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  • Udemy – The Logic Pro X Manual 101 – Complete Masterclass [100% off]

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    In this class you will learn how to master Logic Pro X and how to create full productions in no time! We will also create 3 full productions from scratch in this class, from the idea stage to a complete finished professional sounding track. You will also get those 3 full productions as templates so you can open them on your computer to see how the projects are built up. Feel free to copy settings and / or different presets or sounds.

    LAST UPDATED April 2018 Version 10.4.1

    Do you know that Logic Pro X is one of the most used music programs in the world? You can create, edit and arrange music as well as do many other things, even creating videos.

    Not only Music Production but Also How to Make It As The Professional Music Producers

    • Start getting creative with Logic Pro and make music quick.
    • Learn how to get organized and getting your projects clean leading to a better end result.
    • Discover Apple Loops and how to create a whole Project within just an hour.
    • Learn how to Master Logic Pro X with a lot of different quick tips and key commands.
    • Get creative with the Piano Roll and MIDI – learn how to quickly come up with chords that you would never ever think about doing.
    • Master Logic Pro X in just a DAY!

    This is the ONLY class you will Need for Learning Music Production with Logic Pro X

    Do you want to start writing music in Logic and don’t know where to start? This course will help you! In this course we will go over all sections in Logic from a Music Producers perspective, from Downloading the app to going through all of the sections and why you should use them and how. You will be able to produce music within a day from knowing NOTHING. This course is for new users and for users who are already familiar with Logic Pro X.

    There’s a lot of different tutorials on YouTube on how to learn Logic Pro X but since it’s such a huge software and where the possibilities are endless with what you can do with it. That’s why i have created this course to easy understand how to make music with Logic and to focus on Music Production.

    The great thing about Logic Pro X is that everything is pretty much included in the software. You can really go and produce a top hit track with just the tools that Apple gives to you when purchasing the software through App Store. We will cover all of these tools that you need to know about. There’s literally music producers who use ONLY the stock resources that come with Logic and made it through Billboard top 100.

    Did you know that Rihanna’s career started with a basic Apple Loop? Yes, her whole career started with that one Apple Loop. And not only that loop, it was just taken from the stock library and used as is – without modification of any sort. And it’s totally fine and legal.

    We will go over topics such as how to download the software and getting started, managing all sounds that Logic comes with initially (there’s a lot of them), going over Logic’s interface and look through what different things does just so you get familiar with the software itself and then we are going to learn how to create music with the powerful tools such as Piano Roll, Library, Plugins and lastly we will take a look at the mixer window and how to use the Mixer section in Logic Pro X properly.

    Instead of you figuring out the in’s and out’s with Logic Pro X by yourself I have created a lot of different quick tips videos with tips and tricks that has made me produce music a lot quicker and where I got the sound quality to be much better (new videos are getting added up every month). These tips and tricks are the little “secrets” with Logic Pro X that I’ve found out in the last 10+ years that I have been working with Logic Pro ever since version 7.

    When enrolling this class you will get support directly from me through Udemy’s Q&A feature. I will answer as fast as I can but I aim for answer within 24 hours on weekdays.

    We will focus on Music Production and how to get results from Logic Pro X quickly and make you a hit machine with lots of projects in no time!


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  • Udemy – How To Clean Up Audio Files Effectively & Quickly in Minutes [100% off]

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    How To Clean Up Audio Files Effectively & Quickly in Minutes

    Course Description

    Online Instructors Newbies:Learn this Awesome Audio Editing SKILL to create high quality videos online!

    When I was creating this course for my students who are starting out to teach online, it reminds me of aclassic picture of a grandmother passing on her cooking skills to her grandchildren – something that the kids cannot learn from books or TV because they are ‘family secrets’ passed on with each steps shown all the way.  This is exactly what I am doing in this course.

    Reviews from Students

    David Henry:

    • GREAT! This is JUST what I needed. Rosa has shared some great tips on how to clean up the audio. This has been VERY helpful. Thanks, Rosa.

      Sylvia Muller
    • Very well explained. Good tips! Thank you Rosa

      Bjartmar Huduson
    • A nice review of the many features of Audacity in cleaning up audio tracks.

    In the last few years, I’ve created many online courses.  One of the big challenge that we as instructors face is: how to create nice clean audio tracks to our videos so that when students take our courses, they will have a good and pleasant experience during their learning process.

    When I first started teaching online in 2008, I was often bogged down by the immense task of cleaning up the audio tracks.  I watched tons of  You-tube videos & took different courses to help me pick up this skill.  It was very time consuming & left me very frustrated in the end.  I would end up spending hours and hours re-doing a lot of my audio tracks because I didn’t know where to focus.  Is this your situation?

    And what is most frustrating is that it used to take me many trials to finally get my TEST Video approved by the Udemy team. I’ve been there.

    For this reason, I am creating this course for all Udemy newbies or even online veterans to join me in this specialized course where I show you everything you need to do to create clean audios to your video production.  You just need to follow my Easy Steps & Methods to get your audio tracks cleaned up in minutes.  This class is going to help you concentrate on the ESSENTIALS so that you know exactly how to clean your audio tracks after filming your classes.

    Great audio quality is critical to ensure students stay engaged in our courses. 

    • So it is absolutely essential to clean up the audio track professionally so that students do not get distracted by the background noises that are created by the fans, computers, or any other electronic devices that we have in the room.
    • Even if you use a top quality microphone to do your recording,  there’s inevitably still a lot of buzzing noises that need to be removed such as the hollow and echoey sounds in the room.  I will show you my secret method of how I do them quickly & effectively.

    We will use the an open source software Audacity to create high quality clean audio tracks!  Once you’ve picked up this skill, you will become very good at it following the procedure that I show you. What took me months to learn will just take you less than an hour to pick up this needed specialized skill.  You have the advantage of the many experiments I’ve tried on my videos to get them perfect. By taking this course, you also don’t need to make the many mistakes I made when I first started.

    Come on in and join my students here.  They are having a lot of fun!  There is an effective and quick way to create clean audio tracks taking out all the background noises, hollow & echoey sounds,  the annoying breathing that appears because of talking too closely into the microphone.  For a bonus, I will show you how to clear out all the clicks & popping sounds that come up because of the powerpoint presentations we use during the recording.


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  • Udemy – How To Make an Avicii-Style Track (in FL Studio) [100% off]

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    How To Make an Avicii-Style Track (in FL Studio)

    Course Description

    Welcome to the “How To Make an Avicii-Style Track” Udemy course! In this video series you’ll watch one producer’s 2 1/2 hour studio session to get a sense of how a Tim Berg-esque dance track is made from start to finish.

    In this course you’ll discover:

    • Workflow tips and tricks
    • Some ideas on structuring tracks
    • Free/inexpensive plugins to take your productions to the next level
    • Progressive house layering tips and tricks
    • Every single step that goes into making this sort of track from start to finish

    This course is perfect for the dance music lover who would like to get a deeper appreciation for the genre, or for the beginning producer who’s looking for an understanding of all the variables in creating this style of production.


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  • Udemy – Recording Sound [50% off]

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    Course Description

    If you want to get the best sounding recordings the best place to start is by understanding the principles of sound as they relate to recording. By the end of this course, you will :

    • Understand the Main Characteristics of Sound Waves.
    • Be aware of the idiosyncrasies of human hearing that can cause recordings to not sound as good as they could.
    • Understand how and why sound behaves the way that it does.
    • Make better sounding recordings because you will know how to control sound within your recording environment.

    This course is put together with your understanding in mind. There are added experiential stories to help explain concepts. Creative illustrations are effectively used to illuminate points so that through a combination of sight, and sound, you can easily grasp the nuances of each lecture.

    There is a series of challenging quizzes that are designed to reinforce the most important concepts from each lecture as you go along. The goal is always to emphasize your understanding of each piece of the broader subject, and there are times when foundational concepts are re-visited in order to solidify your learning knowledge. Best of all you can go at your own pace!

    This course is designed for YOU, the home recording hobbyist. This is the course that will show YOU how to take your recording to a higher level. Whether you are a beginner who is just learning, or a more experienced individual who wants to know more about the theory of the sound, this is the course that will help you reach your goal of getting the best sound possible. This course is also a great introduction for anyone who wants to get more serious about audio engineering in a broader sense. Completing this course is the most efficient way to gain inside knowledge that you might not ever learn on your own.They don’t teach this stuff in recording software manuals!


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  • Udemy – Intro to SoundForge Pro 11 [100% off]

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    Intro to SoundForge Pro 11

    Course Description

    Sound Forge Pro 11 is one of Sony’s most advanced sound editing suites and software. It is used for high end sound manipulation and sound editing. This tool can be fairly difficult to get used to its features and functionality which is why I want to create an introductory course to let you know the basics and nothing more. After this course, you should be familiar with the functionality of Sound Forge and being able to get started in a career for sound editing or manipulation. This tool is especially used a lot with audacity or other tools in the industry and can come in handy as a valuable skill set, even for graphics designers. This course is meant for beginners and is structured in short high quality HD videos to get you introduced to all you should know about the software in less then an hour. You will be introduced to basic terminology and the interface of the software as well and can use what you learned to practice or learn further on your own.


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  • Udemy – Audacity Tutorials for Beginners: Learn to Edit Audio Files [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Introductory pricing, will go up soon!

    This course is a series of short quick video tutorials that will teach you how to edit audio in Audacity. Learn the basic concepts, tools, and techniques needed to take your projects to the next level!

    Build A Strong Foundation In Audio Editing Quickly Using This Course

    • Learn the in’s and out’s of Audacity
    • Blend music and vocal tracks together
    • Boost volume level without distortion
    • Remove “white noise” from audio files
    • Learn step by step how to create a podcast lecture

    Course Overview

    Well known audio engineers, music producers, entrepreneurs, authors, and course instructors all use Audacity to edit and improve audio files for their projects.

    I designed this course so that you, even with no experience, can easily learn to do this as well.

    With 22 lectures and under 1 hour of content, you will be able to quickly get the information you need and apply it to your next project.

    I am available to answer any questions you may have along the way and you will gain life time access to the course (as I will continue to improve and add more content overtime).

    Enroll now


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