology control

– Exchange with GIS and CAD systems through popular formats. Working with attributes

– Semi-automatic function of digitizing roofs

PHOTOMOD UAS 3D-Mod. 3D-modeling

– 3D feature extraction with classifier

– Vectorization rules

– 3D-Mod tools

– Texture covering

– Animation recording

– Export of 3D-models to DXF, COLLADA (.dae) and other 3D-vector formats

PHOTOMOD Mosaic / GeoMosaic. Creating orthophotos

Mosaic project:

– Usage of various types of DEM for orthorectification

– Usage structural lines for orthorectification

– Select output raster formats

– Orthomosaic accuracy control

GeoMosaic Project:

– Loading of orthorectified images into the project

– Options for cutlines

– Automatic brightness adjustment tools

– Split into sheets

– Mosaic preview and building

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