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  • Udemy – Side Hustle: Start a Side Business Startup Step by Step [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Starting your own profitable side hustle doesn’t need to be hard, AT ALL. With so many different options that you can choose, which ones are the “best” to get started with?

    Take it from a person who’s been able to make 5 figures online and consulant multiple 7-8 figure businesses all before the age of 18. Almost anyone  (regardless of age) can start a side hustle. If you’re reading this, you can surely start one too!

    What you’ll learn:

    – Side hustles you can start today that will likely be profitable from day 1.

    – Side hustles you can start that will likely be profitable from 1-2 months.

    – Side hustles you can start that will likely be profitable from 6 months+ out.

    Even though I’ve been able to achieve many things before I had turned 18 year olds, I’ve also spent a lot on my education to learn what I know.

    Cut down the time and resources it would take you to start a side hustle on your own, and enroll in this course to jump years ahead most people that get started.

    Again, I look forward to seeing your inside the course!



    I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10+ years, and have taught over 25,000 students how to improve their own skills. I’ve become a eBay Powerseller and Amazon Best Selling Author and active consult with multiple 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses. From what I’ve learned from these experiences, I’d love to share the knowledge with you.

    My goal is to help as many people possible by teaching each student everything I know about each topic. I teach to ensure each student  leaves each of my courses feeling like they’ve learned something new.



    * Extra downloadable worksheets to make the course even more valuable!

    * Priority customer support. Have a question, get an answer back within at most 24 hours!

    * Entry to get automatically entered to get chosen for my student of the month (get featured in a shout out email)!



    You can get my help and advice at any time – simply email me through Udemy! Regardless if your just starting your course or have been done for months, I’m happy to help you. Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I aim to answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I really enjoy helping students who’ve taken my courses and I look forward to helping you!



    The information that you’ll learn in this course can be either learned from many years of experience, or you can learn valuable skills all best summarized within a couple hours of time. Is it really worth taking hundreds or even thousands of hours of your time to learn this information by yourself? The choice is yours to make.



    All strategies that I share are either from my personal experience or are well proven strategies based off industry experts.



    Simply put, save time, save money and learn valuable skills that you can implement into your life (for the rest of your life). Learn from others that have done it before you, and learn what have proven to work best for them. Don’t do it all by yourself!



    When you complete 100% of the videos in this course, you’ll be emailed a certificate of completion by Udemy!



    The course comes with a Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try this course absolutely risk free. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that you will improve your skills after completing this course.

    Invest in your future. Enroll now.

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  • Udemy – Entrepreneurship Characteristics & Mindset [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Do you know how to chase your dream?

    Do you have any blueprint of success?

    Do you have ever designed any concrete framework for your business?

    Do you know what is most important for you?

    Do you know the prerequisites you must have to do before starting your own business?

    Do you know the business success formula?

    If your answer is No, this course is definitely for you! This course is all about how to set your mindset like the most successful entrepreneur.

    The first part is well designed to help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset that every entrepreneur must have to become successful in their career. The second part of this course is all about tips and strategies to help you launch a business successfully. Here, I focused on the key traits and aspects needed to be successful as an Entrepreneur. You can understand business dynamics as they relate to idea generation. The hardest part of starting your business is taking the first step where the bottleneck raises. This course is designed for prospective entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and experience levels.

    You can learn the billionaire’s secrets of how successful entrepreneur set their mind towards success.

    You will also learn

    @ How to achieve your dream

    @ How to build a failure free path

    @ How to think like a successful Entrepreneur

    @ What are the issues; you should take care of

    What else you will have?

    # FREE course related discussion and get dedicated supports from the course instructor on ANY PLATFORM (Udemy, Facebook or LinkedIn) up to 30 minutes!

    So invest in your future, Enroll now!


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  • Udemy – Business Planning: A Strategic Roadmap to Business Success [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    In today’s competitive marketplace, 70% of all new businesses fail within the first 2-3 years. Whether you’re starting a new business or working to strengthen or expand your current business, having a business plan is your road map to success. A good business plan the heart and soul of any successful business. It can help you secure finance, prioritise your efforts and evaluate opportunities.

    This course will help you keep your business on track and reach your goals. It provides step-by-step instructions for writing a comprehensive business plan that is efficient, and geared for your success.  You’ll learn how to build an operational plan, develop effective marketing strategies, secure your finances, avoid common pitfalls and much more!

    What you’ll learn in this course:

    ·         Discover why you need a business plan

    ·         Develop a detailed business plan and put it into action

    ·         Learn where to put your energy and money to obtain maximum profit.   

    ·         Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes

    ·         Clarify your business’s mission, vision, and values

    ·         Identify your customer’s needs

    ·         Learn how to secure financing

    ·         Develop a marketing plan

    ·         Identify market trends and anticipate changes

    ENROLL NOW and turn your business idea into a successful reality!



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  • Udemy – Let’s Learn Startup Terminology [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Silicon Valley is filled with lots of terms, and many investors have a variety of terms that they use. Knowing these terms and even a bit about technological and entrepreneurial history sets you apart from those who don’t. Also there is a set amount of applicable things you should know in the business world in order to be presentable or not get yourself into trouble. This course is meant to test you on some of that knowledge as well as have some fun set of questions in between.


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  • Udemy – Hiring and Firing [100% OFF]

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    Businesses Change, People Change & Roles Change Over Time. This Means There Is a Good Chance People Will Come & Go.

    This Course Provides a Holistic Understanding Of How To Tackle This Subject With The Big Picture In Mind, Whilst Building Your Confidence To Fire and Getting You Excited About The Hiring Process!


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  • Udemy – Entrepreneurship – Design your Business Failure to Success! [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    *** Course access includes quizzes & homework exercises, 1-on-1 instructor support and LIFETIME access! ***

    Hear why this is one of the TOP-NOTCH Candlestick course on Udemy:

    TOP-NOTCH Instructor

    I currently have 64 Courses with 17280+ Minutes of Content (286 hours in total) with 60,000+ Satisfied Students enrolled. That’s 11+ days of learning material!

    Details:Are you ready to start your next Business Venture?

    Do you wanna know what you need to become an Entrepreneur?

    Do you wanna learn the Holy Grail of Entrepreneurship?

    Its Effectuation and Business Modeling.

    This course was designed specifically for people who want a effective and economical way to build a profitable business model. And the secret doesn’t Exist in MBA!.

    Most Startups fail because they don’t work on Business modeling.

    No one becomes a successful Entrepreneur without the right mindset which is what you are going to learn  through Effectuation.

    In this Course we will discuss successful Startups like Airbnb, Linkedin and Uber and how to make a business model Canvas like them. This Course will change your life for sure, As it teaches how to create the correct mindset to success and then how to channel your ideas into a business model.

    This is your time to change your life. Sometimes we think and forget to take the turn.

    • Is this Course the turn you have been waiting for?


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  • Udemy – Ultimate Free Tools And Resources For Entrepreneur [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Thanks for your interest in this course. In this course you’ll learn 60+ free and amazing tools and resources that surely kick-start your online business to the top. Okay so any more farther talk let’s take a look what you’ll learn in this course.

    In the first chapter you’ll learn 4 free tools to find your business name ideas, with available domain names. This is importance to find a good and valuable business name for your business and it is very hard to find that so we hire a freelancer and they will charge you money to do that but not any more in this chapter I’ll show you 4 free and easy to used tool that you can used to find your business name ideas with available domain names.

    In the 2nd chapter you will learn 6 free tools to create animated GIF in just minutes. GIF are very hot in social media you can share your message with a GIF and get instant engagement in no time, and in this chapter i’ll show you how you can create GIF from any video easily and get more engagement in social media.

    In the 3rd chapter you’ll learn 6 free tools to record your screen like a pro, this tools are very easy to operate and you can record full HD ( 1080P ) videos easily.

    In the 4th chapter you’ll learn 7 free alternative to Photoshop. As we all know Photoshop is a costly tool. But we need it to do our daily work, So in this chapter you’ll learn 7 best Photoshop alternative to do all of your Photoshop work for free of cost.

    In the 5th chapter you’ll learn 3 Free tools to create web/marketing graphics like banners, cover images, blog headers, ads images etc.

    In the 6th chapter you’ll learn 4 resource to make passive income as a freelance graphic designer. If you are a graphic or web designer then this resources is for you. you will find some high end marketplace that you can used to make passive income every month.

    In the 7th chapter you’ll learn 4 resources where you can sell your service & make a living.

    In the 8th chapter you’ll learn 11 sources to find royalty free stock images for your blog or website. No more pay for royalty free images, you will find hundreds of high quality photos for free that you can used for your personal used and commercial used.

    In the 9th chapter you’ll learn 8 cheap paid traffic source for affiliate marketer that you can used to boost your affiliate commission overnight.

    In the 10th chapter you’ll learn 8 resource where you can make passive income as a freelance copy writer.

    In the 11th chapter 8 resources to find unlimited royalty free music. No more pay for royalty free music, you will find hundreds of high quality music for free that you can used for your personal projects and commercial projects.

    in the 12 chapter you’ll learn 12 website to find quality WordPress jobs. this not like other freelancing sites you’ll find high quality high paying WordPress jobs from that websites.

    Don’t hesitate to take the preview of the course before enrolled hope to see you inside.

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  • Udemy – Become an eCommerce Startup [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Welcome, Welcome and again Welcome.

    You are at the right place if you have thought about starting an eCommerce business. The good thing about eCommerce business, you don’t have to quit your job while setting it up. You can do it as a side business until you start earning your salary, so then you come on board full time.

    So, if you are at that stage, join this course, so then you’ll learn the basics. However, if you’ve already quit your job and have a fully functioning eCommerce website, and now you don’t know what’s the next step, then again WELCOME ON BOARD!

    This course provides a practical understanding of the most important tools and techniques for the creation, operation and management of an eCommerce business. It is designed to provide YOU with a conceptual and hands-on knowledge of such critical areas as:

    • Introduction to eCommerce
    • Planning for eCommerce
    • Consumer Rules for eCommerce
    • Guide to Setup eCommerce website
    • Understand Why People Buy
    • Niches in Ecommerce
    • Dropshipping
    • Traffic via Search
    • Traffic via Paid Media


    The course is easy to chew, each lesson will take around 5-10 minutes. The entire course clocks in around 5+ hrs. So, why not to learn new skills this weekend?


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  • Elite Video Guide on How to Start a Business: From Idea to Success

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    Course Description

    Have you always wondered how to start a business? Do you have great startup ideas for one, but struggle to find how to sell an idea you have? No worries, this course is here to teach you all the secret tricks on how to start a business. With this course, you will learn how to sell an idea and help you reduce the stress while doing it. All the techniques here will teach you how to sell an idea for your business and how to build your business from scratch in no time. It will boost your career opportunities to the maximum.

    Endless Possibilities

    First and foremost, in the course, you will learn how to brainstorm startup ideas if you don’t already have one and also, how to start a business after all. You will become confident in pitching different ideas and receive feedback from them. Later, you’ll move on to learning how to profit from your startup ideas, and how to deal with legal stuff, such as NDA, copyrights, patents, non-compete agreements, and more. After all, when learning how to start a business, you should know every bit of information if you want to be a professional entrepreneur!

    By the end of the course, you’ll know how to formulate an excellent business plan and how to develop a business and revenue models. You will be an expert on how to sell your ideas, so you can drive more traffic and boost your sales. You’ll also know how to calculate net and gross profit, as well as, your company profit margin. SWOT analysis won’t be an unfamiliar word anymore. This course is an excellent choice if you want to know how to start a business which will profit you well.

    A Key to Sucess

    With many tips on how to start a business listed in the course, you will know to raise funds for your business. The instructor will offer you different ways to achieve funding for your startup ideas. After you learn how to sell an idea you have, you will proceed with a few more things. You’ll learn how to register your business and the process of learning how to sell to earn money. While learning how to manage your business, you will be able to choose an outstanding domain and business name, so you can gain more traffic with more unique visitors and make more sales. Knowing how to start your business is quite easy if you know all the methods of successful business managing.

    However, if you’re having trouble coming up with outstanding startup ideas, do not worry! The course will prepare you how to brainstorm for money making ideas and business proposal ideas. In no time you will master the ways how to start a business even if you’re out of ideas for the project you’re making.

    Kickstart Your Career with Specialist Help

    You’ll become a successful entrepreneur with the help of the professional businessman Alex Genadinik. This honorable man consults businesses and has already helped more than 100,000 young students to boost their careers in the enterprise industry. As the entrepreneur himself, Alex Genadinik has many business proposal ideas and truly knows the best way how to start a business and make it profitable and stable.

    The tutor will teach you all you need to know about entrepreneurship with three separate sections in this course. First, he’ll show you how to come up with money making ideas and how to conceive perfect startup ideas; then he’ll move on to teach you the secrets of how to start a business and how to manage it. Finally, the instructor will give you tips on how to boost your sales and increase the income. You’ll be prosperous and earn a lot quickly.

    So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to know how to start a business and how to come up with excellent money making ideas? Enroll in the course now!


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  • Udemy – Venture Capital Financial Modeling [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Venture capital is financing, also a type of private equity that investors provide to startup companies, emerging firms and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential. To determine such their growth viability there are various financial factors which are considered. These are determined with the help of Venture capital modeling. Through these tutorials we are going to learn about Venture capital, its financial modeling and valuation with the help of a case study. This training would include the followings:

    • About venture capital, the need for fund raise and considerations on the minds of VC funds
    • Key types of business models seen in various investee companies
    • Introduce case study with a hypothetical investee company and a VC firm
    • Deep dive into the financial model and bring out absolute valuation numbers
    • Work on transaction comps in excel and talk about deal KPI
    • Talk of prevailing industry multiples and course summarization


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