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  • Udemy – The Complete ARPEGGIO SONGS Guitar Course [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Are you tired of the same boring way of playing songs – only by strumming them? (“down-down-up”, etc.)

    Think about the following songs – can you recall the guitar picking style that makes them sound special and stand out? I bet you do for at least most of them:

    • Green Day – Time of Your Life
    • Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
    • The Eagles – Hotel California
    • Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
    • Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
    • Fleetwood Mac – Landslide
    • The Animals – House of The Rising Sun

    This picking style – called arpeggio picking – where we pick the notes individually instead of strumming all strings together – is exactly the topic of the course.

    This is personally my favorite way to play songs in – and I also really like to take songs that are originally strummed and instead spice them up using arpeggios.

    You will learn exactly how to use the beautiful arpeggio technique and incorporate it into any song that you’ll choose to:

    • All about playing songs using the arpeggio picking – and that means that we will be talking practically and using examples from popular rock and pop songs.
    • Exactly how to transition ANY regular (strummed) song into an interesting, arpeggiated one.
    • How to use the arpeggio technique both by using a pick or by using your fingers. (Fingerstyle arpeggio)
    • The #1 secret for smoothness and accuracy when playing arpeggios – when a friend told me that – my whole approach to arpeggios became a lot more natural and easy, AND I sounded way better.
    • When and in what parts of the songs it’ll usually sound better if you’ll use arpeggios instead of regular strums.
    • You’ll be able to write songs using the arpeggio technique – songs that’ll be a lot more unique.
    • Learn the exact arpeggio patterns for songs ranging from Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, R.E.M and many other greats.
    • I will teach you a technique that I call the “Arpeggio Bass Stairways” – where you can add gorgeous, interesting transitions between the different chords of the song.
    • How to make your arpeggios “dirty”, so you can add some power to the more intense parts of the song while still not playing the simple “down-down-up” kind of rhythm.

    On top of that, as a bonus, you will learn many more things (see below) that will be of a huge help along your guitar journeys, some of them really took me years to find out.

    Tricks, hacks and techniques: (Partial list, see the curriculum for the rest, and new lessons added every 1-2 months)

    • The 13 most useful guitar apps in 2018 – apps that will actually help you improve much faster.
    • How to find the correct strumming pattern for any song just by listening to it. (I know I have been struggling with this one for years until I figured it out)
    • 8 ways to develop your time-keeping skills and really get that pro sound.
    • How to use a capo to make sure the song matches your voice, and also to create different voicings when playing with another guitarist.
    • 6 tips on how to easily conquer any barre chord. (like the F chord)
    • 10 ways to improve your “musicality”.
    • 4 ways to avoid the notorious pain in the fingertips that every guitarist encounters.
    • My favorite 13 guitar accessories – things that’ll actually improve your guitar life.
    • How to find that one chord that finishes the song perfectly.
    • 6 ways to customize your guitar and add some elegant bling to it.
    • The ideal fingernail length for playing guitar.
    • 8 golden tips to get the most out of every practice session and improve much faster.
    • The 4 pillars of the perfect guitar maintenance routine that’ll make your guitar fun to come back to.
    • And More lessons that will enrich your skills and sound, with newer ones added regularly.

    Why should you listen to me?

    Hey! My name is Alon and I am 28 years old. I have been teaching music, both online and face to face, to tens of thousands of students in the last six years – while traveling four different continents and jammin’ and performing with many different musicians. I am mainly a guitarist, pianist and harmonica player, and I also play other instruments including the flute, trumpet and more. I am constantly looking for the best ways and shortcuts to teaching music effectively – and with FUN. The student feedbacks show that I do it very well. (:

    My guitar blog, GuitarHippies-com, (founded 2014) where I share my tips for playing music, has a monthly readership of over 50K from over a 100 different countries and is one of the world’s top five most read guitar blogs*. I am also the founder of the Harmonica Jamz-com courses and blog that has been online since 2016 and has thousands of happy students here on Udemy.


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  • Udemy – How to Create a Marketing Video for Your Business or Product [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Video marketing is a simple but powerful SKILL you can use to leverage your business, products and services.
    Efficient marketing videos are simple and can be done by virtually anyone with the right guidance.
    We understand the impact that video marketing has over the selling process. That’s why we created this course, to help people like you get the skills you need to produce your very own marketing videos.
    Every product can be explained through VIDEO, and it’s scientifically proven that they have a much higher influence over regular marketing methods.
    In this course you’ll learn:
    • the basics behind video production
    • how to write a good sales script
    • how to mix audio, video and text
    • how to deliver a message in an audiovisual fashion.
    We got our guy Max to record himself creating a simple marketing video for a fictitious product and to go through all of the production process.
    He’s going to tell you exactly what you need to know to be able to start creating videos by yourself.
    In the promo video we included the sample video that you will be able to create when you enroll in this course.

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  • Udemy – eCommerce Empire: Shopify – WooCommerce – Amazon – AliBaba [100% OFF]

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    If you’re looking to make money online, or even if you just want to increase the profits of your existing business; creating an eCommercestore is an excellent strategy. Scratch that: this is 100% the best way to make money online and that goes for hobbyists, entrepreneurs, bloggers and small businessesalike.

    Bold claim? Sure is! But read on to find out why we can be confident in making it.

    So just what is eCommerce?Of course the term refers to online commerce: i.e. selling products online.
    But while eCommerce could mean selling an eBook from a landing page, it is most often used to refer more exclusively to online shops that sell multiple products and that have a particular layout and set-up. The most popular example of an ‘eCommerce store’is undoubtedly Amazon. This acts just like a high street store and allows you to browse products at your leisure and add them to a shopping cart. The only difference is that you can do all this from the comfort of your home and once you check out, the products are the simply delivered to you wherever you are.

    It’s a familiar concept, but what makes it so important?

    Why eCommerce is the Future

    #1 eCommerce is Growing
    The first thing you need to recognize is that eCommerce is growing. In the early days, people were uncertain about spending money online and found that it was daunting handing over their card details and trusting in a supplier that they couldn’t meet face to face.

    But now look at companies like Amazon and eBay. These are household names around the world and everyone from the young and tech savvy to the elderly are now happy to shop with them. These companies have helped many people to put aside any concerns they might have had regarding eCommerce and to trust in buying online.

    And eCommerce is growing as well doing massive business.

    For proof, you need look no further than stats from ‘Cyber Monday’. Cyber Monday is a national holiday of sorts where online retailers are anticipated to lower their prices. It follows Black Friday but these days it tends to do nearly as much business – and it’s growing rapidly.

    For example, in 2014 Cyber Monday created a total of $2.59 billion sales online. That’s no small number but in 2015 this was increased to $3.19 billion. That’s a huge increase. $2.28 billion of these were on desktop (versus $2.04 billion last year) while $838 million were through mobile devices (versus $548 million).

    Across all devices, Cyber Monday increased by 21%!

    Seeing as Amazon is probably the best known online retailer, how is its growth going? Well, the company sold a total of $107.01 billion worth of products in 2015. The company employees 230,800 and there are 304 million active Amazon customer accounts. The brand is worth $47.73 billion and this is only expected to continue to grow as well.

    The story is the same across the board. People are becoming more and more familiar with eCommerce and high-street stores are struggling. This is undoubtedly the future of selling and it’s easy to see why.

    #2 It’s Convenient
    So what is it that has led to such growth in eCommerce? Well, the simple fact of the matter is that online sales benefit everyone. The only reason online sales haven’t already dwarfed physical sales is probably the fact that some people still don’t trust shopping online or aren’t sure how to go about it. Over time this concern will be eroded more and more – while tools like PayPal will make it easier and safer than ever before.

    When you sell products online, it means that you don’t have to employ staff and you don’t have to rent the same amount of physical space. You’ll need somewhere to store your products (unless you’re drop shipping) but other than that, your only costs will be hosting, shipping and web design.

    Lower overheads mean more profit for you but they also mean lower prices for customers. Customers now have the ability to order products online conveniently but on top of that, they’ll be getting them for a much lower price.
    There’s also greater versatility in terms of what you can sell. With an eCommerce store you can sell physical products which will require some up-front investment. But

    There’s also a lot less up-front cost. If you wanted to set up a high-street store, then you would need to be willing to spend a large amount of money to rent the physical space, to invest in the stock and to manage staff etc.

    However, if you are setting up an online store then all you’re going to need is some inventory to sell (perhaps not if you are going to be selling digital products or acting as an affiliate) and a website. It takes just a few clicks to set up an eCommerce store and that means you can have one up and running in minutes for a negligible cost.

    #3 It’s the Best Way to Monetize a Website
    The last two examples explain why businesses should launch their own eCommerce stores and why you might consider launching an eCommerce store as your business. But you should also sit up and take notice if you run a blog or website already and you’re just looking for a way to monetize it.

    Why? Because it’s actually one of the most effective methods there is of making money from a website.

    Until now, you likely have been relying on one of several methods to make money online. Perhaps you’re making ads from advertising on your website (Google AdSense for example) or maybe you’re making money by selling an affiliate product.
    In either of those scenarios, it’s important to recognize that you have placed yourself at the bottom of the ‘foodchain’. In other words, you’re being paid by those advertisers and product creators in order to send business their way. The fact that they’re happy to continue paying you, means that they’re making more money that that from you. In other words, they’re earning more from your visitors than you are! You’re getting a small share of their profit but they’re taking home the lion’s share. And in fact, you’re essentially doing their work for them!

    And that’s why you’ll typically earn about 1-50 cents per click on an advert. Meaning in turn that you’re going to need hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site a day to make any reasonable money. Compare this with selling your own products and making $20-50 ach time. Of course it’s much easier to get someone to click on an advert than it is to get them to buy something – but not as much easier as you think if you have decent products and you’re running your store well. The bottom line? You can make a living from a website with just a few hundred daily visitors instead.

    If you have an eCommerce store, then the buck stops with you. Now you’re making the maximum profit from your customers because you’re selling something to them and keeping the difference. What’s more, is that you’re keeping your visitors on your site and engaged with your brand. You’re not sending them away, you’re keeping them right where you want them and making a real difference to the way they see you.

    Finally, selling eCommerce products is better than selling digital products or affiliate products because it’s something that anyone can appreciate. Only a very specific type of person buys eBooks about making money online. Phone cases and clothes though? That has a much broader appeal!

    Try putting an eCommerce store on your existing website and just see what a difference it makes to your profits. And the potential for growth is MASSIVE.

    What You’ll Learn
    So with all that in mind then, it’s definitely worth learning how to create an eCommerce store so that you can start maximizing your online earnings. And potentially, so that you can turn your small website into your very own global brand selling products that get you really excited!

    That’s where this course comes in. Here, you will learn:
    How to run an online store and create an effective business model

    • How to set up your own online store with one of several eCommerce platforms
    • How to find, create or buy products you can sell online
    • How to build a website and social media presence to promote your store
    • How to stock and design your store to maximize sales
    • How to price your products
    • How to choose products that will sell well
    • How to use apps, plugins and more to get even more sales
    • And much more!

    In short, you’ll learn how to create an eCommerce business or add eCommerce to your existing model in simple, easy steps. From there, you’ll then be shown multiple ways you can increase your profits and turn that business into a huge success.

    Learn the Blueprint for WooCommerce, Shopify, AliBaba, Amazon, and eBay.

    Are you ready? Let’s start selling online!


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  • Udemy – Brief Intro to Commercial Real Estate [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    The commercial real estate game has long been reserved for big financial institutions and deep pocked private investors, but not anymore.

    With the emergence of crowd-investing platforms and the right investment knowledge, practically anyone can start investing in commercial real estate today.

    Including you.

    Whether you’re new to real estate investing or have dabbled in residential real estate, understanding commercial real estate could seriously expand your investment horizons.   But, it takes the right set of knowledge to get started.

    And you’ll learn the crucial first steps towards understanding commercial real estate in this course

    Now why should you learn from us?

    As a best selling instructor with nearly 100K happy students and counting, I know how to make an online course work.  But don’t take just my word for it, check out my 1000’s of 5-star student reviews to see for yourself the value I commit to giving my students.

    I also have an MBA from Stanford University. And I worked on many commercial real estate properties across a dozen asset types in multiple markets. I even helped to create the underwriting standards for 2000 store private restaurant chain, helping them open new stores around the world.

    And as a licensed broker and real estate consultant, I’ve also helped many private clients with locating, evaluating, and structuring investment opportunities, including multi-million dollar commercial property acquisitions and 1031 exchanges.

    My co-instructor, Brandon Young, has a Masters in Real Estate Finance & Development from University of North Carolina Charlotte as well as a Masters in Finance from Tulane University. He has over a decade of combined financial and real estate experience, including in acquisitions and development.

    Collectively, through our experience working with real estate private equity funds, private investors, and development groups, and working within corporate real estate divisions, Brandon and I have involved commercial real estate deals worth well over $1B in completion value.

    Enroll in the course and you will learn to speak confidently about core concepts for commercial real estate.

    The course will start you off with easy foundational concepts on purpose, using easy to follow explanations–we’ll cover concepts like the replacement cost, highest and best use, absorption, and many key financial concepts critical to understanding commercial real estate.

    We’ll then dive into more than a dozen detailed case studies inspired by real world commercial deals we’ve done previously, all paired with custom built investment models so you can learn by doing, exactly how professionals evaluate commercial deals across a wide range of asset types.

    This course does assume an understanding of basic real estate investment analysis and is great for those build a solid foundation in commercial real estate as well as those with experience looking for a detailed, but efficient refresher.

    If you build a solid foundational knowledge in commercial real estate, this is your course.

    We hope to see you inside.


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  • Udemy – Photoshop CC: Photoshop Actions Course – With 100 Actions! [100% off]

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    Photoshop CC: Photoshop Actions Course - With 100 Actions!

    Course Description

    Mastering Photoshop Actions.

    Photoshop work doesn’t have to be exhausting and time taking process. In this course You will learn how to spend less hours editing your images without loosing quality of your work.

    This course comes with the 30 day money back guarantee so if for any reason you won’t be happy you will get a refund.

    You will learn everything You need to know to start using photoshop Actions. You will have a deep look into process of creating an action, with all the issues that could appear in your work. We will even discuss the things like ”stop” to make your actions more effective and clear for other users.

    The best thing about this course is that it is coming with all of the actions I am making during this course, which mean You are going to get 100 amazing photoshop actions which are going to speed up your workflow.

    Actions from the course are located in Lecture number 2 as well as in the last Lecture!


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  • Udemy – Content is King: How to Write Killer Content for the Web [100% off]

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    Content is King: How to Write Killer Content for the Web

    Course Description

    Welcome to Content is King – How to Writer Killer Content for the Web.

    Just like the title says, this course is going to teach you how to write killer content for the web so you can:

    • Win an audience
    • Attract more traffic
    • Make more money with your writing

    My name is Steve McDonald and I make my living from online content. My claim to fame is that I have published over 115 Kindle and print books on a wide variety of topics. If there is anything I know, it is that Content is King.

    In this course you’re going to learn:

    1. Where to Find Killer Content Ideas
    2. How to Develop Those Ideas so you can create even more related content
    3. How to Understand Your Audience so you’re writing to them specifically
    4. Three Ways to Make Your Content Absolutely Killer
    5. How to Edit Your Content to make it even better

    In addition to learning how to create Killer Content we’ll look at how to use keywords, headings, titles and descriptions to help your content attract and keep readers, and to be found in search results.

    This course is for:

    • Website developers
    • Content marketers
    • Self-published writers
    • Freelance writers
    • Anyone who wants to attract readers or make money using words.

    Whether you are creating eBooks, websites or blogs, or writing freelance articles, Content is King will lay the foundation for attracting traffic and keeping that traffic coming back.

    Are you ready to take your content writing to the next level?

    Click on the Take the Course button and let me show you how.

    Or check out one of the FREE Preview lectures to learn some valuable writing strategies you can put to use right now.

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  • Udemy – Online Sales Using Email Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels [100% OFF]

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    This course is going to take you on a journey very similar to the one I take my students and their teams on. It’ll help you understand how to structure your company’s products and services (even if you’re an affiliate) in a way that’ll allow you to make two to three times more money from the same exact traffic that you are getting right now. And when you follow these steps, you will open these floodgates, allowing you to spend more money to get a lot more new customers; which translates into exponential growth.

    This course will show you how to communicate and socially connect with your customers in a way that makes them, quite naturally, want to ascend up your Value Ladder where you can offer more valuable services in return for more money. You will be creating a culture of buyers for your company with these methods.

    The entire idea is to make your products, services, and ideas so easy to buy that people almost “unconsciously” go through your entire catalogue of products by the time they hit the “exit” button in their browser; which makes me recall all the times I’ve heard Mark say…

    “Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.”  – Mark Cuban

    Once you know the core concepts behind Sales Funnels, we’ll dive into the phases of a funnel (Value Ladder) and explore the building blocks you’ll need to use in each phase of your Value Ladder.

    Finally, I am going to give you the core sales funnels that I use in all of my companies, plus the exact sales scripts we use to convert people at each stage within these funnels. You can choose to copy the proven funnels and scripts word-for-word or tweak my formula to fit your business better.

    When you implement each secret, you’ll transform your business and website from a flattened, two-dimensional company into a three-dimensional marketing and sales machine that allows you to finally outspend competitors, acquire an almost unlimited number of customers, make more money, and most importantly, reach more people than ever before.

    That’s what this course is about.

    What You’ll Learn

    How to build a sales funnel (+ sales scripts), collect emails and profit from your email list.

    Any Questions? Need Help? Join My Weekly YouTube LIVE Q&A Sessions!

    Join my YouTube channel (/channel/UCxMXPeo8KRNWSBl6yNuXZvA) and remember to turn on notifications, that way you’ll receive an email when I go LIVE every Saturday 1pm-2pm EST.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    All Udemy courses come with a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. There is no risk to try the course to see if it will work for you. Give the course a try by signing up today, and see how to grow your business in these amazing ways.


    This course requires paid software including ClickFunnels. So if you are not able to or don’t want to pay for it, this course is not for you.


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  • Udemy – VMware vSphere & Virtualization Video training [100% OFF]

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    After this course you will be able to design, implement, and configure a healthy vSphere environment with all of High availability features enabled on it.

    this course is amazing and different from other courses because it gives you a complete understanding of virtual environment and how to build healthy vmware environment from basics to advanced features.


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  • Udemy – Understand Your Dreams [100% OFF]

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    If you have ever wondered what your dreams are all about or why you have recurring dreams that seem to have a bit of everything in it, such as elements of something that happened that day or someone you know or just met or maybe even fragments of people or experiences that happened some time ago or even something you just had been thinking about that day.

    Well if you looked to dream books to find the answer I can tell you that you will not find any answers there because you are the only person who can discover what those seemingly crazy dreams are all about.

    Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were wish fulfillment meaning if you wanted something in your dreams you would receive it, and he came to this conclusion by looking at the dreams of children noticing if a child wanted a ice cream that day and did not receive it in their dreams they would get that ice cream so that their would be no unresolved conflicts left buried in their subconscious a kind of nightly clearing the slate.

    But as we get older our dreams become made up of so many elements that we cannot understand emotional issues become unresolved and can stay dormant for many years until they get triggered again and need to be brought to some understanding so the slate can clear again.

    This can be the reason for having recurring dreams as your subconscious wants an important issue dealt with   so that it can return to homeostasis or psychological balance.

    This course will help you to begin to remember those dreams easier as most of us wake up knowing we have been dreaming and five minutes later we cannot remember what it was all about. But now with hypnosis and suggestions for remembering those dreams and being prepared always when you wake up in the night or in the morning with pen paper and a reading light.

    you can start to record those dreams in writing and then reading through them before using your second hypnosis session that will help you to take a closer look at those dreams.

    Look at what you will experience

    1. Understanding your dreams Introduction
    2. What is Hypnosis
    3. Before first Hypnosis Session
    4. Remember Your Dreams Hypnosis + Downloadable Resources
    5. Remembering your dreams debriefing
    6. Introduction Before Revisiting and understanding your dreams
    7. Understanding Your Dreams Hypnosis Session
    8. Understanding your dreams debriefing

    Downloadable Resources

    • Instructions for using your hypnosis session pdf
    • Deep Sleep Now Hypnosis Mp3
    • Ignore Snoring Hypnosis Mp3
    • Power Nap Hypnosis Mp3


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  • Udemy – Learn Chinese by Chinese Idiom Stories for HSK 4 -HSK 6 V4 [100% OFF]

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    Chinese Idiom (proverb or set phrase) is the long-established, concise, stereotyped phrase or phrase that people have used. Most of the Chinese idioms consist of four characters and they all have their origins. Some idioms are not difficult to understand in literal terms, such as “小题大做 Literally meaning is: small problem big do; which means: fuss of a trifle”  Some idioms must know the sources or allusions to understand their meanings, such as the “朝三暮四  Literally meaning is ” Morning three night four”, What is the real maeaning? Let’s we countinue our journey.



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