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  • Udemy – Concept Photography: 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas [100% off]

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    Concept Photography: 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas

    By Enrolling in this course you are going to get a Pinterest Mood Board with 100 Creative Photoshoot ideas separated by each concept. We will talk about using mood boards, Pinterest, and working with creative directors. We will talk about the hundred different ideas so you can have new ideas for your next photoshoot. This course is great for Photographers and Models that want ideas for photoshoots to have creative pictures in their portfolio. Categories include:

    Creative Backgrounds: Those are shoots that include a background that is creative to use. Usually for indoor studio shoots.

    Fashion: Those are concepts that include fashion driven outfits. So most of the shoot is based on how the outfits looks and fits with the concept.

    Generation: Are concepts based on going back in time and outfits/props match that time period.

    Lighting: Are concepts that involve focusing on the lighting in the shoot to get it right. Usually involved external flashes or strobes.

    Water/ Snow: Are all the concepts that involve the water or snow in the picture. Might usually end up with a model getting in water.

    Transportation: Are concepts that involve some sort of transportation like cars or motorcycles.

    Creative Wardrobe: Involves dressing up to match the concept. Either in costumes or outfits that match the theme.

    Creative Beauty: Involves make-up and ink to make the concept look good.

    Holiday: Concepts revolving a special holiday.

    Outdoor: Those are ideas that involve shooting outside somewhere. It is mainly location bases.

    Indoor: Those are ideas that involve shooting inside somewhere. It is also mainly location bases.

    Animal: Those are shoots that involve an animal in some way.

    Fun: Those are concepts that are mainly fun and playful. They are very creative and will draw a lot of attention in social media.

    When you sign up for the course you will get a message on Udemy with the link to the mood board with the hundred concepts.


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  • Udemy – Bitcoin & Currency Trading Tactics That Work! [100% off]

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    Bitcoin & Currency Trading Tactics That Work!

    Learn proven trading tactics from someone that has SUCCESSFUL students. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency enthusiast will find this course very helpful. You will learn trading along with the needed technical analysis to succeed with any cryptocurrency. The same techniques that the instructor uses in his own trading. No course on the market has our level of cryptocurrency industry recognition. GCMS has been selected as education partner for: The Nordic Blockchain Association, the largest blockchain community in the Nordics and F1 a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange located in Stockholm, Sweden.

    This course goes beyond most in the market because it includes essential modules on Trading Tactics, Technical Analysis, along with how you transition from practice trading to the real thing. The extra content allows you to take advantage of the secrets of forex traders that can also be applied to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and investing.

    My firm Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS) is a capital markets education leader. Since 2008 we have offered quality training globally. Our proudest achievement has been the results of our students, many have increased their trading profitability. We assist individuals to get the most out of their investment for capital markets training.

    Our course has attracted the attention of the leading cryptocurrency news site

    Things you will learn and will be able to do

    • You will acquire the skills to trade confidently(Bitcoin, Forex, Altcoins)

    • Learn to create a second income from anywhere in the world

    • Improved trading techniques to increase your earnings

    • Practical Technical Analysis that is effective & easy

    • Learn solutions to the 5 major causes of losses for traders

    Diploma Modules (partial listing)
    •   Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies trading(when to buy/sell)
    •   Centralized Ledgers
    •   Functions of Currency
    •   Distributed Consensus
    •   History of Bitcoins
    •   Bitcoin Community
    •   Bitcoin Addresses and Keys
    •   Bitcoin Transactions
    •   Bitcoin Blockchain Ledger
    •   Buying and Selling Bitcoin
    •   Forex (FX)
    •   Trading Tactics
    •   Practical Technical Analysis


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  • Udemy – Determinants : The Foundation of Linear Algebra [100% off]

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    Determinants : The Foundation of Linear Algebra

    Determinants is the introductory course of Linear Algebra as it covers all the essentials; From knowing what a determinant is to finding the value of determinants using properties of determinants. This course is vital for any student wishing to pursue a degree in Science or Engineering.
    For each topic that is covered in this course, I will start by giving a detailed introduction of concepts then I will move on to solve actual problems, because practice is definitely the best way to learn.
    This course will be constantly updated and new material will be posted every now and then. And if you seek help I will be more than happy to answer your questions on the course page.


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  • Udemy – HowTo Easily Publish PDFs As Your own Paperback & Hardcovers [100% off]

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    HowTo Easily Publish PDFs As Your own Paperback & Hardcovers

    Is there a way to turn an PDF/Ebook into a physical paperback, Textbook, or Harcover book?

    THIS COURSE IS Personalized and PHENOMENAL

    1. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

    Secretly and Excitingly find ways to convert any PDF into a PAPERBACK, HARDCOVER OR TEXTBOOK for Free.

    2. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

    Privately and Safely Convert eBooks without violating your terms of service with places like Amazon.

    3. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

    Use the New and Improved free way to upload your PDF to the absolute best Print on Demand sites that require no upfront money to sell your book.

    4. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Powerfully have your book printed with a SUPER FIRE AUDIENCE-PULLINGchoice of cover.

    5. How-To Easily Step-by-Step

    Get your paperback mailed to your home and Instantly and Quality Get Your Self-Publishing Business Registered and licensed with your state so you can quickly and easily save massive amounts of money on taxes.


    6. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Turn on a Results getting super simple and effective sales funnel attached to your book to collect money while you set it and forget it.

    7. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Safely create a 300 piece-1000-piece books product body of work in less than 3 months that will feed you for the rest of your life.

    8. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Secretly create a unique and Compelling Press Pulling Author Table at your local Brick and Mortar Bookstore and Benefit greatly by getting Clear-Cut Sales, followers on your Author Social Media, and Global Notoriety as a Smash!!!! Hot!!!!! Author.

    9. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Unleash the Global Author within you to the rest of the paying world despite Family and friends never expecting or even ever knowing your author side.

    10. How-To Easily Step-by-Step Simply get up your Guaranteed Sales Pages and a Clear-Cut Compelling Author Website up before Your Book Even arrives that will make you look good and sell, sell, sell your book before it even arrives printed in the mail.

    11. 50% off my new Mobi Or/And Epub Revolution Unique Powerhouse Course coming out in May 2018. This course shows you How-To Easily Step-by-Step convert your 1 PDF/eBook into 52 different for sale products instantly.


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  • Udemy – Photography for Beginners: Capture Beautiful Moments [100% off]

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    Photography for Beginners: Capture Beautiful Moments

    You’re out in your city… or traveling to a foreign land, and you want to capture the story of that place with your camera. But you hesitate taking a photo of that interesting person. Or you snap a photo of a building that doesn’t come out as you imagined.

    We can help you become a better photographer!

    In this photography course, award winning photographer Anthony Carbajal and best selling online course creator Phil Ebiner team up to bring a once in a lifetime course.

    Anthony was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in his mid-twenties. At the time, he was photographing 50+ weddings a year, and was one of the most sought-after photographers in Southern California. Unfortunately due to the disease, he was unable to photograph weddings anymore. He turned his passion to the streets!

    Since then, he’s been capturing the stories of the streets through his beautiful street photography.

    Anthony wants to help you become a better photographer!


    • Understand the basic principles of taking great photos
    • Choose great locations and times to photograph
    • Get comfortable photographing strangers
    • Know the rules when it comes to photographing people and places in public
    • Shoot more creative compositions
    • Edit your photos better to make them really stand out
    • Grow your own following online, on platforms like Instagram

    Ultimately, you will learn how to take photos you absolutely love, photos that truly tell the story of your surroundings.


    Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other students are saying about our photography courses…

    ‘An absolutely great photography course.’ – Rick

    ‘You will not be disappointed by take this course if you want to learn photography.’ – Stephen

    ‘Great course! This course included just about everything.’ – Robert

    ‘This was fast and very very useful.’ – Sergej


    We promise to make this course the best photography course that we can, to make you a better photographer. If at anytime you think we can improve it, just let us know how. We’ll be happy to provide one-on-one support, or add lessons to the course to answer any of your questions.

    We have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. So there’s no reason to hesitate! You can basically try the course for free, and see if you learn anything.

    We can’t wait to see you in the course. Even more so, we can’t wait to see your future photos!


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  • Udemy – Portrait Photography for Beginners [100% off]

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    Portrait Photography for Beginners

    Welcome to the complete Portrait Photography for Beginners course!

    We are so excited to help you take better portraits. If you’re a relatively new photographer, this is the perfect portrait photography course to help you with this new skill!

    You’ll learn everything you need to know to take better portraits with any camera – DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone, or point-and-shoot.


    Start with our 6 tips to photographing better portraits:

    • Choose a better background and compose your shot
    • Lighting your portraits
    • Properly and creatively expose your photo
    • Play with depth of field
    • Think about colors
    • Interacting and posing your subject

    You’ll learn portrait photography with real world demonstrations!

    Join Will Carnahan, professional photographer and instructor, in a full demonstration to see how you can use our 6 tips in real life.

    Learn how to edit your portraits to look even better!

    Use free and professional photo editing apps on your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll learn how to use different apps to professionally make your portraits look even better.

    Share your photos on social media!

    Get modern tips for sharing your photos on Instagram and Facebook. Use these tips to advance your professional photography career – if that’s what your goal is!


    • Downloadable photos to practice editing with
    • Tips for how to shoot weddings, headshots, and family portraits
    • Premium support from your instructors


    So, why should take this course from us? There are plenty of portrait photography courses to choose from. But we believe that we’ve created a course that can truly help you take better portraits in less time.

    Video School Online has created some of the best selling online photography courses, and we always strive to help you learn new skills in a fun and engaging way!

    Lastly, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee! Try out this course, and see if you like it. There’s absolutely no risk!

    We can’t wait to see you in the course!


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  • Udemy – Skillshare Masterclass: The Complete 2018 Skillshare Formula [100% off]

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    Skillshare Masterclass: The Complete 2018 Skillshare Formula

    Welcome to the Skillshare Masterclass! Would you like to start teaching on Skillshare? Or have you never heard of Skillshare and are looking for new ways to earn money online? Then this course is for you!  

    In this course, I will take you from where you are right now and turn you into a 4- or even 5 figure Skillshare instructor.

    What are you going to gain in this Skillshare Masterclass? 

    We will start out talking about the technical background. You will learn how can you set up your Skillshare account, conduct e-mail marketing through Skillshare, create projects that students wants to take part in and much more!

    We will then move on to class creation! You will learn how I created more than 200 Skillshare classes without thousands of students enrolled in them. You will learn how to earn more with Skillshare by getting students to watch more minutes in your class and you will learn best practices for camera recording and editing classes, equipment, lighting, and publication.

    Afterwards, we will learn about promotion. We will step by step cover how you can enrol thousands of students in your courses and earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis in the process.

    In the end of this course, we will take about referrals. On Skillshare you earn 10 USD per referral. So how can you get more than 100 people to sign up via your referral link every single month. In this regard, we will talk about Facebook ads, Facebook groups marketing and much more!

    While other courses leave you confused and only give you a glimpse on Skillshare, this is an A-Z guide – the complete course on Skillshare! 

    Now, I want my students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase, that’s why I have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.

    Also, I offer you a 30 day money back guarantee!


    It’s time to take action. This offer won’t last forever.

    Go ahead and click the ‘take this course’ button and I will see you in the course. Thanks again for enrolling!


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  • Udemy – Adobe Audition: Master Adobe Audition CC (Audio Production) [100% off]

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    Adobe Audition: Master Adobe Audition CC (Audio Production)

    Master Adobe Audition with Nader Nadernejad! 

    Welcome to the complete Adobe Audition tutorial course that will take you from beginner to expert.

    This course is delivered in a fun and engaging way to have you on your way to creating fantastic audio productions using Adobe Audition.

    Learn how to edit and record audio, perfect your voiceovers, master music, vocals, DJ Drops and more!


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  • Udemy – Cryptocurrency Investing: How To Find Undervalued Altcoins [100% off]

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    Cryptocurrency Investing: How To Find Undervalued Altcoins

    Welcome to our Cryptocurrency Investing: How To Find Undervalued Altcoins course!

    This an intermediate level course that will teach you how to find undervalued cryptocurrency altcoins. The instructor will walk you through the exact process he does every week to discover new coins that might provide incredible gains in the future. There are a number of strategies, websites and methods presented in this course that you can leverage when doing your own research on potentially great cryptocurrency investments in the future.

    This course is for someone who already owns cryptocurrency, or may have just finished one of our beginners courses on investing in cryptocurrency. It can take a very long time to research and analyze all of the information available, for the over 1500 cryptocurrencies and ICO’s. My goal is to save you time by sharing with you my methods and strategies so that you have a better understanding of what makes a coin valuable, how to figure out if it’s too late to invest in a coin, how to spot if certain coins may be a scam, or if they might not be worth much in the future.

    Investing in the bigger cryptocurrencies that have proven to stand the test of time works, but there’s far more potential in undervalued coins? We’ll explore why that is so that you have a much better grasp of the entire cryptocurrency market and why it can be very beneficial to invest in undervalued coins.

    In this course you will learn:

    • How to research and find undervalued cryptocurrency altcoins
    • Strategies and methods that the instructor uses weekly to discover coins that have potential to be a great investment
    • To utilize dozens of websites that can be used when researching undervalued cryptocurrencies
    • How to spot a potentially bad cryptocurrency altcoin
    • What an ICO is and how to know if it’s a good investment

    and more!

    Your instructor for this course is Will Bartlett who is an Online Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Investor.

    • Cryptocurrency Educator and Investor
    • Co-Founder of Life Progression Project (Online courses and blog. 90,000+ Students enrolled in 180+ countries)
    • Founder of Sight Seven Productions (Toronto video production company)
    • Real Estate Investor

    Enrol today to learn how to research and discover undervalued cryptocurrency altcoins!

    **This course will NOT teach you how to buy, trade or sell cryptocurrency** It teaches strategies to discover undervalued cryptocurrencies.

    **This cryptocurrency investing course provides information on how to buy, sell, trade and invest bitcoin and is not advice. Invest only what you’re willing to lose just like any other investments!**


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  • Udemy – Macphun’s Luminar 2018 (Best Photo Editor) [100% off]

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    Macphun's Luminar 2018 (Best Photo Editor)

    Luminar 2018 is the most innovative photo editor available for both MAC and PC. It has many powerful tools for making your photos look stunning and everyone speechless. But you need to know how to use it and how to get most out of it.

    Maybe you are a amateur photographer who has done a little bit of photo editing or maybe you have quite a bit of photo editing experience. Either way, I have made this course to help you to make your images look Awesome.

    Believe me! Luminar is the most powerful and efficient editing software when it comes to a quick but perfect editing software. The best part of this course is that, that it is very short,and precise. I tried my level to explain each and every tool with the help of practical examples. From the Day 1, you start to edit your photos, without any hassle.

    I hope, you enjoy the course. Please contact me anytime for additional questions or any sort of support.

    So, lets begin the process of making stunning images.

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