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  • Udemy – Complete Black Box Algo Trading Bots -Non Programmers(17Hrs) [100% off]

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    Course Description

    *** Course access includes quizzes & homework exercises, 1-on-1 instructor support & LIFETIME access! ***

    TOP-NOTCH Instructor

    I currently have 59 Courses on Udemy with 15350+ Minutes of Content (256 hours in total) with 30,000+ Satisfied Students enrolled. That’s 10 days+ of learning material!

    Course Details:

    Planning on trying an algorithmic forex trading approach?

    Take a look at this Algo Trading courses and 14+ strategies to see which one might work best for you.

    This course is made to teach you on how to create Algorithmic Trading Strategiesreally fast without programming. Not only this, you will also learn to test it and Improve it by Artificial Intelligencetools of MT5 platform. Your worries about strategy creation will be gone. Complex Algorithmic Trading Strategies

    I will firstly walk you through on the more broad perspective about Algo tradingdevelopment and then show you how you can create Strategies based on Top Technical indicators. These Automated Strategies (Algorithmic Trading Strategies) will make money even when you are sleeping.

    I will explain how these strategies work, how will your Algo trading Bot buy or sell.

    You will learn how to create different types of Algo strategies& use the one that suit you. Everything is Automated only counting money is not automated in this course.

    And All this without the programming fluff….

    This Course is 17 Hours long i.e 1020 Mins long. Therefore it includes almost everything about Algorithmic Trading without the programming fluff….

    Therefore you have selected the right Algo Trading course to learn.

    These are the easiest and simplest strategies to implement through algorithmic trading because these strategies do not involve Human interaction. Trades are based on the occurrence of desirable trends, which are easy and straightforward to implement through algorithms without getting into Programming Languages.


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  • Udemy – Forex Trading Like Banks – Step by Step with Live Examples [100% OFF]

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    This course is vital for every serious trader who wants to take his trading into professional level. This course will teach you skills and techniques necessary for profitable forex trading.

    This course is different from any other Forex course that you have seen or taken before. You will learn the skills of reading charts at bar level. You will be able to analyze the psychology of the market which will enable you to avoid tricks and traps that most ordinary traders could not understand.

    Most beginners think that practicing trading alone would give them the knowledge and the skills to be professional traders. The hard fact is that they are totally wrong. They waste their time, and probably also their money trying by themselves to figure out how to be consistently profitable. While the truth that is known by almost all successful traders, is that the skills to be profitable in the long run need to be learned.

    This course is giving you this opportunity to learn important skills and techniques that I have learned and developed through my extended experience trading Forex in the last fifteen years.

    By taking this course, your understanding of price action and chart patterns will change forever. You will understand that most of your past losing trades were so obvious to avoid if you had the chance to use the knowledge provided by this course.

    Taking this course is a chance that will open up for you new opportunities and new successful and profitable future.

    And… you will also receive:

    • Full, free lifetime access & support
    • All future extra lectures & upgrades are always included for free
    • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee.
    • Regular free updates to increase your learning even more.


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  • Udemy – Forex: Best Time Frame To Trade Forex [100% OFF]

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    Name a market that never closes, has the largest volume of the world’s business with people from all countries of the world participating every day. Yes, you guessed right – the foreign exchange market. The market has arisen from the need for a system to facilitate the exchange of different currencies around the world in order to trade. It is the premier financial market in the world reflecting the financial dynamics of world trade quite clearly.

    The famous phrase money never sleeps sums up the Forex market perfectly. No matter what time of day, the Forex market will stay open and close in order to facilitate uninterrupted currency trading.

    When you begin to trade Forex online, you may find yourself overwhelmed and confused by the sheer number of available time frame to trade within the Forex market. What are the best time frame to trade in the Forex market? The answer isn’t so straightforward as it varies with each trader trading style. Instead, you need to take the time to analyze different time frames against your own strategy, to determine which is the best Forex time frame to trade which fits your trading personality.

    The “Best Time Frame To Trade Forex Market” course has 18 lectures compiling over 1 hour of videos. There are three major sections in this course: the different trading sessions, the different categories of trading time frames and what to take into consideration when deciding on the time frame you want to trade.

    By the end of this course, you will have a firm understanding of how the time frame that you trade impact your Forex trading success.

    I designed this course for traders who frequently asked, what is the best time frame to trade Forex market? Whether you are a beginner or advanced trader once you find yourself asking this question then this course is for you.

    If you’re interested in improving your Forex trading success then click “ENROLL NOW”. We look forward to seeing you inside.


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  • Udemy – Create A Business From Home Trading Penny Stocks Today [100% off]

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    ***UPDATED FOR 2018***

    Now join the exclusive 8,615+ group of students who have changed their financial lives by taking this course to LEAVE THEIR JOB, ESCAPE THE 9-5, AND WORK FROM HOME MAKING MONEY ONLINE BUYING PENNY STOCKS!

    If you are like the average person, you know that there is money to be made outside of just working 9-5. But the problem is you just don’t know how.

    You have probably heard of people making a killing in the stock market but the problem is 90% of traders lose money.

    But that does not have to be you. Anybody can make money in penny stocks if they do it the right way.

    If you’re tired to hearing about these crazy riches to be made in the markets but can’t find any reliable source of information and learning to be able to share in those riches, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

    You can be on your way to leaving your job and knowing how to make money for yourself, but not by yourself, because you can get InPennyStock expertise every step of the way.

    These are the same strategies that the 10% who make money use to make money day in and day out.

    This is the ultimate video collection that will tell you everything and we do mean everything you need to be successful in the penny stock market.

    What would you do with an extra $5,000 a day? If you could finallymake profits daily what would that mean to you?

    Would you

    Pay off debts?

    Fund your retirement account?

    Put your kids through college debt free?

    This course is designed for anyone who wants to discover proven profitable trading strategies and for those who are interested in making money trading stocks.

    Packed with over 10 different video lessons and hours of content, Mubarak Shah spills everything you need to make money trading penny stocks.

    In this training course, you are going to learn how you can make consistent money trading stocks and how to utilize the most profitable trading strategies.

    This course will cover everything from the basics to the advanced, and also set you up to continue working on improving your trading and perfecting your strategies.

    In these videos, I give you surefire proven strategies for trading and how to become a successful and profitable trader.

    The profitable patterns that are mentioned in these videos have been successfully duplicated to give you the freedom to easily build a consistently profitable trading system.

    Now you’ll be able to win more trades and make greater profits, so you can finally take control of your financial future.

    Get started on your path to a profitable, stress-free stock trading lifestyle by signing up for this course NOW.

    The purpose of this course is to teach anybody how to acquire a professional trader mindset.

    This course also will teach you what set of techniques and tools professionals use in the market every day to create wealth.

    Anybody who devotes time and study to this course will be in a very good position to profit from the markets and to achieve financial freedom.


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  • Udemy – Live Forex Trading examples – work at home [100% off]

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    In this course I am demonstrating my real-time trading on Forex market, using EURUSD pair for intraday trading.

    Actually if you know Forex, then you understand that trading is simple, you are buying or selling any pair. Same do I in trading and I collect profit every day. There are some secrets how to do it correctly, and I describe it here in this course, and in my other courses.

    In this course I show my real-time trading, where you can see my orders and I describe every order I make:

    • where I open order
    • where I close order
    • why I open order
    • why I close order
    • where I put stop-loss
    • where I put stop-profit
    • etc…

    It is very good for people who want to see how to trade on Forex market correctly and learn my strategy for own trading.

    With my trading strategy, you can trade on every market you want, on Forex market, on Stock market, CFD, Futures, Options. I prefer trading on Forex, as it is more comfortable for me, and volatility on Forex is better than on other markets, so it give a chance to trade from Monday to Friday any time, and catch profit.

    If you are ready for trading, and check my trading style, compare it with your trading skills or copy my Forex strategy, glad to see you in my Forex team, I will help you in your trading!

    P.S. You can trade same way on any Financial market you like – Forex market, Stock market, CFDs, Options, Futures, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) and other cryptocurrency you prefer to trade.


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  • Udemy – Bitcoin & Currency Trading Tactics That Work! [100% off]

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    Bitcoin & Currency Trading Tactics That Work!

    Learn proven trading tactics from someone that has SUCCESSFUL students. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency enthusiast will find this course very helpful. You will learn trading along with the needed technical analysis to succeed with any cryptocurrency. The same techniques that the instructor uses in his own trading. No course on the market has our level of cryptocurrency industry recognition. GCMS has been selected as education partner for: The Nordic Blockchain Association, the largest blockchain community in the Nordics and F1 a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange located in Stockholm, Sweden.

    This course goes beyond most in the market because it includes essential modules on Trading Tactics, Technical Analysis, along with how you transition from practice trading to the real thing. The extra content allows you to take advantage of the secrets of forex traders that can also be applied to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and investing.

    My firm Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS) is a capital markets education leader. Since 2008 we have offered quality training globally. Our proudest achievement has been the results of our students, many have increased their trading profitability. We assist individuals to get the most out of their investment for capital markets training.

    Our course has attracted the attention of the leading cryptocurrency news site

    Things you will learn and will be able to do

    • You will acquire the skills to trade confidently(Bitcoin, Forex, Altcoins)

    • Learn to create a second income from anywhere in the world

    • Improved trading techniques to increase your earnings

    • Practical Technical Analysis that is effective & easy

    • Learn solutions to the 5 major causes of losses for traders

    Diploma Modules (partial listing)
    •   Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies trading(when to buy/sell)
    •   Centralized Ledgers
    •   Functions of Currency
    •   Distributed Consensus
    •   History of Bitcoins
    •   Bitcoin Community
    •   Bitcoin Addresses and Keys
    •   Bitcoin Transactions
    •   Bitcoin Blockchain Ledger
    •   Buying and Selling Bitcoin
    •   Forex (FX)
    •   Trading Tactics
    •   Practical Technical Analysis


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  • Udemy – Forex Trading For Beginners [100% off]

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    Forex Trading For Beginners

    Are you searching for the ways to do FX.?

    But still didn’t get easy ways to do FX?

    Don’t feel down if you are in that situation..

    You have reached the place to make your FX easier..

    You are at the right place now..My course will help you in all ways..

    I would like to share my personal experience that made me to earn more in Forex Trading..

    And also I want you to be a successful FX trader..So I have created this course for you..

    Everyone thinks FX is very difficult..But do you know what? Comparing to other trading, it is very much easy to learn and earn..

    So do you want to learn and earn more easily? Then you should enrol to my course now..

    Ya my course includes all the easy steps to make your FX easier..

    If you follow the steps which I provided in this course, then I’m damn sure that you will succeed in FX..

    Don’t get frustrated if all your ways in Forex fails..In this course I will tell you the ways to make your FX easy..

    In this course I will tell you the ways which I learnt and practiced in FX trading…

    If you implement the steps I discussed in my course then definitely you will succeed in FOREX..

    And do you know what, I will provide you the Free Forex Profiter Software along with the course.

    The Software which I am going to provide you along with the course will give 90% accurate output..

    My software is 100% free with the course..And also I included the steps about making using my FX Profiter Software..My software will help you in all the ways to succeed in Forex..

    Do you know what my software cost $9/Month for others..But for the benefit of my students I’m providing it completely free..

    I’ll also provide you 100% Money back guarantee if this course doesn’t satisfy you.

    I’m confident that this course will be a great help for you..give a try on my system..

    So what are you waiting for..Hurry up..


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  • Udemy – Successful B2B Trade Show Management and Marketing [100% off]

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    Successful B2B Trade Show Management and Marketing

    This is a practical course build for all producers who find themselves deprived of a high percentage of their profits for the benefit of traders and importers. This is a fighting chance for them to learn how to find a more profitable market for their products and how to present themselves with confidence and professionalism in order to attract more suitable partners.

    The course is suitable for producers or traders of goods who wants to expand their business on other markets and they are looking for a structured market research process to help them identify the market with the highest potential for their products and also how to plan and participate successfully to a trade show and what marketing tools they should use.

    If you are taking this course without having a company and a product in mind I encourage you to pick a company your would like to work for and do all the research, planning and preparing for a market you consider opportunistic and then use your work to get an interview with them. Practicing will help you become confident and rely on your new acquired skills.

    This course is not for you if you are an expert in marketing: market research, trade fairs, communication and promotional materials.

    By the end of this course you will be able to research new markets opportunities, to plan and participate to a B2B trade fair and to plan and prepare the marketing plan for the event.

    What does this course cover?

    • Market Research – You will learn how to research the markets you want to enter by investigating competitors, local producers, similar products or services on the market, consumers, potential customers and by extracting relevant statistical data.
    • B2B Trade Show Planning and Management – Planning is the key to success! You will learn all you need to know about a trade show participation: how to choose the right trade fair, how to set your goals, to select your team, what samples to take, how to do the budget and how to arrange your booth.
    • B2B Trade Show Marketing Plan – You will have a look over the communications and promotional materials needed to be prepared for the Trade Show participation.
    • B2B Trade Show Participation and Follow-up – You will study the trade show appropriate business behavior and learn what the post show report should include.

    Who is the target audience?

    • Producers or Traders who want to reach new markets
    • Entrepreneurs planning to exhibit in a B2B Trade Show
    • Sales and Marketing Teams in need for practical information to organize the participation to a B2B Trade Show


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  • Udemy – Stock Market Investment: Applied Financial analysis [100% off]

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    Stock Market Investment: Applied Financial analysis

    Be honest to yourself. How many of you are investing in the stock market without knowing anything about the company’s financials?

    Are you simply relying on the wiggly lines on the price chart to make trading decisions?

    Are you heavily relying on analysts or brokers for stock tips?

    Is that really enough? The truth is, it is not! You need to know exactly what you are investing into. And to do that, you need to know financial statement analysis!

    There are many questions like:

    • Is the company going to be profitable?
    • Is management manipulating the earnings?
    • Can the company sustain its operations?

    Obviously you would like to know these answer but when you try to read the company’s financial statements, you get lost!

    • Where to start?
    • What does each number mean?
    • How long is this going to take me!

    In this course, I will teach practical financial analysis for investors. Starting with the profit and loss statements, we will move onto the balance sheet, and eventually to cash flow.

    Along the way, I will discuss concepts like:

    • How do you spot trends to forecast the company’s future.
    • What is core and non core earnings?
    • How do we determine if earnings are repeatable?
    • How management can manipulate earnings.
    • The truth about acquisitions.
    • Warning signs to lookout for.
    • This course shall be conducted by an experience instructor with years of proven track record.

    Unlike some other courses out there where you just hear instructors talking endlessly, and you only see boring text in their presentation, this course will include animations, images, charts and diagrams help you understand the various concepts.

    This is also not a motivation class where I preach to you that you must work hard to succeed, or you must have discipline to profit from the market.

    In this course, you will learn actionable methods and frame work.

    In addition, Udemy and I promise a 30 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely no risk. If I fail to deliver up to your expectations, you can have your money back after attending the course. No questions asked.

    So what are you waiting for? Its time to take action! Go ahead to click on the enrol button. I will see you at our course.


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  • Udemy – Penny Stocks King: How 2 really Trade Penny Stocks (6 Hours) [100% off]

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    Penny Stocks King: How 2 really Trade Penny Stocks (6 Hours)
    • 1100 Satisfied Students and Counting.
    • 48 skill Packed Lectures.
    • Best selling Penny Stock Course on Udemy.
    • With 30 days refund guarantee.

    I also teach how to make adjustments to your trades that will allow you to turn it from a loser into a winner! Once you learn this secret technique, you will be amazed at how rare it is to lose a trade, and finally be able to trade with complete confidence.

    This Course Brings a Beginner to Advance Stage. I give my Students full Access; So please feel free to ask any questions as and when needed. To again emphasis I would say again “You have full access”

    You might think Technical analysis is something very technical and will have many jargons and you might get lost in themThink Again as this course is for beginners or intermediate traders or finance students.

    Why Purchase this Course? Because you are here to learn new skills and this Course explains a new Chart Reading skill that is not available in any other course on Udemy.

    This Course Explains How to Buy Penny Stocks as they make any stock, Best Penny Stocks.

    Why Purchase This Course Now? You will learn my own trading plan to trade Penny stocks without any risk.

    My Trading Plan gives out a 100-400% return on Yearly Basis; Dont believe me check my method to old charts.

    This Course is specifically Designed for Penny Stocks; for Mid to High Cap Stocks take my Other Course.

    I will explain things in easy words, as if I am explaining Charting to a 5 year old.

    Learn technical analysis and trade like a professional. Technical analysis is also known as charting, as charting literally means reading Charts.

    Through this course you will get a Free Online Technical Analysis software.

    In this 2 Hours Long Course you will learn philosophy or thinking process of different Charting indicators and will trade like a professional.

    Plus I will help you add this course certification to Linkedin with awesome recommendationsWhich will showcase your employer and friends that you are on the path to success.

    Do you know Hedge fund and institutional Investors, all use Technical analysis or charting?

    Charting is a valuable tool you can use to make sound decisions in Trading Penny Stock.

    This course comes with guarantee that you can always apply for 100% Refund within 30 days. 

    In Penny Stock Trading you will always find that good earning results or fundamental analysis doesn’t always leads stock price to increase. Have you ever wondered Why?

    Charting for Penny Stocks Shows you the real you an extra edge in the market as Trend Analysis (part of charting) shows you the real Capital flows.

    1. I will explain you basic concepts of technical analysis in easy way as if I am explaining to a 5 year old.
    2. I will explain how to enter and exit a trade.
    3. I will explain how to avoid traps in Stock investment.
    4. I will explain complicated tools to trade with confidence.

    This course comes with guarantee that you can always apply for 100% Refund within 30 days. 

    It will take you approximately 1 to 2 hours to go through the theory and i recommend you to test them on Demo Account; Just to get the feel of using them.


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