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  • Udemy – Learn Discrete Mathematics from Basics [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    This a basic course in Discrete Mathematics which covers the following topics:

    1) Logic  2) Methods of Mathematical Proof  3)Set Theory  4) Functions and Relations  5)Number Systems  6) Counting Arguments 7) Matrices 8) Graph Theory 9) Number Theory  10)Cryptography 11) Boolean Algebra 12)Sequences  13) Series  among other topics.

    Lot of Exercises along with solutions to some of them will be discussed.

    It is learning from the fundamentals  by doing plenty of exercises and developing deep understanding of concepts.

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  • Udemy – Modern Mathematical Optimization in GAMS [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    The developed course is suitable for you even if you have no background in programming. The course is devoted to general optimization problems in GAMS.

    In this course you will learn how to use GAMS for solving power system optimization problems.

    • First of all you will learn how to install GAMS on your machine.
    • What is optimization ? What is the objective function ? What is the constraint ?
    • You understand the meaning of different errors and the way you should debug them
    • How to read/write from/to an Excel file
    • Multi-Objective optimization in GAMS
    • How to code conditional statements in GAMS
    • How to code Loop statements in GAMS


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  • Udemy – Number Theory and The Secrets of Numbers [100% OFF]

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    (30 Day Money Back Guaranteed)

    For thousands of years, mathematicians have been curious about numbers. Where did they come from? What properties do they have? The truth is that you will never learn the secrets of numbers until you take Number Theory, and all you need is a curious mind to understand (no prerequisites to this course!). One of the biggest problems in history has been: how do you factor a number into prime factors? Well, 26=13*2, but try factoring 1432479… Not so easy now? What if I asked what the next prime number was after 1432479 is? These are tough questions and their answers involve a different type of math – one that you don’t need calculus for – but you need a lot of curiosity.

    In this course, you will look into the secrets of the integers and the many properties that they hold. You do not need Calculus or any advanced mathematics to understand this course, however this is an advanced mathematics course. The material will not involve “solve for…” problems. This course is designed to prove things, and so most of the lectures will cover proofs, and not problem solving. This is a great introduction to what pure mathematics actually deals with, and what many modern professors research.

    Learn and Master Arithmetic, Prime Numbers and Factorization

    • Solving Diophantine Equations
    • Quadratic Reciprocity Theorems and Legendre Symbol
    • Continued Fractions
    • Primitive Roots
    • Extended Euclidean Algorithm
    • Advanced Modern Factorization
    • Algebra of Prime Numbers
    • Pythagorean Triples

    See the Algebra of Modern Mathematics

    This is not just a basic math course. This course offers over 7 hours of content that will blow your mind. You will learn more material than most Universities offer in their own Number Theory courses. We go into depth on everything with clear examples that helps you understand.

    How in depth do we go? Take for example the proof of Wilson’s Theorem. We will prove it Once, Twice, Three times each in a different way. And that’s just one theorem in this course.

    So what are you waiting for?


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  • Udemy – Learn Trigonometry over a Weekend [100% OFF]

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    Welcome to this brand newcourse on Trigonometry. Trigonometry is really an indispensable part of mathematics and thus, our lives. We encounter the use of triangles and trigonometry in everyday life quite often. So, having a sound knowledge of the basic concepts of trigonometry is really important and will be very helpful in all walks of our lives be it academics, routine jobs and even at work. After completing this course, you will find yourself very comfortable with Trigonometry. You will develop a good understanding on Trigonometry concepts and would be able to apply them practically in solving problems. Here is a complete list of what all you will be learning in this course:

    • By the end of this course, you will be able to define triangles, define the types of triangles, and cite examples thereof;
    • define the properties of triangles and solve problems based on them;
    • define Pythagoras theorem, and solve problems based on Pythagoras theorem;
    • define trigonometric functions sin, cos, tan and solve problems based on them;
    • define trigonometric functions cosec, sec, cot and solve problems based on them;
    • define the trigonometric functions of standard angles of trigonometry;
    • find the trigonometric functions of non-standard angles;
    • define complementary angles, find the complementary angle of any given angle;
    • define trigonometric identities and solve problems based on them;
    • define laws of sines and cosines and solve problems based on them ;
    • define similar triangles;
    • define the conditions for similarity of two triangles;
    • prove the similarity of two triangles;
    • define the properties of similar triangles and solve problems based on them.

    Some important points about this course:

    • Lifetime Access: You will have lifetime access to this course once you purchase it.
    • Certificate of Completion: This is a certification course. You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Udemy, with Instructors sign and Udemy’s logo on it, upon completing this course.
    • 30 days Money Back Guarantee: This course is backed by 30 days Money back guarantee from Udemy. After purchasing the course, if you are unsatisfied with it for any reason, just message Udemy within the first 30 days of your purchase and you will be issued a full refund.

    So go ahead and buy this course if you plan to learn some trigonometry this week (you’ll might be able to finish this course in just over a weekend).


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  • Udemy – Calculus: The Complete Vectors Master Class [100% off]

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    Welcome to this thorough course on vectors!

    You will learn how to work with vectors by solving 162 practice problems and you will acquire the knowledge you need for more advanced courses in Calculus, Physics and other fields.

    What makes this course really unique is the emphasis on providing an engaging experience by including:

    • Engaging visuals: If you are a visual learner (like me!) you will find this course very engaging. I’ve designed it to explain concepts with detailed and colorful slides, animations and diagrams.
    • Mathematical Expressions Completely written in LaTeX:No more trying to guess what the instructor tried to write with the cursor, this course is completely written in LaTeX, a special software that interprets mathematical expressions and produces nice-looking equations and expressions. Say goodbye to handwriting!
    • PDF handouts: On each section you will find PDF handouts with the diagrams presented for you to download and read while you’re on the go.
    • Hands-on practice: Each section has practice problems with theirs corresponding answers for you to check your knowledge.
    • Quizzes: Every section has quizzes to check your knowledge and to help you determine the areas you may need to practice a little bit more.
    •  Discussion Forums: You will have access 24/7 to the course discussion forums. You can ask any questions you may have and I will be very glad to help you.

    I would be honored to have you as a student in this course. Looking forward to seeing you in class!


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  • Udemy – Learn Identities, Expansion & Factorization in Algebra [100% off]

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    Identities and Factorization are key topics in Algebra 1. They are essential for anyone studying High School Mathematics and Calculus.Factoring and Application of Identities will be used consistently throughout the study of high school mathematics. Therefore, without mastering these basic skills, you will find it difficult to move on to further mathematics.Having a strong foundation and knowledge base of these concepts will lead you towards a wide range of careers including Computer Science, Finance, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and many more. Mastering these skills of Algebra is a crucial first step that will empower you to move onto higher level math and thus will make you achieve your long-term career goals.

    For this reason, I have made this small course (of nearly 3 hours) to provide students with the major skills and knowledge for factoring any type of Algebraic Expression, Polynomials and Application of Identities.

    Video lectures, step by step demonstration of examples, notes,assignment and practice questions in the form of Resources are included to aid your learning experience. At the end of each section, Tests & Assignments are provided to the students to ensure the best learning experience.

    This course is a stepping stone to your journey towards Higher Math and will make you confident to tackle the problems of Mathematics. The course builds a strong foundation of algebraic skills within 2-3 hours, so there will be no struggle with Algebra in the future. This course helps you to get equipped with major techniques to tackle higher Algebra easily.

    The curriculum of the course is aligned with all the boards so any body from any country can take the course. You’ll learn the skills quickly and effectively with no time waste.


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  • Udemy – Decimals and Fractions 101 [100% off]

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    This course was last upgraded in April of 2018.

    What is our goal?

    Decimals and fractions 101 was designed to teach the fundamentals of decimals and fractions in math class. Students and parents often become frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed by fractions and decimals. My primary goal with this course is to change the feeling students have when they enter math class. We want a student who is stressed to feel a boost in self-esteem. We want a parent who overwhelmed by helping with math homework to feel confident that their child will succeed. We want everyone who is frustrated by fraction

    s and decimals in math to feel an incredible boldness about their abilities to succeed with math.

    Who should take this course?

    The math skills in this course are first brought up in the 3rd grade. The topics are fully introduced in 4th and 5th grade. The fundamentals of fractions and decimals should be mastered by the 6th grade.

    • Any student in 3rd to 5th grades would benefit from this course.
    • Any parent or guardian would benefit by learning the skills needed to help their students improve in math.
    • Students in 6th to 8th grade would also benefit from this course if they are struggling with decimal and fraction basics.

    How do you succeed in this course?

    There is only one way to guarantee a win in this course. That way is to finish all the lectures, assignments, quizzes, and tests. Each topic contains a four question assignment, a quiz, and a worksheet. At the end of the course there are two exams that cover all of the material presented in this course. Yes, it is a lot of work, but the confidence your student will feel is worth it.


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  • Udemy – GMAT® Math | Official Guide 2018 [100% off]

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    GMAT® Math | Official Guide 2018

    Hello from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, USA!

    This UNIQUE, definitive course will show you how to solve hundreds of real GMAT® Data Sufficiency questions in the fastest possible way.

    We encourage you to look at the free previews (Questions #151, 85, 40, etc.) and to compare our explanations with those appearing in the Official Guide;

    you will find our explanations Intuitive, Powerful — and most importantly — Implementable within the significant time constraints which the test introduces.

    Moreover, no other course in the world offers you the ability to practice the exact same concept / Takeaway on multiple different real questions. Most courses will merely offer a broad categorization of the various questions.

    The reason people travel hours upon hours to attend our courses is their desire to be trained to think like a pro.

    — now, you too can achieve that goal!


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  • Udemy – Perfect your Algebra Fundamentals ( Part 1 ) [100% off]

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    Perfect your Algebra Fundamentals         ( Part 1 )

    This course is an Introduction to the fundamental concept of Algebra and is designed for anyone with little or no previous knowledge of Algebra. The course begins with introduction to algebraic terminology to different operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) on algebraic expressions, covering Indices, brackets, linear equations in one variables, inequalities, all common Identities and different methods of factorization. This course consists of 40 lectures divided into 12 sections. A special lecture on ‘Revision on Integers’ is added to ensure operations of addition, subtractions, multiplication and division will become easy in Algebra.

    Course covers a variety of easy and challenging problems being worked upon. With every topic, basic facts, concepts, terms, principles and application of various concept is added. In most of the lectures theory is explained in written format with easy explanation, i have emphasized on both verbal and written explanations so that the students do not miss out on any important fact.

    Who is the target audience?
    • Course is designed to help students of IGCSE exams with Algebra topic and in fact questions from last year exam papers are added .
    • Current Algebra students of CBSE , ICSE board .
    • Middle school, High school or early college level students
    • Students preparing for college placement
    • Students who are having trouble keeping up
    • Course is designed keeping in mind students who will learn Algebra for the first time
    • Who ever want to learn Algebra


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  • Udemy – Calculus and Analytical Geometry [100% off]

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    Calculus and Analytical Geometry

    Complete Explanation of calculus with video and text there are 4 sections of this course and each of this section contain different quizzes try to do these quizzes by yourself this course covers

    • Functions limits and continuity
    • Derivatives
    • Integration
    • Analytical geometry


          Watch my course from beginning because each topic is related to the next one if you miss any video you may get problem in understanding the next lecture I explain every video with textual representation and I also teach that when you get the answer how to further simplify the answer. The important thing that I want to mention is that I always update my course with regular interval of time and at the end of this course I will take a grand test which will cover all the topics to test your knowledge and I also provide the solution of that grand test so that you will be able to mention out your mistakes  so students be passionate in this course and see you in the course


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