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  • Udemy – Learn more on Fibonacci Sequence [100% off]

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    Learn more on Fibonacci Sequence

    Course Description

    The course will address the Fibonacci Sequence.

    It will address who is Fibonacci and how is the sequence generated through recursion. We’ll see that different problems in life have solutions referred to Fibonacci Numbers (We’ll see an example related to climbing a stair case).

    Moreover, we’ll learn about the Golden number (also known as Golden ratio or divine number). How divine is this divine number?!

    Binet came up with a method to calculate the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence non recursively. We’ll investigate Binet’s formula and how he came up with it.

    Moreover, the course discusses the various characteristics of the sequence such as the Cassini’s Identity. Cassini’s identity presents an arithmetic relationship between various Fibonacci Numbers.

    We’ll investigate the formula to simply the sum of the first “n” Fibonacci numbers.


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  • Udemy – Investing in Oil for Monthly Income [100% off] Worth $157!

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    Course Description

    If you want to learn how to get paid to get into owning oil and then getting monthly income from owning oil just like a real estate property but without all the headaches of managing it this course is for you. The management of it takes about 1 hour a month so no sitting looking at trading screens all day long or anything and still getting fantastic returns which can be between 1%-3% a month on capital employed achieved by current students (required disclaimer: this may not be the case for you). This is what the big institutions do and try to keep from you.


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  • Udemy – Successful B2B Trade Show Management and Marketing [100% off]

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    Successful B2B Trade Show Management and Marketing

    This is a practical course build for all producers who find themselves deprived of a high percentage of their profits for the benefit of traders and importers. This is a fighting chance for them to learn how to find a more profitable market for their products and how to present themselves with confidence and professionalism in order to attract more suitable partners.

    The course is suitable for producers or traders of goods who wants to expand their business on other markets and they are looking for a structured market research process to help them identify the market with the highest potential for their products and also how to plan and participate successfully to a trade show and what marketing tools they should use.

    If you are taking this course without having a company and a product in mind I encourage you to pick a company your would like to work for and do all the research, planning and preparing for a market you consider opportunistic and then use your work to get an interview with them. Practicing will help you become confident and rely on your new acquired skills.

    This course is not for you if you are an expert in marketing: market research, trade fairs, communication and promotional materials.

    By the end of this course you will be able to research new markets opportunities, to plan and participate to a B2B trade fair and to plan and prepare the marketing plan for the event.

    What does this course cover?

    • Market Research – You will learn how to research the markets you want to enter by investigating competitors, local producers, similar products or services on the market, consumers, potential customers and by extracting relevant statistical data.
    • B2B Trade Show Planning and Management – Planning is the key to success! You will learn all you need to know about a trade show participation: how to choose the right trade fair, how to set your goals, to select your team, what samples to take, how to do the budget and how to arrange your booth.
    • B2B Trade Show Marketing Plan – You will have a look over the communications and promotional materials needed to be prepared for the Trade Show participation.
    • B2B Trade Show Participation and Follow-up – You will study the trade show appropriate business behavior and learn what the post show report should include.

    Who is the target audience?

    • Producers or Traders who want to reach new markets
    • Entrepreneurs planning to exhibit in a B2B Trade Show
    • Sales and Marketing Teams in need for practical information to organize the participation to a B2B Trade Show


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  • Udemy – The Tradesman’s Guide To Making More Money [100% off] Worth $97!

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    The Tradesman's Guide To Making More Money

    Course Description

    This course is all about how tradesmen and women can get more customers and make more money using the internet and modern day business development methods.

    It aims to provide you with a support framework for entrepreneurial learning within the construction industry.

    It aims to assist in the business education and development that is holding your construction business back.

    Topics include:

    • How to make sure your customers can find you
    • How to target your paying and profitable customers
    • The tradesmens guide to making money using social media
    • How to turn your contacts into money
    • Identifying your key services and turning them into cash
    • How to get free marketing
    • How to get other people’s paying customers as your own
    • The Tradesmen’s 2016 ‘Make More Money’ Plan
    • BONUS: Get your FREE eBook

    This course of 20+ tutorial videos will provide tradesmen and tradeswomen – anyone who is a self-employed ‘tradie’, or has a ‘man in a van’ type business, to get more customers and make more money.

    It will provide you with the fundamental strategies for making more money while doing less; so that you can increase your income without constantly pulling 50+ hour weeks and wondering where the next project is coming from.

    • Run by two successful business owners, this course for tradies is the start to getting the internet to work harder for you and your bank account laughing again.

    We are not there to teach a carpenter to chop wood, we are there to aid him grow his carpentry business. THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE BY GOING ONLINE, let us who have been there from business start-up right through to sale of a large award winning company show you the way.


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  • Udemy – An Introduction: MT4 Email, Sound, Notification Forex Alerts [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    The aim of this course is to stop you from having to watch your Forex trading screen for hours on end to identify trading opportunities. It shows you how to create MT4 alerts using email, sounds and notifications quickly and easily. These alerts will tell you when the price movement has reached the levels you want to trade at.

    The ability is good for manual traders and EA traders who use price-level sensitive trading techniques

    The course will give you your life back so that you can do other things while trading. It will also protect you valuable eyes from premature deterioration and make your family and friends much happier.

    You can be setup in the next 30 minutes so don’t delay.

    Why is this an Introduction?

    The standard MT4 platform only has the ability to do price-level alerts. This course only covers the ability to create price-level alerts to mobile devices or by sound..

    In future courses we will cover more advanced alerts that cover indicator levels and non horizontal alert activation reasons such as a trend-line violations, indicator and EA based alerts etc.

    When downloading the MT4 App on your mobile in order to receive notifications you will also create the ability to trade remotely using your mobile device. Please use your own broker website to see if they support mobile device Forex trading. Most do these days.


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  • Udemy – Crash Course: Investing the Proven & Simple Way [100% off]

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    Crash Course: Investing the Proven & Simple Way

    Course Description

    Have you wanted to start investing in the stock market but you’re not sure how?  Is the complex financial jargon and lack of simple help frustrating?  You’ve come to the right place!

    In just 30 minutes, you start investing for ANY financial goal!  TODAY, you can:

    • Choose the best location for and open an account
    • Start investing for retirement and education with a single investment type
    • Start investing for other goals using a single investment type with proven earnings over time
    • Build up massive wealth by starting today!

    In this course I’ll show you, step by step:

    • What Investment Vehicle to use
    • Why that is the best type (lots of reasons… to maximize sure returns!)
    • Where to get that investment (online! it is easier than ever!)
    • How to create an account and buy the investment

    There are just TWO investments we need.  One type for general investments – those without a specific date that we need to start using the money – and a different type for retirement, education, and any other goals that have a specific time in life when we need to start using the money.

    I’ll show you how to:

    • Maximize your earnings
    • Minimize fees and costs
    • Reduce risk
    • Ensure long term returns

    While this course is primarily geared toward American citizens, I also have specific lessons for non-US investors as well on how they can also take advantage of the same concepts and investment types.  In the bonus content, I’ll also:

    • Show how to build $1 Million in 1 Minute (and how to double that!)
    • Additional resources I use for investing learning
    • How international investors can do all of this as well – and talk about the additional step involved


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  • Udemy – Investing Course : Stock Market Investing for Beginners [100% off] Worth $297!!

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    Course Description


    ➲ Accelerate Your Stock Market Learning and Learn to Become an Open-minded Investor in Just 2 Hours –Take this course Now!

    ☆☆☆☆☆ Welcome to Stock Market Investing Shortcut for Beginners Course ☆☆☆☆☆

    Do you know that investing is truly essential for getting rich, but you don’t know how and where to start?

    Are you looking for a powerful and concise investment guide that can help you get started investing in the stock market much easier?

    If your answer is yes,this course is definitely for you!

    Are you serious about becoming a real investor? – The kind of investor who knows how to get rich intelligently by investing in the stock market.

    In this Powerful Stock Investing Training Course, I will help you get started and set you on the right track to be a highly successful investor.

    Financial education is truly crucial to not only the investors but to every single person who wants to get closer to their financial freedom. So, if you have a dream of retiring early or you want to stay financially free, you will need financial education. This Essential Stock Investing Course will be a shortcut for you to cut down your education time and help you build a better financial life.

    ❝ The greatest investment you can make is to invest in yourself! ❞

    In just 2 hours, you will learn…

    • Everything You Need to Get Started Investing in the Stock Market
    • How to Invest and Smartly Profit From the Stock Market
    • How to Pick Stocks Like the Highly Successful Investor – Warren Buffett
    • How to Develop a Winning Investor Mindset
    • How to Follow a List of Crucial Stock Selection Criteria to Make Your First Investments
    • How to Take Advantage of the Dollar-Cost Averaging Method to Buy Stocks
    • How to Set Up a Trading Account to Practice Buying and Selling Stocks
    • And much more…!

    What is more?

    • You will get a lifetime access to this course, without any limits!
    • The course will keep updating frequently, and of course all future updates are absolutely FREE if you enroll today!
    • Get dedicated supports from the course Instructors and the learning community anytime you need!
    • You ALWAYS get a 30-DAY FULL-MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so don’t hesitate to give yourself a chance to learn new things by just taking this course now!

    There is no more reason to delay. Just jump start your investment career right today – ENROLL NOW!


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  • Udemy – Forex Trading For Beginners [100% off]

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    Forex Trading For Beginners

    Are you searching for the ways to do FX.?

    But still didn’t get easy ways to do FX?

    Don’t feel down if you are in that situation..

    You have reached the place to make your FX easier..

    You are at the right place now..My course will help you in all ways..

    I would like to share my personal experience that made me to earn more in Forex Trading..

    And also I want you to be a successful FX trader..So I have created this course for you..

    Everyone thinks FX is very difficult..But do you know what? Comparing to other trading, it is very much easy to learn and earn..

    So do you want to learn and earn more easily? Then you should enrol to my course now..

    Ya my course includes all the easy steps to make your FX easier..

    If you follow the steps which I provided in this course, then I’m damn sure that you will succeed in FX..

    Don’t get frustrated if all your ways in Forex fails..In this course I will tell you the ways to make your FX easy..

    In this course I will tell you the ways which I learnt and practiced in FX trading…

    If you implement the steps I discussed in my course then definitely you will succeed in FOREX..

    And do you know what, I will provide you the Free Forex Profiter Software along with the course.

    The Software which I am going to provide you along with the course will give 90% accurate output..

    My software is 100% free with the course..And also I included the steps about making using my FX Profiter Software..My software will help you in all the ways to succeed in Forex..

    Do you know what my software cost $9/Month for others..But for the benefit of my students I’m providing it completely free..

    I’ll also provide you 100% Money back guarantee if this course doesn’t satisfy you.

    I’m confident that this course will be a great help for you..give a try on my system..

    So what are you waiting for..Hurry up..


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  • Udemy – Candlestick Analysis For Professional Traders [100% off]

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    Candlestick Analysis For Professional Traders

    Course Description

    For the first time, a course that reveals the historical performance of all the classic candlestick patterns.

    Candlestick charts are the number one way to present financial price data. I love them because they allow me to quickly and easily visualise the market and analyse recent price action before placing a trade.

    Whether it’s in a particular stock, a currency pair, or a commodity, once you know how to read candlestick charts you can very quickly gauge strength or weakness in the market of your choice.

    Now, candlestick charts have been around for centuries and there are numerous books and courses that detail specific candlestick patterns. Patterns such as the shooting star, the Doji and the Hammer.

    However, most of these books and courses fail to address just how good these patterns really are.

    On this course, not only will I teach you all about Japanese candlestick charts and how to find the most popular candlestick patterns, but I will show you the historical performance of 25 of the best patterns.

    In other words, I’m going to show you which candlestick patterns are the best and which ones you should pay attention to in your trading. And I’m going to show you which ones you should simply ignore.

    I’ve analysed 21 different futures and forex markets, over 100 stocks and I’ve made thousands of historical trades to see which patterns produce the most profitable results. And the results are indeed surprising.

    In fact, the results suggest that some patterns are not profitable at all and I present the results clearly for you to see.

    However, the results also reveal that one specific candlestick pattern is better than every other candlestick pattern that I tested.

    On this course, you’ll learn precisely which candlestick pattern that is.

    You’re also going to learn how to spot the candlestick patterns and how to incorporate them into your own trading and investing. Then, I put what we’ve learnt into action when I build a fully fledged trading system based on the best patterns found.

    But that’s not all you’re going to get.

    Because, when you take the course today, you’ll also receive a number of bonuses.

    Bonus 1: you’ll get the A3 candlestick cheat sheet so you can quickly locate candlestick patterns by eye. You can even print this out and stick in on the wall if you want to.

    Bonus 2: you’re going to get access to the accompanying eBook and all the tables of results.

    Bonus 3: you’re going to receive the formulas that I used to code up each candlestick pattern. If you have the back-testing program Amibroker, you’ll be able to use this code to run an exploration and scan for the latest candlestick signals on your own machine.

    So, if you want to learn how the professionals use financial charts and you want to take your candlestick trading to another level, just click take this course now and let’s get started learning about Japanese Candlesticks.

    All the best of luck with your own trading and learning.


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  • Udemy – OPTIONS TRADING: Trade Stock Options in the Stock Market [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Options trading. Learn how to trade options.

    I teach you how to be profitable in the stock market by trading (selling) option premium.

    You will learn financial trading, stock options and how to be an options trader by selling options.

    Options trading can be very profitable.

    Learn the safe way how to trade stock options so that you can be a successful options trader and earn consistent profits.

    Make MONEY in the stock market

    Learn financial trading so that you can make money by trading and being an options trader

    Learn from a millionaire trader

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