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  • Udemy – How to Generate Passive Income with Dividend Investing [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    ANYONE can Build Long Term Wealth, while enjoying Short Term Passive Income.

    What if I told you there’s one sure fire way Investors have been doing just that for the past Century? Dividend Investing.

    Dividend Investing is a sure fire way to generate Passive Income every single month.

    It’s also one of the most proven methods to build long term wealth.

    Stop working for money. It’s time to PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK…for You!

    Learn how to invest your money into Reputable Companies so that money compounds up to 12% returns (or more) over time. Also, learn how to spot reliable Dividend Paying Companies that will pay you Passive Income every single month just for investing in them.

    Enroll today. Start generating Passive Income tomorrow.


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  • Udemy – How to Turn Emails into Passive Income [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    How can you turn Emails into Passive Income?

    It’s A LOT simpler than you might think.

    The key is to build a list of Emails around a specific niche or subject.

    This can be done pretty cheap & pretty fast. It’s all about leveraging an enticing free offer to collect emails. Then you can use those Emails to generate PASSIVE INCOME through a well scripted & automated Email Sequence.

    Every Email you collect will be WORTH a certain amount of PASSIVE INCOME once they go through your Email Autoresponse Sequence.

    The more emails you collect, the MORE PASSIVE INCOME you generate.

    This is how ALL the top Online Businesses & Online Marketers are building their Brands & scaling their Businesses.

    So if you want to learn how to turn Emails into Passive Income (YES, Anyone Can!), Enroll today.


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  • Udemy – Instagram Marketing: Grow Your Online Business as Influencer [100% off]

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    Instagram Marketing: Grow Your Online Business as Influencer

    Instagram Marketing used Effectively

    Instagram is one of the most powerful and effective Social Media platforms making its position stronger with Snaps, Pictures and Videos. (Pictures speak thousand words). Instagram Marketing done completely FREE then why not leverage it to the most powerful advantage of business success and making money with it!

    I will guide you in step-by-step format with tips on Configuring, Optimizing your Instagram account. You will learn the latest Instagram Algorithm changes, understanding the system and using it to the best of your benefits. You will learn to grow your account organically with FREE tips and tricks. Learn to attract the Real, Live and highly Potential followers on your Instagram Posts. These organic followers will become your asset in the success journey of Instagram Marketing for your persona as well as business branding. Follow the guidelines to become most powerful Influencer in your online community.

    You will just be spending few hours daily in the right direction building your online Empire. A completely Passive property you will be proud of.

    In this course, You will learn the hidden and tested Tips and Tricks to make extra Income from your Instagram account. Even if it is Sponsorship, Being an Influencer, Monetization or many other methods, you will make thousands of dollars guaranteed.

    Keep in mind this is not overnight get rich system. It will take some time to grow. Please follow all the steps thoroughly and put them in practice. You will have an online Passive income business model for you in few weeks. The systems, which will keep, bring you online profit for the years to come.

    Click the “Buy this course” button now at the top right of this page to unleash the power of making an awesome complete Passive living as an Instagram Influencer.


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  • Udemy – How to Win Even if you cant Predict Stocks [100% off]

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    How to Win Even if you cant Predict Stocks
    • 1178 Satisfied Students and Counting.
    • 26 skill Packed Lectures.
    • Unique strategy that no other Course offers.
    • With 30 days refund guarantee.

    This course informs you as to How to Trade; as currently you don’t know all the options available to you and other investors. Beginners

    Please note this Course Explains the Basics First and then Advanced Details later; as Basics it helps you to completely understand the Advanced Details.

    This Course Brings a Beginner to Advance Stage. I give my Students full Access; So please feel free to ask any questions as and when needed. To again emphasis I would say again “You have full access”

    In this 1 Hours and 30 Minutes Long Course you will learn Psychology or thinking process of different market participants and will trade like a professional.

    Just Imagine you are crossing the road and looking only on right and doesn’t know if a bus is coming from the left side of the road. You will certainly get killed and thats what happens with you in the stock market. This course will inform you the procedure to look both ways.

    Plus I will help you add this course certification to Linkedin with recommendations. Which will showcase your employer and friends that you are on the path to success.

    This Course is not for Experts.

    This Course is designed to help Beginner or Intermediate investors to transform into a professional Investor.

    You can always apply for 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days. 

    You currently only know Buy, Sell and Stop Loss order and consider any person authoritative in Stock Market; Either its your broker . However you need to understand that everyone acts of his self interestand if you don’t know what his self interest is then you will always lose money and will never learn to trade.

    We will discuss how to institutional Investor or even Hedge fund Manager thinks and how it effects the price of your stock. How you need to be vigilant and trade accordingly.

    This Course will inform you about the new products its History and how it has evolved to be the best trading option of our time.

    In This course we will discuss how to trade; and how to profit even making a trade. We will discuss strategy that is currently used by institutional investors and hedge funds to buy stocks.

    We will discuss how to make money even before Buying a good stock and if you get lucky then you buy the stock at 5-10% lower rate from today.

    We will discuss how to earn money through modern trading options.

    This new method will help you earn 15-50% passive income even before buying a stock or ETF.

    You can always apply for 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days. 

    Plus I will help you add this course certification to Linkedin with recommendations. Which will showcase your employer and friends that you are on the path to success.

    Only Trade for Profits in NYSE or S&P 500 or any other stock market!

    This course helps you to buy stocks and have 100% wining trades. Consider the possibility that you never need to stress over losing cash on your stock investment.

    Why do Hedge funds make money year after year?  This method is not made by me but a method that is there and Hedge fund and High net-worth individual use it everyday but common investors doesn’t even know about it.

    In this course, I will demonstrate to you why you have to use this Amazing Stock Trading method.

    You can always apply for 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

    Just think Why don’t you hear any institutional investor losing money in years; How Come? You lose everyday; Why?

    Do you what common investors are known in Stock Market – Suckers!

    Are You?

    You could make a decision to change your trading style to no loss strategy which will help you trade like Hedge funds and make winning trades.

    Are you Ready?

    Do you know why you make bad trading decision that makes losses? or you cant sleep at night? Do you think as to why you lose money and institutional investors never lose money?

    The Reason is explained in this course.

    Now its your time to become a pro trader.

    How 2 Earn If U Can’t Predict Stocks, Stock Options Trading


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  • Udemy – Dividend Growth Investing: The Guide For Passive Dividends [100% off]

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    Dividend Growth Investing: The Guide For Passive Dividends

    Let me ask you two questions:

    1. What if there was an investment strategy that could provide you with a steady stream of passive income cash flow for decades?

    2. What if this investment strategy allowed you to live off 2% – 5% of your portfolio WITHOUT having to sell stock to fund your lifestyle?

    This may come as a surprise to you, but the best way to generate long-term stock returns is through dividends (NOT capital gains).

    Buying dividend stocks is much better than chasing the next “hot” thing. Dividend Aristocrats have been around for decades and will provide you with a source of steady passive income.

    Consider this CRAZY and amazing statistic:

    *If you invested $100 in the S&P 500 10 years ago, you would have $197.91 dollars today.

    *However, if you invested $100 in the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats index, you would have $254.25 today!

    In fact, Warren Buffett is a big proponent of dividend investing—and he just so happens to be worth a cool $75 BILLION! He owns many classic Dividend Aristocrats like Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson.

    Dividend growth investing (DGI) is simple to follow and easy to execute. Dividend investing is all about buying businesses that can pay and increase dividends over multiple decades.

    Once your portfolio gets big enough you can actually live solely on the dividend payments and not have to sell stock to fund your lifestyle!

    Not only that, but dividends receive preferential tax treatment in the U.S. So you could be paying a tax rate as low as 0% on your dividend income!

    Many of the greatest investors have gotten rich investing in dividend stocks. And you too can follow in their footsteps.

    Get this course to learn how to build a well-diversified dividend portfolio from scratch. I will teach you how to screen for these stocks using my EXCLUSIVE 9 factor checklist for successful dividend investing.

    Start your journey towards passive income retirement!


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  • Udemy – Retail Arbitrage Pro – Utilize Amazon to Your Advantage [100% off]

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    Retail Arbitrage Pro - Utilize Amazon to Your Advantage

    Believe it or not, earning a living online is not as hard as it may seem. Your passive income stream is out there. You just need to know where to look…

    Look no further! Not only will I lay out for you where to find a limitless supply of profitable products you can resell, but I’ll go through the process with you to show you how to ensure they actually make you that money. This step by step course will show you the ins and outs of four Online Retail Arbitrage methods that you can replicate and scale up. These aren’t outdated methods. I still use them this very day…and you can too!

    How much can you make with Retail Arbitrage the way I teach it? That’s 100% up to you! Whether you just have a little extra time and you’re looking for some extra money every month or you want to take this on full time and earn a living, this method is as cant miss as they come. One thing is for sure, if you follow all the steps in the course, you can easily earn the course’s price back within that first month (if not the first week or two)!

    That Passive Income Stream you’ve always dreamt about is knocking…Will you answer?


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  • Udemy – Bitcoin Blueprint – Your Guide to Launch Bitcoin Website [100% off]

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    Bitcoin Blueprint - Your Guide to Launch Bitcoin Website
    • Require basic understanding of Bitcoin and how the Bitcoin payment works
    • You DO NOT require any website creation experience! You just need to spend a little time to create your website
    • We will use Weebly Website Builder to build Bitcoin affiliate website, but this should work with any other similar website builders
    • A note book and pen is recommended to take notes during the entire course

    Attention all struggling Freelancers, people who want to earn Passive Income and those who want to launch their Bitcoin affiliate website and make money online.

    Do you want to earn passive income? But don’t know where to start?

    Bitcoin’s price is rising rapidly, why not take the advantage of this?

    Do you know that having your own bitcoin affiliate website, makes you a passive income? If you have answered YES, then you are at the right place…!!!

    Here is the Bitcoin Blueprint course, your complete guide to launch your own Bitcoin affiliate website and how to make a Passive Income from it, a Step by Step Guide.

    This course is designed for the anyone who want to launch their own Bitcoin affiliate website, struggling Freelancers, anyone who is looking to earn passive income online. And best part of this course is you do not require any website creation experience! You just need to spend a little time to create your website.

    In this course, we will use Weebly Website Builder to build Bitcoin affiliate website, but this should work with any other similar website builders.

    This course starts from identifying and helping you with the requirements to launching a Bitcoin affiliate website. You will learn how to create the website, how to monetizing your website, how to make Bitcoins commissions, how to buy and/or sell your Bitcoin on your website and earn a passive income. We will also cover the best place to promote Bitcoin affiliate websites in this course.

    Why I should take this course?

    • With over 2.5 hours of videos and around 33 lectures, you will get a great understanding of how to launch your own Bitcoin affiliate website
    • Our aim is to make you understand all the required knowledge and you should be confident to able to create and launch your own simple, stunning and professional Bitcoin affiliate website as quickly as possible
    • Hands on training on creating and launching your Bitcoin affiliate website using Weebly Website Builder give you confidence on building and launching your own Bitcoin website
    • You will understand everything you need to know about how to make Bitcoins, how to buy and/or sell your Bitcoin on your website and earn a passive income
    • You will have a deep understanding about how Bitcoin referrals works
    • This course demonstrates you, how to monetize your own website with several bitcoin ads, referral programs, bitcoin products etc.
    • We will also cover the best place to promote Bitcoin affiliate websites in this course.
    • You have life-time access to this course and a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed with this course

    Overview of the Course Contents –

    Section 1 – Course Introduction: In this section, we will have introduction to the course. We will talk about what are the course prerequisites, course objectives, who are the targeted students for this course and understand the outline of the course!

    Section 2 – Before You Start with Your Bitcoin Website: In this section, we will identify all the requirements to create and launch a Bitcoin affiliate website. I will help you to save a lot of money on your domain, how to create a name and a logo quickly. We will also see some of the example websites and learn from them.

    Section 3 – Creating Your Bitcoin Website: In this sections, we will learn how to set up your simple but professional Bitcoin website. We will also see an easy way to write original content for your website. Very easy and takes so little time!

    Section 4 – Monetizing Your Bitcoin Website: In this section, we will look at the ways to monetize our Bitcoin website. We will learn how to buy or sell your Bitcoin on Bitcoin website, how to get affiliate clicks, how to promote Bitcoin affiliate website, places to promote, how to get AUTOMATIC bitcoins, etc.

    Section 5 – Other Ways to Monetize Your Website Without Bitcoin: In this section, we will learn the ways to monetize your website other than Bitcoins. We will learn how to post Bitcoin classes on website, how to make a free professional Bitcoin store, how to sell informational Bitcoin products and how to sell the space on your website easily.

    Section 6 – Bitcoin Website Content and Distribution: In this section, we will learn how to distribute the contents created using different platforms such as YouTube, email lists, sign up’s etc. This will help to build a strong audience and improves the views and visits on Bitcoin affiliate website.

    Section 7 – Conclusion: In this section, we will summarize what we have learned in all above sections with a quick overview of the course. I will show you some of the proof from my own account that the concepts we learned in the course makes a Passive Income!


    This is the course that could change your life. 

    After taking this course, you will able to launch your own Bitcoin affiliate website and start making money from it. An investment in this course will enable you to earn in future.  Don’t procrastinate. There is no time like the present to take charge of your Freelancer career. Take this course and start working on building your own Bitcoin affiliate website Today!

    You have 30 days’ money back guarantee…!!!

    And remember that once you purchase the course you will have lifetime access to the course and you have a 30 days’ money back guarantee if you do not like the course because of any reason. So, what are you thinking? Go ahead and click on “Enroll Now” button.

    See you inside the course…!!!


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  • Udemy – Kindle Marketing For Newbies [100% off]

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    Kindle Marketing For Newbies

    Course Description

    Do you want to make money online using kindle marketing???

    This course will help you in making residual income from kindle by launching your own eBook in very easy steps.

    I’m going to share my personal experience and some of the tactics I learned throughout my Kindle marketing journey.

    I’ll also explain you my money making system with Amazon Kindle in a step-by-step manner in this course.

    You will also get my Social Media Marketing Software worth $69 completely free with the course.

    This course will teach you all the basics of Kindle marketing and how to write a good kindle e-book with step by step procedure.

    You will also learn on how to bring in genuine reviews and readers to your kindle book by using the free software that i provide with the course.

    So what are you waiting for?  – i do offer 100% money back guarantee if this course does not bring you any income from the kindle store.

    After watching the course you can promote your e-book and bring in lots of traffic within 1 to 2 weeks.

    So enroll to the course today and start making a passive income using kindle marketing.


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  • Udemy – Create Passive Income-Sell Your Images on 500px [100% off]

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    Create Passive Income-Sell Your Images on 500px

    Course Description

    Create Passive Income:- Sell Images on 500px com-World’s Best Photography Site  

    Welcome to this Course!

    Make Money with Your Images or Photography! Make Passive Income from your Images or Photography!

    In this course You will Learn:-

    1. Step by Step Process to Sell Your Images

    2. How to submit Your Images to 500px com from Your PC or directly from Instagram-Twitter-Facebook etc.

    3. How to Add Proper Title-Description and SEO Keywords

    4. What are Model Release and Property Release?

    5. Why and where you Need them?

    6. How to Fill them & attach to Your Images?

    7. Whether to Sell Your Images Exclusively on 500px com or not?

    And Much More!



    So, if this sound Interesting to You, then Go ahead and Join this Course!



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  • Udemy – Profitable Passive Income Products for Coaches [100% off]

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    Course Description

    In this course, you will learn how to stop limiting your income to one-on-one coaching and consulting clients. Through the tools and techniques shared in these lessons, you’ll learn how to develop multiple products, how to position your coaching business for maximum impact, and how to develop passive-income generating programs.

    This course is taught through a combination of video lectures, written guides, workbooks, and checklists.

    The course is broken down into 4 major sections:

    Section One: Discover Your Winning Idea

    Everyone has one. It’s what your clients are begging you for, but since they don’t always tell you in so many words, you might struggle to figure it out. In this section, we’ll how to identify what your prospective clients are seeking, and how bets to position yourself to deliver it.

    Section Two: Designing and Creating Your Program

    Your signature program is going to be the thing you become known for, but it doesn’t have to take weeks or months to create.

    Section Three: The Short and Sweet Product Launch

    A simple, tasteful and timely launch will go far toward solidifying your brand and your signature product.

    Section Four: How to Generate Passive, Non-Coaching Income

    How to take what you are already doing in your business and created automated tools and programs to make you more money and give you more time.


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