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  • Udemy – NLP: Build Instant Rapport With Anyone In 10 Seconds or Less [100% off]

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    NLP: Build Instant Rapport With Anyone In 10 Seconds or Less

    Course Description

    Everybody believes they know how to build instant connections and deep rapport with other people.

    But there is a neurological process behind building rapport that allows you to build rapport even deeper and more intensively, and according to your liking.

    This is useful, if you feel awkward in social situations, but want to be the spotlight of the event, grave for ways to make other people like you from the beginning and ace your interview, the networking event, the sales process, or simply the party, or the evening out.

    This course shares with you various ways on how to build intense relationships and deep rapport. It utilizes material from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and includes material from newest neurological research and behavioural science.

    You will learn the methodologies easily.

    When I created the course, I had lots of fun driven by the desire to make it fun for you too. So you will share with me the laughters and the smiles, but nevertheless, it is about you, and assisting you, to become the person that you want to be.

    Someone who is liked by others, the moment they meet you.  Anywhere. Anytime.


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