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  • Udemy – Turn Your Talent Into a Profitable Singing Career In 90 Days [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    True, I could start out by telling you all about my career today

    That I’m earning an average of between $4,000 and $8,000 every month
    without having to perform every single night…

    (and that’s while being a busy mom, very active and important in my two young children’s lives)

    That over the last 15 years, I’ve performed all over the world, participated in international music competitions,
    won many prizes, including first place, and taken part in dozens of different projects as a singer…

    But no.

    I actually want to start out with the fact that before I had all this stability,
    I had only one thing, or perhaps actually two: unpolished talent—and desire!

    These two things managed to help me accomplish for myself what I want to teach you to accomplish.

    I didn’t have a mentor showing me the way, taking me by the hand and shortening the process,
    saving me from all the failures and mistakes, or lifting me back up onto my feet when I lost hope and motivation.

    And that’s one of the reasons it took me so long to get to this stable point.

    But it doesn’t have to take you as long as it took me… why?

    Because you have – me.

    I’ve spent my whole life around lots of musicians and talented people.
    Many are also personal friends, which is why it hurts so much to see so lots of them unable to succeed in turning their talent into a stable occupation or livelihood—unable to actualize their potential in the field and maybe not even sure where to begin…

    After a while, it hurt me enough that I needed to get up and do something about it.

    So I got up and took all the knowledge I’d accumulated,
    all the years of personal experience, and bundled it all up into methods that are efficient,
    simple, and practical, with support tools I’ve created offering courses for other musicians.

    I offer these courses for musicians and singers so I can teach them how to accomplish just that-
    how to actualize their own potential through music, building a profitable, stable career from singing.
    So that they’ll be able to sing, perform, bask in all that applause, greet every day with more heart,
    to entertain, to build emotion, becoming a personal example to everyone they know,
    and calling it “my job” with so much pride.

    So that they’ll have what I was missing.
    So they won’t be alone for even a moment,
    but instead reach their goals faster,
    letting them show other musicians who might face the same challenges that they did it,
    providing inspiration and motivation for others.

    Since I created these courses, I’ve taught hundreds of people how to create a stable livelihood from singing,
    some of whom I’m still in touch with personally, thrilled at their incredible results.
    I’ve seen more than a few of them quit their jobs, change their positions,
    realize their old childhood dreams and upgrade their happiness level along with their wallet—
    even if they’re parents, inexperienced young students, talented people nearing retirement age,
    or just fifty-year-olds… I’ve seen a lot of everything.

    And in my courses, I can teach you how to get the same results.

    This is a basic course.

    It’s the first piece in the puzzle, an abridged version of the underlying framework of the complete system.

    It explains the principle of the five steps which will help you build a stable singing career and shows you the way to reach them.

    So let’s start by taking the first step,

    So that you, too, can realize your potential and turn your singing talent into an exciting income.

    Can’t wait to meet you inside!

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  • Udemy – Hagamos un Video Musical de CERO! [100% off]

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    Hagamos un Video Musical de CERO!

    Este curso es la guia completa y simplificada para todo aquella persona que quiere aprender como hacer un video musical altamente creativo con poco presupuesto y herramientas básicas!

    Se que hay mucha informacion en el internet sobre este proceso.. pero esta esparcida por todos lados y muchas de las veces es algo confuza. Nosotros hemos simplificado todo el proceso y lo hemos empaquetado en un solo lugar.

    Al terminar este curso, seras todo un NINJA en cuanto a la creacion de videos musicales! GARANTIZADO!


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  • Udemy – #2 How to Sing: Increase Vocal Range,Blend Registers,Agility [100% off]

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    #2 How to Sing: Increase Vocal Range,Blend Registers,Agility

    Course Description

    Welcome to my course How to Sing: Increase Vocal Range, Blend Registers & Agility – A Singers Guide to Increasing Vocal Range, Blending Vocal Registers and Improving Voice Flexibility.

    As a vocal coach for over 20 years to both professional and amateur singers (and a performer myself), the most common questions I receive are:

     “How can I increase my vocal range”? 

    “How do I get rid of my vocal break?”, 

    “How do I increase flexibility in my voice”?  

    Well, I am glad you found me….because that’s why I created this course.

    Some singers are satisfied with nice tone and can sing standard songs in basic vocal ranges.

    But what if you want more? 

    What if you don’t want to be stressed about reaching those high notes?

    What if you could get rid of that 2 voice sound – your high voice (soft and breathy), and your medium to low voice (full, loud and strong), and create a whole, healthy, resonant voice across your whole vocal range?

    What would it look like….well what would it SOUND like, to be able to have the confidence and flexibility to know that no matter what you need to sing, you KNOW you have the skills to make a song sound flawless and well…..easy.

    This course will add to your vocal tool kit some simple techniques to help you expand the boundaries of what your voice can do.  

    Learn to sing those higher notes (or lower if that’s you’re thing) with ease.

    Get rid of that annoying vocal break for a well rounded, full voice through ALL your vocal range;

    Increase flexibility in your voice to sing those trills and licks you have always wanted.


    I would love you to join me as I teach you the following:

    1.    Over 1.5 hours of video content;

    2.    Over 1 hour of downloadable MP3 piano scales;

    3.  Vocal exercises to:

    • Blend Vocal Registers;
    • Increase Vocal Range;
    • Improve Voice Flexibility;

    4. A cheat sheet print out to help with your practice;

    5. The Singing Dictionary Ebook of common singing terms;

    5. Q&A videos of most common voice questions (Have you ever wondered what chest voice//head voice really means? What is falsetto?);

    6. Placement Imagery Exercises: A simple ‘mind/thinking’ technique that will help strengthen and expand your vocal range;

    7. A way to find YOUR Vocal Range (soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone, bass) with videos on voice classification & vocal registers.

    And of course, what you get with ALL my courses:

    8. Meet other students from all over the world – join our singing community! We have created a lovely little family of awesome singers and become great friends;

    9. You can ask any questions on our discussion board and I will answer them personally.

    If you have some experience with singing technique and would like to expand your skills – this is a ‘take you to the next level’ course.

    I look forward to having you as my student – come join our amazing community of singers from all across the world – we would love to have you.


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