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  • Udemy – MEDIA MASTERY – How to get into the Media and Press [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    The newsroom is always on the lookout for a new story.

    You are full of stories. Now all you have to do is figure out how to position and craft your stories so that reporters are banging down your doors looking for the inside scoop that only you can bring them.

    In this exciting, fast-breaking series of lectures, Ricky Shetty and Scott Paton share how they leverage the media to enjoy thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free TV, Radio and print advertising by giving reporters what they want.

    You will discover:

    • The difference between traditional media and new media
    • How to create your unique story

    • Writing an irresistible pitch letter
    • Case studies
    • And much more…

    Don’t delay. Enrol today!

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  • Udemy – Copywriting – The Psychology Of Your Irresistible Offer [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Do you want to acquire the skill of writing irresistible and extremely powerful marketing offers?

    Have you invested fatiguing months of product creation and when finally your product or service is ready there is a lack of sales?

    Do you want to know the exact psychology triggers and tactics used by the MOST successful and filthy rich online entrepreneurs?

    If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then enrolling in this course will be the best decision you’ve made this year.


    IMPORTANT: Latest course update 27/3/2016. A whole mini course has been addedThe Art Of Storyselling And The Mind-Blowing Power Of Your Personal Story

    Over 50 positive reviews and 3357 students!



    My name is Vladimir Raykov and I do marketing.

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I work as a Marketing Manager, I teach very successful courses on Marketing Fundamentals and Marketing Psychology and Copywriting. I’ve created and launched over20 digital products. I also teach over 12000students from 128 countries.

    So much for me, let’s see what you are going to learn:

    In this course will learn how to create and present irresistible offers that people buy! This is a part of the art and science of copywriting and as one of the most successful copywriters who has ever lived said:

    It Is The Deal… The Offer… The Proposition
    You Are Making That Is The Heart And Soul
    Of Great Copywriting!
    Gary Halbert

    Even if you have some experience with copywriting, if your offer is poorly presented you will have terrible results. Because strong copy will not overcome a weak offer, but in many cases, a strong offer will succeed in spite of weak copy written by marketing morons.


    • The top 8 psychological elements to include in your marketing offer.
    • How to present your price so it looks like the best deal ever, even if you sell a product or service for $500.
    • How to “frame” your value proposition.
    • The number one question prospects have in their minds – if you don’t address this question your sales will suffer.
    • How to communicate clearly and get your message across with 100% accuracy every time. You should understand that marketing is communication. You will learn about the “Ladder Of Abstraction” which I call the “Holy Grail” in marketing.
    • How to prove what you promise, so your prospects trust you, like you and buy from you. Plus, you will see a noble marketer who sells his 25000 dollar program ONLY by using a video testimonial – the power of social proof.
    • You will learn how to create urgent situations that cause people to act quickly! And this is scientifically proven to work. You will learn two powerful ways to utilize the Urgency Principle.
    • You will learn how to increase the value of your proposition by adding bonuses and other incentives. You will learn the top 2 rules when it comes to adding a bonus to your offer. So many people mess this up. Plus, you will learn exactly what kind of bonuses to consider.
    • How to remove risk or even better reverse it. This technique alone is so powerful that would easily increase your conversions if you apply it in the right way.
    • How to ask for action in a way that doesn’t sound like a sleazy sales person.
    • You will learn the biggest secret of creating asuccessful offer. By applying the information from that particular lecture it is 100% guaranteed that all the other elements of your offer will work times better.
    • I also have a case study for you. I share my personal experience, how I applied the skills you will perfectly know when you complete the course, to attract business partners.
    • You will see how I analyze in front of your eyes one letter written by Frank Kern and one sales page written by Eben Pagan. You will see exactly how they used the psychological principles or elements taught in this course.

    If you are thinking why I chose them – really simple. Eben Pagan has generated over 100 million dollars selling digital information products. So we can be sure what he does works! Frank Kern has generated over 40 million dollars for him and his clients.

    I explain every concept by providing you with great, world-class examples of the most successful copywriters in the world. So, you will be learning about proven strategies. Not vague theories.

    Just for a second imagine what it would be to have the skill of writing amazing offers, deals, propositions! This very skill may skyrocket your sales by 2 or 5 or 10 times and even more.

    Even if you have the best product in the world if you don’t know how offer it to your prospects, it won’t be successful. You need to have copywriting skills to make it happen.


    One of the best courses on Udemy!! – William G. Heredia


    An excellent and thorough course, taught by Vladimir Raykov, and
    International Marketing Expert. Mr. Raykov, certainly knows the subject
    matter of this course and his teaching style, delivery, presentation,
    and the quality and content of the videos that he has produced for the
    lectures in this course are amazing. I highly Vladimir, as one of
    Udemy’s finest Instructors and suggest this course to any and all who
    desire to learn more of the psychology, methods and technical skills
    that can make them become more successful copywriters!
    Dallas Bowman


    This course is amazing and inspiring. I appreciated very much Vladimir
    calm voice, the clear and specific language he used, the fact that he
    mixed theory and practice always concentrating on teach the best way to
    do a good copywriting job.
    I loved the simple psychological processes he explained: they gave to
    the all course a deeper and more complex view.
    – Elisa Magnani


    Vladimir explains in an easy and step-by-step way to you to create a
    well planned irresistible offer. He provides real-life examples of
    successful copywriting sales pages that makes millions in sales. The
    copywriting knowledge gained in this course will make you jump and act
    quickly to see the good results.
    – Yaritza Luyando


    Starting this course and new area of knowledge has been excellent for
    The course material is very easy to understand as the language used is
    simple to follow for any student, no matter their level of expertise.
    – Daniel McKellar


    This is a very good course in writing copy for ads. Vladimir presents the concepts and techniques requisite to developing customer winning copy. I enjoyed his course and his presentation. – William Oliver


    The formula to step-by-step approach to creating your own irresistible
    copy. What I really love – and can trust – about all Vladimir’s courses
    is that he have spent the time to research and refine the best method
    possible and literally spoon feed his students the information. He
    always gets you further than other instructors and teaches in a manner
    that’s very easy to comprehend. 🙂
    Young In Park



    • Bloggers
    • Book authors
    • Online entrepreneurs
    • Online marketers
    • And people from any occupation that requires writing marketing copy for the purpose of getting response and action.

    I invite you to join our community and develop your copywriting skills to sell more of your products almost overnight.


    Go take this course and if for some reason you don’t like it, you have 30 days, unconditional money-back guarantee. No questions asked, No hassle. No hard feelings.

    FACT: I have 10 courses and only 8 out of 10046 students asked for a refund. This is indicative of the content quality you receive.

    Click the “Take This Course” button right now!

    I’m waiting for you inside the course! We’ve got a lot to cover.

    There is no risk whatsoever. So, let’s get started!


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  • Udemy – Storytelling to Influence [100% off]

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    Storytelling to Influence

    Course Description

    Storytelling to influence is a hot topic today!  Sadly though, how to tell stories to influence is one of those “easier said than done” things in life isn’t it?  I certainly felt that way years back when I started on my own path at becoming better at storytelling to influence, especially in my professional life where data and rational thought were the only influence tools used.

    Oh, I’m sure you’ve noticed I keep saying storytelling to influence, and not just storytelling.  After all, any of us can tell a story for fun, but a story to influence is a little different, with a different intention and outcome, which is to influence.  And in my five years plus of studying and practicing storytelling to influence, I found most storytelling tools don’t really work in an influence situation, which frustrated me!

    I fully intend to prevent you from having that same frustration and that’s why this course was born. And all it takes is to watch three main lessons spread over 23 short videos!

    I’ve made this course as simple to learn as possible, and with fun characters and stories to help you remember the tools to influence with a story.  In this course, you’ll learn how to find stories, attach a few meanings to every story, how to safely practice storytelling to influence privately till you’re ready to do it publicly, and when it’s time, to slip influence stories naturally and comfortably into your conversation.  You’ll also find exercises and quizzes at selected parts of the course to really make the lessons stick.  And by the way, my learning company is called Sticky Steps because our tips and tools stick with you – forever!


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  • Udemy – Captivate any audience with powerful storytelling techniques [100% off]

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    Captivate any audience with powerful storytelling techniques

    Course Description

    We all know how hard to is to succeed today. There’s so much competition whatever business you’re in. 

    The way some people respond is to just sell harder.

    But that’s not going to work because the conventional approach to selling is broken. It doesn’t work today because buyers are far more informed.

    That’s why you need to be smarter.

    You must win them over by telling a story that’ll grab their attention and motivate them to do business with you.

    This approach combines story telling with selling so I’ve called it StorySelling.

    This is a softer, more intelligent approach to selling.

    You frame your story in a way that makes sense to your audience.

    You think about their interests and then relate your story to that.

    This is a fundamentally different to the approach to selling that often relies on brute force and ignorance.

    Pitching a product and then using pressure to close a sale may have worked in the last century, but not today.

    Because as I said earlier, buyers are just too smart to fall for that approach.

    This course is for anyone who has a story to tell.

    You could be in sales, marketing, customer service or any other role where you share information and want to influence someone’s thinking. You may want to close a sale or develop a partnership.

    And the best way to do that is through a story.

    • I will teach you how to write a clear, concise and compelling story.
    • You’ll learn how to design and deliver stories with maximum impact.
    • You’ll also become a more natural, relaxed and accomplished communicator.
    • And your confidence levels will soar.

    So if you find it hard to get your message across or you don’t enjoy presenting to an audience because you get nervous; or don’t think you’re a ’natural communicator’ – this course is for you.

    If you’re dedicated enough you can even become a StorySelling Rockstar!


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  • Udemy – Story Selling: Supercharge Your Sales with Stories [100% off] Worth $199!

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    Course Description

    Why do kids love stories?

    Well, the reason is that the mind tends to “think in stories”.

    When you tell a story, the person listening opens up, their defences come down, and they begin picturing what you’re telling them.

    Now what do stories have to do with selling and marketing?

    A story is an excellent way to build credibility and trust with your prospects. It’s a way to connect with them and relate to their problems, frustrations and underlying emotions.

    When you tell a story that has elements your prospects to relate to, it immediately persuades them to take action and buy what you’re selling. As opposed to pure information without stories tends to “roll off” and not stick.

    In this course, I teach you a simple framework for creating stories that persuade, trigger action and causes customers to buy your products and services.


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