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  • Udemy – Calculus: The Complete Vectors Master Class [100% off]

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    Welcome to this thorough course on vectors!

    You will learn how to work with vectors by solving 162 practice problems and you will acquire the knowledge you need for more advanced courses in Calculus, Physics and other fields.

    What makes this course really unique is the emphasis on providing an engaging experience by including:

    • Engaging visuals: If you are a visual learner (like me!) you will find this course very engaging. I’ve designed it to explain concepts with detailed and colorful slides, animations and diagrams.
    • Mathematical Expressions Completely written in LaTeX:No more trying to guess what the instructor tried to write with the cursor, this course is completely written in LaTeX, a special software that interprets mathematical expressions and produces nice-looking equations and expressions. Say goodbye to handwriting!
    • PDF handouts: On each section you will find PDF handouts with the diagrams presented for you to download and read while you’re on the go.
    • Hands-on practice: Each section has practice problems with theirs corresponding answers for you to check your knowledge.
    • Quizzes: Every section has quizzes to check your knowledge and to help you determine the areas you may need to practice a little bit more.
    •  Discussion Forums: You will have access 24/7 to the course discussion forums. You can ask any questions you may have and I will be very glad to help you.

    I would be honored to have you as a student in this course. Looking forward to seeing you in class!


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  • Udemy – GMAT® Math | Official Guide 2018 [100% off]

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    GMAT® Math | Official Guide 2018

    Hello from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, USA!

    This UNIQUE, definitive course will show you how to solve hundreds of real GMAT® Data Sufficiency questions in the fastest possible way.

    We encourage you to look at the free previews (Questions #151, 85, 40, etc.) and to compare our explanations with those appearing in the Official Guide;

    you will find our explanations Intuitive, Powerful — and most importantly — Implementable within the significant time constraints which the test introduces.

    Moreover, no other course in the world offers you the ability to practice the exact same concept / Takeaway on multiple different real questions. Most courses will merely offer a broad categorization of the various questions.

    The reason people travel hours upon hours to attend our courses is their desire to be trained to think like a pro.

    — now, you too can achieve that goal!


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  • Udemy – Perfect your Algebra Fundamentals ( Part 1 ) [100% off]

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    Perfect your Algebra Fundamentals         ( Part 1 )

    This course is an Introduction to the fundamental concept of Algebra and is designed for anyone with little or no previous knowledge of Algebra. The course begins with introduction to algebraic terminology to different operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) on algebraic expressions, covering Indices, brackets, linear equations in one variables, inequalities, all common Identities and different methods of factorization. This course consists of 40 lectures divided into 12 sections. A special lecture on ‘Revision on Integers’ is added to ensure operations of addition, subtractions, multiplication and division will become easy in Algebra.

    Course covers a variety of easy and challenging problems being worked upon. With every topic, basic facts, concepts, terms, principles and application of various concept is added. In most of the lectures theory is explained in written format with easy explanation, i have emphasized on both verbal and written explanations so that the students do not miss out on any important fact.

    Who is the target audience?
    • Course is designed to help students of IGCSE exams with Algebra topic and in fact questions from last year exam papers are added .
    • Current Algebra students of CBSE , ICSE board .
    • Middle school, High school or early college level students
    • Students preparing for college placement
    • Students who are having trouble keeping up
    • Course is designed keeping in mind students who will learn Algebra for the first time
    • Who ever want to learn Algebra


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  • Udemy – Basic Mathematics [100% off]

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    Basic Mathematics

    Welcome to a course that will enable you to master Numbers and Fundamental Math Operations. This course will teach you all the essential skills required to successfully complete Basic Mathematics. This course is for those students who are in Primary School, parents who want to help their kids to move forward and excel in their Basic Mathematics or anyone who is interested in learning the it.

    In this course, you will learn:

    ·       Number Places Values

    ·       Number Forms

    ·       Understanding Numbers

    ·       Rounding Numbers

    ·       Addition of Numbers

    ·       Subtraction of Numbers

    ·       Multiplication of Numbers

    ·       Division of Numbers

    ·       Fact Families

    ·       Checking Answers for +, -, ÷, x

    How is the course delivered?

    We know visually seeing a problem getting solved is the easiest and the most direct way for a student to learn so we designed the course keeping this in mind. The materials are delivered mostly through videos to make hard subject easy to comprehend. More details on certain lessons are delivered through text files to provide more explanation or examples. The course is taught in plain English, away from cloudy, complicated mathematical jargons and that is to help the student learn the material rather than getting stuck with fancy words.

    How can I learn better?

    There are quizzes after each section so you can test your knowledge and see how much of the material has sank in. I suggest you go through each lesson several times to better understand the content.



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  • Udemy – Calculus and Analytical Geometry [100% off]

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    Calculus and Analytical Geometry

    Complete Explanation of calculus with video and text there are 4 sections of this course and each of this section contain different quizzes try to do these quizzes by yourself this course covers

    • Functions limits and continuity
    • Derivatives
    • Integration
    • Analytical geometry


          Watch my course from beginning because each topic is related to the next one if you miss any video you may get problem in understanding the next lecture I explain every video with textual representation and I also teach that when you get the answer how to further simplify the answer. The important thing that I want to mention is that I always update my course with regular interval of time and at the end of this course I will take a grand test which will cover all the topics to test your knowledge and I also provide the solution of that grand test so that you will be able to mention out your mistakes  so students be passionate in this course and see you in the course


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  • Udemy – Discrete Math: Complete Mathematical Induction for Beginners [100% off]

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    Discrete Math: Complete Mathematical Induction for Beginners

    Discrete math is very much “the real world” mathematics. Discrete math is essential to college-level mathematics and beyond. It is increasingly being applied in the practical fields of mathematics and computer science and is a very good tool for improving reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.

    Mathematical Induction is an important part of Discrete Mathematics and is highly significant in today’s world. Nearly all areas of research in mathematics use induction. It is truly an indispensable tool for Mathematicians. Using induction, one can conclude the truthness of infinitely many Mathematical Statements.

    The mathematics of modern computer science is built almost entirely on discrete math, in particular Mathematical Induction, Combinatorics and Graph Theory. This means that in order to learn the fundamental algorithms used by computer programmers, students will need a solid background in these subjects. At most of the universities, a undergraduate-level course in discrete mathematics is a required part of pursuing a computer science degree.

    Mathematical Induction forms the foundation of all the Computer Program/Algorithm Correctness Proofs used in Computer Science. Correctness Proofs play a very important role in Computer Science in proving the functioning of the program/algorithm. Usually coders have to write a program code and then a correctness proof to prove the validity that the program will run fine for all cases.

    Hence, Mathematical Induction is a great technique from discrete math and is fun to learn.

    In this course you will learn everything in Mathematical Induction including:

    • The Principle of Discrete Mathematical Induction
    • Learn to use Mathematical Induction for Proving Mathematical Statements
    • Learn to use Mathematical Induction to do Computer Program/Algorithm Correctness proofs
    • Mathematical Induction & “The Towers of Hanoi”
    • Mathematical Induction for “Proving the Sum of an Arithmetic Progression”
    • Mathematical Induction for “Proving the Sum of squares of first n natural numbers”
    • Mathematical Induction in “Proving the Divisibility”
    • Mathematical Induction in “Proving the Inequality”
    • Mathematical Induction for “Proving the Sum of a Geometric Progression”
    • Mathematical Induction for a “Brain Teasing Real Word Problem”
    • Mathematical Induction for “Proving a result from Geometry”

    Everything is covered step-by-step in live to make one comfortable while learning and also understand the concept in the best way. We are sure this course will be very much rewarding in terms of your career and academic growth and is definitely the amount spent. Moreover, this will be a fun to learn course for anybody who is a Math lover.

    The course comes with 100% money back guarantee. This course aims to deliver a quality content and meet the learner’s expectations to its best. However, if you ever think that the course is not worth the amount spent, you can ask for a 100% refund within 30 days of the purchase this course.


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  • Udemy – SPSS For Research [100% off]

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    SPSS For Research

    Become an expert in statistical analysis with the most extended SPSS course at Udemy: 146 video lectures covering about 15 hours of video!

    Within a very short time you will master all the essential skills of an SPSS data analyst, from the simplest operations with data to the advanced multivariate techniques like logistic regression, multidimensional scaling or principal component analysis.

    The good news – you don’t need any previous experience with SPSS. If you know the very basic statistical concepts, that will do.

    And you don’t need to be a mathematician or a statistician to take this course (neither am I). This course was especially conceived for people who are not professional mathematicians – all the statistical procedures are presented in a simple, straightforward manner, avoiding the technical jargon and the mathematical formulas as much as possible. The formulas are used only when it is absolutely necessary, and they are thoroughly explained.

    Are you a student or a PhD candidate? An academic researcher looking to improve your statistical analysis skills? Are you dreaming to get a job in the statistical analysis field some day? Are you simply passionate about quantitative analysis? This course is for you, no doubt about it.

    Very important: this is not just an SPSS tutorial. It does not only show you which menu to select or which button to click in order to run some procedure. This is a hands-on statistical analysis course in the proper sense of the word.

    For each statistical procedure I provide the following pieces of information:

    • a short, but comprehensive description (so you understand what that technique can do for you)
    • how to perform the procedure in SPSS (live)
    • how to interpret the main output, so you can check your hypotheses and find the answers you need for your research)

    The course contains 56 guides, presenting 56 statistical procedures, from the simplest to the most advanced (many similar courses out there don’t go far beyond the basics).

    The first guides are absolutely free, so you can dive into the course right now, at no risk. And don’t forget that you have 30 full days to evaluate it. If you are not happy, you get your money back.


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  • Udemy – Basic Concepts of Calculus Step By Step – With Easy Examples [100% off]

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    Basic Concepts of Calculus Step By Step - With Easy Examples

    Course Description

    Welcome to the course on “Basics of Calculus

    As we know Mathematics is a group of related sciences,including Algebra,Geometry and Calculus,concerned with the study of number,quantity,shape,and space and there interrelationship by using a specialized notation.

    You will gain the knowledge that you need for academic and professional development and to learn that how mathematics is playing role in our educational life.

    Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with the finding and properties of derivatives and integrals of functions.

    The course is beneficial for school and college level students.At the end of this course students will be able to understand the concept of

    1. Function
    2. Types of function
    3. Examples on function
    4. Composition of functions
    5. Limit of a function
    6. continuity of a function


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  • Udemy – Faster Calculation Using Math Tricks And Vedic Sutras [100% off]

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    Faster Calculation Using Math Tricks And Vedic Sutras

    Course Description

    • Course about how calculate faster and save time in basic mathematical operations, how to remember the formulas without by heart, learn different vedic methods for faster calculation
    • Target audience: Middle School and High School students, Students who are preparing for Competitive exams, Parents and teachers who want to learn vedic methods
    • Course includes :  pre-fundamentals , Base and Complements , Different methods of addition and subtraction, Different Multiplication tricks, Special multiplications, Division Tricks, Short cuts for Square and square root , Cube and Cube root , How to remember formulas without by heart and many other short tricks for different topics
    • Take this Course to learn Vedic Sutras , to become expert in calculations, to learn how to remember the formulas without by heart


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  • Udemy – Regression Analysis: A Beginners guide in Statistics [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Welcome to the course Statistics Regression Analysis.

    Once we know the relationship between two variables, we will be interested in predicting the value of one variable given the value of the other. This prediction is made possible by Regression Analysis.

    Regression is a measure of the average relationship between two or more variables in terms of original units of the data.

    In this course, you will learn about the theory and practice of Regression Analysis, with video lectures explaining concepts like

    Types of Regression

    Linear Regression Equation

    Regression Lines

    Methods of Regression Analysis

    Graphic Method of Regression

    Algebraic Methods of Regression covering Regression Equation and Regression Coefficient.

    This course is structured in self paced learning style.

    Screen cast video lectures, hand writing notes on digital board are used in this lecture. This course is ideal for College students as it focuses on academic curriculum only.


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