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  • Udemy – Simple Investing [100% off]

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    Course Description

    This course is for those who want to learn about investing, set up their own investment account, and automatically invest in the locations of the world that have consistantly performed over time. This course is intended for those between the ages of 16-99. If you know how to navigate the internet this course is for you.

    You will learn to understand basic investing terms such as: risk, portfolio, index fund, bonds, inflation, stock, diversification, T-bills, TIPS, municipal, systematic risk, match the market, and annual return. Your account will help you automatically invest so it is not critical to understand this information but my brief course will help you feel comfortable and ensure you understand how your account is automatically investing.

    The lectures are upbeat, simple to follow, and will include the following types of material: videos of me introducing sections, powerpoint lectures, quizzes, screen recordings, videos of other speakers on investing, and interviews of the CEOs of two investment companies.

    There are three ways you can take the course: I have marked the sections of the course with stars, according to the method you choose.

    1. Captain America Style (two hours to cover the material and open your account)

    2. Iron Man Style (three hours to cover the material and open your account)

    3. Batman Style (four hours to cover the material and open your account)

    The first section will help your know how to navigate the course and help you decide on the time you want to spend with the course, sections two through four will help you understand investing, the fifth section will explain software investing, and in the sixth section you will decide on and open an account using resources from section seven and eight as a guide. Section nine is the final section where you can print a certificate and take the final test. There is also a bonus section (ten) providing additional information on tax-harvesting and scholarly articles backing up the investment philosophies used in this course.

    I am not endorseing any of the companies I have recommended investing with in this course and am receiving no compensation from them. I recommend them because, based on my research, they are the simpliest and most effective way to consistantly invest over time.

    If I seem stiff in front of the camera just imagine me smiling more because I get nervous filming myself for the public to see. I’m really a friendly guy.

    I believe you cannot find a more comprehensive and valuable investment course teaching you the best way to invest and helping you feel comfortable doing so. You will walk away from this course with an understanding of investing and one of the best accounts to invest your money. Simple Investing.


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