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  • Udemy – How to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans: For Beginners [100% OFF]

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    If you’ve ever looked at your competitors and become jealous of the number of “likes” on their Facebook page, this course is for you.

    You’ll learn exactly what it takes to build a large community of followers on Facebook using the power of affordable Facebook ads.

    With a proven step-by-step formula that’s easy to implement, you’ll set up a Facebook ad campaign that will effectively get people interested in your business.

    After all, the more followers you have on social media, the more traffic you can get to your site, and the more sales you can make.

    Harness the Power of Facebook to Drive More Traffic to Your Site & Boost Profits

    • Research Your Target Audience Quickly and Easily
    • Create the Right Customer Avatar, Ad Copy, and Ad Image
    • Set Up and Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign
    • Measure and Split-Test Every Ad’s Effectiveness

    Dive Deep Into Facebook Advertising That Works

    This course will teach you everything you need to set up a successful Facebook ad campaign from start to finish, including how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

    You’ll learn how to research your target audience in less than 20 minutes, use Facebook’s targeting functions like a pro, and get “likes” for as low as $0.20 per U.S. Page Like.

    By knowing how to garner more attention for your business on Facebook, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your site, use your fans as social proof to sell more products and/or services, and lower your advertising costs.

    Contents and Overview

    This course begins with an introduction into why a strong Facebook presence is so important for any business today.

    You’ll then move on to an easy-to-implement 3-step process for creating a successful ad campaign on Facebook.

    The first step involves researching your audience using accurate data from sources like Facebook Audience Insights.

    These skills will allow you to find the people that will be most interested in your products or services so you can target your ad.

    Next, you’ll learn how to set up a winning customer avatar to connect with your audience and get them interested in what you have to say.

    You’ll even master how to use the right sales copy and images to grab people’s attention.

    Finally, you’ll learn how to set up your campaign, including scheduling, pricing, and placement.

    To test the effectiveness of every campaign and measure one campaign’s success against another, you’ll finish off this course by learning about split-testing to see what works best for your business.

    By the time you finish this course, you’ll be able to get more likes on Facebook, thanks to your ability to create an ad campaign that works.

    You’ll be able to build a larger community of followers on social media with minimal investment, and this will help drive more traffic to your site and increase conversions.


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  • Udemy – ChatBots: How to Make a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot in 1hr [100% OFF]

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    > Top Course on Chatbots on Udemy with 9,000+ Students! Facebook is already reporting that over 40,000 Bots Have Been Built and more are coming. Join the Bot Revolution! <

    You will Learn How to Build a ChatBot for Facebook Messenger in 1 hour! You will learn by building 2 bots for Facebook Messenger: a parrot bot and a bot for your favorite football team.

    We teach you how to Build a Bot in 2 Ways:

    1. Coding: In the Coding Section, you will be making a Parrot Bot in Node.js using our sample code.
    2. Without Coding: You will be making a Bot for you Favorite Football Team without any coding.

    Anyone can make a Bot using this course! This course was Designed so even a complete newbie could create the Football Team Bot.

    What you Need to Be Successful in this Course:

    1. Computer and Internet Connection
    2. Desire to Learn: Passion for Chatbots & Ai
    3. 1 Full Day: Some students can complete this course as quickly as a few hours. If you are new to programing, I suggest you take the day and run through this course content first then replay it and build the Parrot Bot.

    What technologies are Included? For the front end we will be using JaveScript and Node.js for the backend. You can however use anything you want for the backend (php, ruby, etc). Here is a brief summary of technologies used in this course:

    • Heroku Servers to Host and Deploy Bot
    • Node.js & JaveScript to program the Chat Bot
    • Visual Studios as IDE
    • Github for Repository
    • Facebook Page & Developer Account

    *Everything you Need will be provided in this course for Free 

    You Should take this course if:

    • You have a desire to learn how to make ChatBots
    • You are new to Chat Bot building
    • You want to make a Chatbot Today

    This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to make a chatbot from scratch. We will focus on the main components of building a chatbot which includes building the server, adding your code to it, deploying it in the cloud, and connecting it with Facebook Messenger.

    As an intro course to chat bot development, we will briefly discuss Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning however this topic is too advanced for the course. We will be using javascript and node.js to build our chatbot; however, this is not a course on javascript/node.js or command line.


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  • Udemy – Facebook Marketing: Grow Your Business With Retargeting [100% OFF]

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    Facebook Marketing: How To Grow Your Business With Retargeting

    This course will reveal to you the power of Facebook retargeting and how to take action on the latest trends in digital marketing!

    Retargeting is the most powerful advertising feature you can have access to at this very moment. It has leveraged the profits of many businesses across virtually all industries – that’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity!

    If you want to change the economics of your business and get access to four proven retargeting strategies to scale your business instantly, then this training is perfect for you.

    Learn how to use retargeting and deploy our four proven core strategies to increase your revenue instantly!

    In this class, you will discover how to use retargeting to:

    • Promote your content
    • Get more leads
    • Build your fan base
    • Sell products and services

    Step Into the World of Retargeting

    This course will walk you through all the steps in order to deploy Facebook retargeting to increase the success of your business.

    First, you’ll learn what retargeting is and why it is so effective. We’ll also take a look at how retargeting changed the economics of a company you probably have heard about.

    After covering the fundamentals of retargeting, we will take the first steps together. You can look over my shoulder and learn how to integrate a retargeting pixel and discover the basic process of creating a custom audience.

    Once your retargeting pixel is in place, we’ll dive deep into four main core strategies. I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to use retargeting to promote your content, get more leads, more fans and sell your products and services.

    In this context, we’ll cover basic strategic concepts along with an entire walkthrough of setting up retargeting lists and retargeting campaigns. This will allow you to pick any strategy and deploy retargeting instantly.

    By the time you complete the course, you’ll be ready to set up profitable retargeting campaigns, reduce your advertising costs and increase your revenue.


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  • Udemy – It’s not that Scary: A Beginner’s Guide to Public Speaking [100% OFF]

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    It’s not that Scary: A Beginner’s Guide to Public Speakingis an ideal course for anyone who doesn’t have much experience at public speaking or generally finds speaking in front of many people challenging. Together, we will go step by stepthrough fundamentalsof public speaking combined with useful exercisesand many tips & tricksto help you stand confidently in front of people, give your audience a great time and craft your own personal style, all in a compact format with the duration of slightly more than one hour.

    After this course you will be able to:

    • Fully understand and successfully deal with stage fright
    • Have a confident presencein front of people
    • Use your body languageto create a connection with your audience
    • Gestureso that your body supports your message
    • Find the optimal volumefor the room of any shape or size
    • Maximize the potential of your voice
    • Successfully avoid becoming monotonous
    • Come up with a creative and attention-grabbing openingand ending
    • Shape your messageand the contentof your speech in an effective way
    • Explainconceptsby adapting to your audience

    Regardless whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, executive, team leader, lawyer, teacher or simply wish to get better at making speeches for personal improvement, this course will give you a strong footing for any kind of public appearances – presentations, pitching, panel discussions, lectures, toasts– anything that includes stepping up an speaking in front of people. Plus, we will also have some funalong the way.


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  • Udemy – Striking 102: The Ultimate In One Strike Defense [100% OFF]

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    There are no genders in this course. You will learn about positions of attackers relative to your own. You will learn how to face fear and how to deal with it. You will learn how to strike while inflicting optimal damage. You will learn how to defuse the situation if possible. You will learn the most vital areas to strike while protecting your own body, but most importantly you will learn how to protect yourself, your family, and your friends.


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  • Udemy – PMP® Questions By Knowledge Area – 6th Edition [100% OFF]

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    This course contains Many Questions By Knowledge Area which were created based on “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – 6th Edition”.

    Here’s what will be covered in this course:

    • Test #1 ( Framework)  50 Questions.
    • Test #2 ( Integration + Scope Management ) 100 Questions.
    • Test #3 ( Schedule + Cost Management ) 100 Questions.
    • Test #4 ( Quality + Resource Management ) 100 Questions.
    • Test #5 ( Communication + Risk Management ) 100 Questions.
    • Test #6 ( Procurement + Stakeholder Management ) 100 Questions.

    – This course utilizes the new Udemy feature of Practice Test for the PMP® Questions By Knowledge Area – 6th Edition.

    – The practice test includes the right answer, the clarification for selecting this answer, the question reference in the PMBOK Six Edition.

    – The practice test included in this course reflect the flavor of the questions that you are going to see on the PMP exam.  Besides, they cover different examples of each type of the commonly found questions on the PMP® Exam model; including the regular question, table question, and question set.

    – This course is different from the others as it was created by an instructor who passed the PMP® and  RMP®  Exams on his first attempt, so, the instructor knows how to pass the different exams from the PMI on the first attempt.

    – This course of “PMP® Questions By Knowledge Area – 6th Edition ” is an awesome way for the PMP candidate to solidify his knowledge and to see what areas he might be weak in.

    – I am sure that no one wants to enter a PMP testing exam without total reassurance that he has become familiar with the “PMP® Questions By Knowledge Area – 6th Edition” .


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  • Udemy – 10 Hacks To Increase Fan Engagement On Facebook [100% OFF]

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    Do you want to double or even triple the engagement rate of your Facebook fanpage? Great, because in this course, I’ll show you 10 proven & tested hacks that work right now!

    You’ll discover powerful strategies to boost fan interaction and get betterresults almost overnight!

    Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Learn Proven Tricks Deployed By Brands Like Walmart & Coca Cola

    • Get more likes, comments, shares & clicks
    • Boost fan interaction by up to 300%
    • Increase your organic reach

    Contents & Overview

    This course will introduce you to 10 fan engagement hacks that work in 2017. First, we’ll cover how to measure when your fans are online to improve the timing of your posts.

    Next, I’ll show you how to easily identify valuable content that gets shared and a sneaky trick to increase fan interaction for just $1.

    Then, you’ll discover why asking your fans to caption a photo is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on and how to inspire your audience with inspirational quotes.

    Last but not least, I’ll show you how to make your fans curious with open loops, why you should keep your posts short and how to drastically improve your fanpage performance with a tool called Likealyzer.

    You’ll also discover the power of fill-in-the-blank questions to measurably increase your fanpage performance, reach and engagement rate.

    By the time you compete this course, you’ll be able to triple your fan interaction, increase organic reach and your fanpage performance like a professional marketing agency!


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  • Udemy – WordPress Security Master Class Protect Your Business Today [100% OFF]

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    WordPress Security | Master Class | Protect your Business Today 

    Creating an Online Business requires a lot of planning and dedicated resources. Without securing it, all of your investment and time can go in vain or wasted in simple word. Let’s talk about some statistics, everyday more than 50 thousands websitesget blacklisted, hackers are winning big times due to the vulnerabilitiesavailable in wordpress websites as usually people forgetto protect them through already available solutions.

    Let’s understand, what it takes to secure a wordpress website and save you money and time in long run.

    In this course we will cover, the Security as a whole and eliminate security threat on each 3 levels. We will learnour online adversaries, Hacker’s intentions, how they exploit someone’s Business to gain money and how we can stop them and create a ring fence.

    When 10’s of Thousands of websites are at risk every single day, it is important to understand how you can avoid being on that list by following some simple rules that i have defined in this course.

    What we will cover in this course ?

    > We will cover 3 levels of security

    > what tools and techniques are available to ring fence online business

    > How we can protect wordpress login attacks

    > how different plugins can help to stop Bruteforce attack and SQL Penetration

    We will discuss how we can protect our front door by changing the login page and implementing 2 Factors Authentication

    This is not all, we will go in depth and understand how we can protect directories and will take LIVE EXAMPLEthat how people can lose moneyif they don’t take proper measures.

    > After preventive measures, we will explore what are detective measures

    > which tool can help to scan website for malware and different between premium and free tools

    > We will explore how we can automate scanning

    Once we will cover the Preventive and Detective measures, we will discuss the Backup Strategies and Solutions available.

    > How we can conduct backups on regular basis

    > How we can automate this process with help of free and paid tools

    Finally we will cover all stages and prepare Master Plan or contingency Plan.

    In this plan we will discuss, what steps we need to take in case our website get compromise and how we can bring our website back to Business As Usual

    I am sure there is a lot more so let’s start this course today and protect your Business.

    I’ll see you in this course. Thanks


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  • Udemy – Ransomware: Everything you Need to Know [100% OFF]

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    Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files and then asks for a ransom to be paid for their return. This type of malware has been present since 2004 and became more widespread with the advent of cryptocurrencies, since they made it easier to collect anonymous and untraced payments. Millions, if not billions, of Euros have been extorted from innocent users and businesses in this way.

    This course includes a definition of Ransomware such as major types, propagation, operation, payment, prevention, and recovery. It includes a list of history of Ransomware from 2002 to 2017. A list of detection mechanisms such as Sandbox Analysis, CPU Usage, I/O Behaviour, AutoRun Mechanisms, Signature-Based Analysis, and Network Traffic. It also shows a number of case studies.


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  • Udemy – Sales Training: Stay Motivated. Build Sales Resilience! [100% OFF]

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    It’s all about resilience!

    This course offers you insight when it comes to motivation, when it comes to your ability to keep focused on your end goal. Selling, in my mind, one of the most powerful professions. Everybody is selling regardless of your job title or industry. You’re creating an experience for somebody else with your interaction, and ultimately that’s what selling is all about. It’s all about how you make people feel and how you’re focusing on them that attracts them back to you. That’s the platform of sales because it establishes trust and more importantly starts to build rapport. So those elements together with all the techniques and all the skills that help us to be more effective in all of our communication, but what happens when that communication doesn’t work?

    • What happens when you get that client that says, “Yeah, I’m going to give you a call back” and your 100% sure they will call you back, then you never hear from them again.
    • What happens when you do two years worth of work and then the person you’re working with decides to leave the company and somebody else starts and you’ve got to start developing a new relationship with them.
    • What happens when you haven’t met sales goals for a few months and you’ve still got to keep moving forward? You’ve got to get up in the morning, start pushing yourself out.

    What happens in all the situations is you start to deflate. You start to go and focus on all of the bad things that are happening rather than the good things that could be happening, and so what I want to do is share with you an acronym that’s going to give you the ability to change your world. If you apply what I’m about to share with you, you will absolutely keep yourself in a mindset that is giving you the ability to keep progressing forward. Regardless of what’s happening, because remember, it’s not about what’s happening now is about how you’re responding to what’s happening now and your ability to respond positively and focus on the positive is going to get you through any situation. It doesn’t matter. That’s what selling is. It’s about resilience. Your ability to be resilient when things aren’t always going well. Think about the times when things have gone well, how amazing you feel. That’s what you want to focus on! So think about D.R.E.A.M., dream yourself to success. Change your world tomorrow.

    Move yourself forward, change your life to where you know you can be and start achieving the financial, the professional growth and financial growth that’s going to give you the ability to start moving yourself towards dreaming towards the life and take an action towards the life that is where you know you want to be. Give me the ability through what I’ve just shared to change your world to all of the education, the experience, and the down force that I’ve had in my world that are reinforcing that if you focus on this, you’re changing the world tomorrow. Make it happen.


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