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  • Udemy – Master Analyzing Hotel Income Statement – Rooms Department [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    A wide range of hotel management professionals in operations does not feel comfortable reading and presenting their department’s financial performance due to lack of financial background & knowledge and training.

    • Learn with us to understand, how to anlayse Hotel financial statements and with key terms used in operations.
    • After completing this course i am confident that you will be able to anlayse & present your department’s performance easily and professionally.
    • You will be able to understand how your decisions affect profitability of hotel and improve hotels profitability.
    • Give your Career a head start by learning one of they key responsibilities of your career as department manager which is managing the departmental P&L

    In this unique and first in league online course, we will

    – Discuss and understand key unique terms used in hotel management.

    – Understand definitions of revenue and expense heads.

    – Drill down all revenue and expenses to the deeper level to gain understanding how to create impact through strategic decisions.

    – Learn how to analyse the hotel profit and loss statement for room division.

    – Discuss the profit & loss templates prescribed by USALI

    – All terms explained are in compliance with Uniform system of accounting for lodging industries.

    Course is Unique in the sense that we focus on theory as well as practical assignments which i will be reviewing personally and guiding your learning ensuring that you achieve your objective of subscribing to this course. I will ensure that you excel in understanding your hotel management aspects as far as it relates to financial terms.

    Even though the course is online with no physical presence, assignments in this course will give you a change of personal interaction as i will review all assignment personally and give you personalized guidance.

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  • Udemy – Brainstorming Business Brilliance [100% off]

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    Brainstorming Business Brilliance

    Course Description

    The BEST Way To Brainstorming Business Brilliance – See How Easily You Can Now Solve Problems, Make Difficult Decisions and Brainstorm Brilliant Business Ideas

    An open invitation, for you to join a revolution in thinking…

    What if you could EASILY DOUBLE the speed at which you solve problems, make decisions, and brainstorm brilliant ideas – all before the end of today?

    Imagine then … if you could empower other people with this same mindset – forcing everyone around you, to not only THINK – but also ACT differently.

    Sounds almost impossible, right?

    Let me explain…

    Did you know, your thinking is a skill you can improve – anytime you like?

    We are most often taught WHAT to think, but never HOW to think…

    Steve Jobs said it best,

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

    Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

    Everything Is Driven By Your Ideas

    Your most CRITICAL skill in both your business and personal life – is your ability to generate these ideas.

    Not just any ideas, though…

    You want to start brainstorming brilliant business ideas, ones that possess the power to take you from good to great in your chosen industry.

    You need ideas that speedily solve your biggest problems and help you make decisions quickly – even in the toughest of circumstances.

    You can use your newfound brainstorming powers for absolutely anything you like, including:

    • Solving major problems, and making tough decisions
    • Ideas for your new products, solutions, and services
    • Improving your profitability
    • Ideas for your marketing tactics and strategies
    • Research and development
    • Time hacks and work productivity improvements
    • And so much more…

    Nothing else gives you that unfair advantage in your marketplace, quite like brainstorming … REGARDLESS of the market you are in – or what product or service you offer.

    You see…

    Brainstorming is a special skill, and just like any other skill, you can learn it, practice it, and then apply it to ANY situation – and in ANY area of your business and personal life, you like.

    You want to know the best part of all? Joining this revolution in thinking is not as hard as you may think…

    Introducing Brainstorming Business Brilliance

    You get instant access to carefully crafted fill in the blank templates, action-sheets, work-sheets and videos, ALL designed to get you up and running brainstorming brilliant ideas – as fast as possible.

    By the time you complete this course, you will have:

    • Gained a full understanding of how brainstorming works – and how you can apply this wonderful skill to any part of your life and business.
    • Learned the valuable steps needed, to help you get the most out of all your future brainstorming sessions.
    • Fully dived into the evaluation phase – where you discover what to do with all your new brainstorming ideas.
    • Discovered top methods, you can use right away – for brainstorming brilliant ideas, with ease…

    Take your problem solving, your decision making, and your business idea generation – to ANOTHER LEVEL entirely when you discover, learn and then start implementing techniques like:

    • Mind Mapping – Creating visual and vivid maps of your best ideas.
    • The Challenger Method – Questioning your assumptions and limitations, to generate yourself “outside the box” ideas.
    • Random Input – Outside stimulus that gets you thinking differently and coming up with new ideas.
    • A New Perspective – Taking yourproblems and considering them from a variety of different viewpoints.
    • Speed Thinking – Is like your brainstorming just got turned up a notch.
    • Freewriting – Stimulate your creativity, generate ideas and get yourself all warmed up and ready to go.
    • The Stepladder Technique – Easily contribute ideas to your brainstorming session, on an individual level.

    What’s more…

    • You get the chance to easily try out each brilliant brainstorming method –  CLEARLY seeing which one’s work for you and your business the best.
    • You then finish by taking a close look at all the barriers and blocks, which get in the way of effective brainstorming – and how you can easily and speedily avoid each one.

    Here’s What The Experts Say…

    “Studies have shown that 90% of error in thinking is due to error in perception. If you can change your perception, you can change your emotion and this can lead to new ideas.” Says the world’s foremost teacher in thinking, Dr.Edward de Bono.

    Dr de Bono claims, “Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and where appropriate profits.”

    Einstein tells us, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think.”

    Henry Ford reminds us, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”

    Harvey S. Firestone said, “If you have ideas, you have the main asset you need, and there isn’t any limit to what you can do with your business and your life. Ideas are any person’s greatest asset.”

    “Regular brainstorming” says Tom Kelley “is as critical to an Organization as regular exercise is to health. It creates a responsive innovative culture.”

    Richard Branson says, “Two heads are definitely better than one and by brainstorming as a team and sourcing ideas from each other, you have a better chance of coming up with a strategy that will allow your business to overcome a setback or challenge.”

    Marsh Fisher explains, “The real true source of power in any company today is ideas–the rest is housekeeping… Ideas are the DNA of everything that is worthwhile.”

    Countless more examples could be added here…

    However, I’m sure you get the point,

    So in the words of Winston Churchill, “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

    Nothing is more PROFIT PRODUCING to you, than the power you already possess, to solve problems, make difficult decisions, and begin brainstorming brilliant ideas – starting today…

    Plus, You Get My Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee…

    Begin Brainstorming Business Brilliance, starting right now on your computer, smartphone, or other portable device, RISK-FREE for 30 days!

    Simply follow the easy to understand videos and action-sheets to discover, learn and then start implementing, ALL these brilliant brainstorming methods and techniques.

    And if for ANY reason whatsoever – you’re not totally satisfied and happy with your new found way of thinking about your business and brainstorming brilliant ideas…

    Simply let me know before the 30 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund of all your money. No questions asked, no hassles.

    You have nothing to lose by trying out these brilliant brainstorming methods, and a whole lot of game-changing ideas to gain.

    Think about it this way…

    If even ONE of these methods and techniques forces, you to look at your business and life in a new and different way – would it be worth it to you?

    If so, then go ahead… join this revolution in business thinking, TODAY.

    You will be totally thrilled – when you see the RESULTS.


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