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  • How to Monetize a Blog: Fast & Guaranteed Profit From WordPress

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  • Udemy – Business Blogging Masterclass [100% off]

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    This course by Nisandeh Neta, a multimillionaire marketing expert that has cooperated with world class experts such us Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren, is focused on giving you a way to boost your coaching business.
    Nisandeh has experienced success with his business blog and knows the impact that it can have on a business and customer relationships. A successful blog will help you to establish yourself as an expert in your field and build long-term relationships with your peers and your clientelle.

    This course, which was given to thousands of participants, has been edited in order to be suitable for online learning, and it will take you step by step through the process of creating a blog for your business by explaining:

    Why Blogging for Business
    10 Biggest Blogging Mistakes
    How to Create Relevant Content for your Blog
    How to Get Readers to your Blog
    How to Get your Readers to Comment
    How to Integrate your Blog into your Marketing
    Blogging Practicalities
    Blogging Implementation Plan

    Through Nisandeh’s knowledge and personal experience, you will be guided through the process of content creation, promotion, and fostering interaction on your blog, which will in turn help you to grow your business.

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  • Udemy – Adsense Course For Beginners [100% off]

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    Adsense Course For Beginners

    Course Description

    If you are interested in knowing more about how to monetize your site with Google Ad sense, then you will get more practical and  ideas in this course!

    Initially when I began I was left free handed knowing nothing about what is Google Ad sense website and how to earn through it. It everything started and I came to know about Google Ad sense only after buying it from others.

    So from the knowledge I gained by purchasing the website I created more websites which laid me a way to gain more profit. So what I did is I gathered all my experience and has created a full packed course for you so that you will be profited too.

    Frankly speaking I spent $2500 for my very first website to understand what was the process behind running a victorious Google Adsense website. After that I was spending my time only on improving my Google AdSense earnings and thinking about a way to make my website to be a successful one.

    I have reduced your load now, I have analysed carefully and created a useful package for you about Google Ad sense websites. You can make use of it and can build your own kingdom within few period of time.

    You will search for a successor to follow if you want to develop your knowledge in anything you wish to achieve. And if your Aim is to gain more profit through Google Adsense, then here I’m who has been a successor in Google adsense, I have achieved a yearly income of $100,00 through Google adsense.

    For easier and immediate result you should atleast have the basic knowledge of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization and online advertising.

    In case if you are having a Google Adsense website already or if you are planning to a buy a new website, then you will be given practical examples in this course which you can apply simultaneously and will be able to increase the performance of your website.


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  • Udemy – Build A Successful Blog In 2017 And Beyond [100% off]

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    Build A Successful Blog In 2017 And Beyond

    Course Description

    Brad Merrill has been building things on the web for well over a decade. In 2010, he started a blog about technology and innovation, and in just a couple of years it grew into a large publication with staff and revenue, serving more than half a million monthly readers. His work has been featured on Techmeme and cited by a number of notable blogs and publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

    In this course, Brad condenses ten years of trial and error into a simple blueprint designed to help you build a successful blog. You’ll learn all the essentials, including:

    • The mindset of a successful blogger
    • How to build a WordPress site
    • How to write amazing blog content that readers will love and share
    • How to promote your content to ensure people actually see it
    • How to build and leverage an email list to generate traffic and revenue on demand
    • How to turn your blog into a business that generates revenue

    Why would you want to build a blog? Well, there are many different motivations, but here are a few of the most common:

    • Build a business: A blog can be the center of a low-overhead, location-independent, lucrative business. There has never been a better time to do this—the Internet has made it cheaper and easier than ever before for anyone to start a business.
    • Grow an existing business: Content marketing is one of the best ways to drive your business forward, and a blog is a tried and true format. Many of the world’s biggest companies and brands are now using digital content to market their products and services, so you’ll be in great company if you do the same.
    • Showcase your expertise: If you want to position yourself as a thought leader or expert, blogging is an excellent way to do it. A blog can be a powerful asset if you’re trying to build a personal brand, get a job, sell services, or launch a career in public speaking.
    • Build Relationships: Blogging is a great way to become an active and influential member of your community, which can help you build relationships with people you want to reach.

    If you’re thinking of starting a blog this year, there’s never been a better time. This course will walk you through the entire process—setting up WordPress, writing stellar content, promoting that content, building an email list, and implementing a revenue model to turn your blog into a business. It’s all here.


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  • Udemy – Monetization Mastery: 6 Killer Tactics To Monetizing A Blog [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Do you know about the 6 ways top website owners use to bring in multiple $10,000 – $1,000,000 figures online?

    For many years I couldn’t exactly pin point the best way to generate an income to my blog, trying all different kinds of methods, which cost me a lot of money.

    A lot of money in the sense that if I just stuck to the key principles and worked on them, I could have earned a lot more.

    I left a lot of money on the table purely from being unsure on how to turn on the money valve to my site. My problem was that I was trying too many tactics, too many differentapproaches, and didn’t put my focus on where I should have.

    I suspect that you might have this problem too.

    Many people do.

    They have too many different tactics of generating an income from their website and this dilutes the potential of the key 6 ways on how to do it. Even with these 6 ways, only 1 or 2 will bring in 80% of the money, whilst the others will bring in the other 20%.

    Or your problem might be that you have a website, but don’t know how to generate the income? Stop spending hours of hours on research, as this courses gives you the exact steps on what to do.

    With my 8 years of experience in generating an income online, I have pinpoint exactly the only 6 ways you need to turn on the money valve.

    Anything else is a massive waste of time. Time that you can spend generating traffic and bringing in the audience and customers.

    Here’s what you’re going to get in this course:

    1. A Simple Tactic To 5 Figures Per Month Even With Less Than 1000 Visitors Per day
    2. How to properly set up advertisement on your blog even if you have no traffic right now (It’s important that it’s set up so once the traffic comes, you start earning right away)
    3. The number one strategy blog and website owners use that brings in 80% of their income (Anything else is chump change compared to this)
    4. How To Apply Content Delivery Systems Which Are A Simple Way Of Earning Additional Income With No Extra Work
    5. How to set up a membership portal on your blog so that you earn recurring income month after month and you only need to set this up once

    Plus a lot more.

    Can you imagine how much easier for you to follow a proven system rather then having to spend hours and hours researching it yourself and leaving a lot of money on the table? This is what this course does for you. It saves you time and money.

    So if you want to start turning your blog or website into a money producing machine, click on the enrol button now and I’ll see you on the other side.


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  • Udemy – Copywriting – Blogging For Business [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Do You Want To Learn How To Write Blogs Or Articles That Drive Specific Marketing Objectives?

    But don’t know where to start?

    If you understand the AIDA principles of copywriting…

    …And if you know how to balance traditional copywriting skills with solid SEO techniques…

    …Then getting people to engage with your writing will be much much easier.

    Copywriting In The Digital Age:

    A lot of copywriting courses focus on sales copy.

    Or they focus on SEO (search engine optimisation).

    In this course we balance the two needs together, so that you can write great sales copy and also perform well when it comes to getting found in search.

    AIDA Copywriting:

    We will show you how to apply the time honored process of using the AIDA copywriting techniques and apply them to blog writing and article writing.

    Once you understand the ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE and ACTION phases of writing good content, the improvement to your writing will be dramatic.

    Targeting A Niche Audience:

    One of the biggest mistakes that people make when writing marketing material, is that they do not target a niche audience.

    In this course we will guide you through that process and explain how you write to “BOB”, your target client.

    Balancing Copy With Keyword Research:

    An important aspect of modern copywriting is balancing traditional copywriting skills with SEO needs.

    In this course we will take you through that process and show you some simple techniques for researching keywords and keyword phrases you can use in your blogs or articles.

    Topics Covered In The Course:

    • Content marketing principles
    • Blogs vs articles
    • Identifying a niche audience
    • Finding your style
    • Preparation tips
    • Page setup and flow
    • Links and actions
    • Additional content
    • AIDA copywriting techniques
    • Keyword research tools
    • And much much more…

    Who Is This Course For?

    This course is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who have had no formal copywriting training.

    It is also a good introduction to copywriting for the social media marketing professional who wants to learn how to structure a blog or article and drive specific actions.

    Who Is This Course Not For?

    This course is not for those who are looking for a short cut on SEO techniques, it is not a course on how to game the Google search system, it is an ethical course that teaches sound psychological principles.

    So Join Me On The Other Side:

    Where we can help you learn how to write better copy for your blogs and articles and improve your marketing skills!


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  • Udemy – How Ordinary People Make Money With a Blog. And How You Can! [100% off] Worth $199!

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    Course Description


    LATEST: Course Updated For April 2015

    Start making money with a blog, with no outlay and no experience whatsoever, immediately – just like my current 2,000+ students! Nothing to pay out at all.

    I have received so many messages from people asking me how to develop a blog and make money blogging, that I’ve decided to write this course based on my own experience.

    I remember how I started my blog as a hobby, just for fun. Over the last years I made a lot of mistakes and learned many lessons. And in the last few months, my blog has been visited by approximately 100,000 to 120,000 people per month.

    This course teaches you 21 lessons I’ve learned while creating the most visited personal development blog in country, Romania. You won’t find here any technical stuff, just techniques and strategies on bloggingand how to motivate yourself (90% of the blogs who didn’t succeed die because the bloggers cannot find the motivation to continue).

    The topic is huge and I want deal with it thoroughly. I’ve decided to offer you the whole picture from “I’d like to do something online because there’s so much potential out there, but I have no idea what to start with”


    “I can start with this, that, and then that too, and everything makes sense!” What do you think? Will it be of any assistance to you?

    I think there’s no need for a perfect plan to develop a blog. But you do need to have a plan that works, that you can count on. Something, that you know will work.

    You have a complete unconditional guarantee. Study this course, test it.If you – for any reason or for no reason at all – are unhappy (I can’t imagine, why, but it doesnt matter!) you will get an immediate 100%, no conditions, no questions refund from Udemy.

    And we will still be friends.

    It’s my personal guarantee of your success. Take the course for 30 full days, risk free – you can test the watters, see the results and potential!

    That’s my personal assurance of your success!

    Everyone loves blogging. Blogs are the future of online success.

    Now you can be a part of that success – don’t get left behind!


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  • Udemy – Work From Home – Make Money Online – Home Based Business [100% off]

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    Online Residual Income Business Models – Your Path To Financial Freedom

    Do you want to create a stream of residual income online?
    Are you a bit confused where you need to start?
    Do you want to understand the options open to you?
    This course will help you understand the world of online residual income business models and the myriad of options available for online digital residual income.
    Who Is This Course For?
    This course is designed for beginners who want to understand how online residual income business models work and what opportunities are available to them.
    It teaches the principle of exchanging time for money, so anyone who can find time, has the potential to earn money.
    It is also for those who need a simple clearly explained map to create their own online residual income business adventure.
    What Will You Gain From The Course?
    You will gain an understanding of how residual income works, how the laws of critical mass and diligence, when applied, can create exponential increased in income levels.
    You will learn how compound interest in residual income models can take you to a 7 figure income in just 5 years.
    You will learn how to identify which type of model suits you and the best place for you to start from.
    You will learn standard strategies for creating online residual income businesses.
    What Is Covered In The Course:
    Some of the subjects that are covered in the course:
    • Residual Income Explained
    • The Importance Of Critical Mass
    • Traditional Residual Income Models
    • Digital Residual Income Models
    • The Digital Education Age
    • The Residual Income Growth Plan / The $6 Million Five Year Plan
    • The Platform Builder
    • The Content Builder / The Entertainer / The Educator / The Resource Creator
    • The Super Builder
    • Strategy Guide – The Platform Builder
    • Strategy Guide – The Content Builder
    • Choosing Your Path
    The Basic Premise Of This Course
    This course was designed so that someone who is new to the subject of online residual income business models could understand and implement their own online residual income plan.
    It is a strategic overview of the subject and is not designed to be a button pressing course, but an introductory guide to the subject.
    Questions This Course Answers:
    • How do I a make money online?
    • How do I make residual income?
    • What is the best way to make residual income online?
    • Where do I start a residual income business?
    • How do I make money from a blog?

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  • Udemy – Make An Extra $1k to $10k A Month With Your Own Blog [100% off] Worth $199!

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    Course Description

    Here’s What Some Of The Students Have Said About This Course:

    I took this course because I needed a basic explanation on how to get people to read my blog on a regular basis as well as hopefully make money from doing what I love – blogging and traveling! This course is perfect for beginners. It thoroughly explains everything you need to know for growing a following and how to set up your blog to make money! Step by step with no gaps so you don’t get lost. I quickly got followers (exponentially more) and was able to set up and get subscribers. Do yourself a favor and take it. Seriously.

    – Elizabeth

    I learned how to setup my website, SEO, the mindset of content creation, and how to implement a monetization strategy (because he gives his strategy away to us)…gotta love it!

    – Mogue Courses

    So what’s stopping you? What’s holding you back from your success?

    – From creating your blog

    – Making $1k+ per month, every month

    – Learning all of my secrets to doing so


    … and that’s just the half of what you’ll get out of this course.

    In this course, you will learn everything needed to set up a successful blog online in any area of choice as well as learn how to market your blog. This includes the domain/hosting set up, design of the site, and even an entire section devoted to growing your following by social media marketing and email subscribers. The tips and techniques used in this course are from my background in Web Design, Marketing, And Social Media Management, as well as insight from the best names in the business (KISSmetrics, Buffer, Alexa).

    Instead of creating multiple courses covering all of these topics, I decided to make a super-course that will cover everything you need to create a successful, and profitable blog.

    Course Outcomes:

    • How to set up your own hosting/domain
    • Knowing how to plan out a campaign
    • Complete guide of setting up your website
    • Best practices for monetization (MAKE MONEY!)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Build Email Subscribers
    • Know why ad space is bad
    • How to obtain funds via direct deposit or Paypal

    What You’ll Benefit From This Course:

    • Increase Your Subscribers By 300%!
    • Start Making Money Doing What You Love
    • Learn Marketing, Web Design, Monetization
    • $1k to $10k per month, EVERY MONTH

    I even include the best plugins to use for your blog as of August 2015 ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    Still not convinced? Google Search: Highest Paid Bloggers.

    Their success is not only reputable, it’s also REPEATABLE. Their monthly earnings range from 2,000 – 80,000 USD per month.

    If you think you have what it takes to become a blogger, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!



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  • Udemy – The Ultimate Guide to Blogging [100% off] Worth $99!

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    Course Description

    Blogging can be tremendously valuable to both individuals and businesses. The benefits of blogging include business marketing, personal and professional development, business networking, making money online, and more.

    There has never been a better time to start a blog! Communication has been democratized. Now everyone can be their own media company. Digital marketing is a new frontier and blogging is at the forefront.

    How to Start a Blog covers everything you need to know about starting a blog, growing and promoting your blog, making money blogging, and more. Specific topics covered in this course include:

    • How to Market Your Business by Blogging
    • How to Promote Your Blog
    • How to Increase Blog Traffic
    • What to Blog About
    • Blog Topics and Blog Post Ideas
    • How to Make Money Blogging
    • How to Start a Blog
    • Hot to Make a Blog
    • How to Force Yourself to Start Blogging
    • …and more!

    What is a Blog? A blog is website containing written “posts” or articles. Blogs are like miniature media companies. They can be on any on topic the author desires.

    Blogging is often used as a form of content marketing. Blog topics can range from personal to professional and everything in between. How to Start a Blog covers content marketing strategy, blog ideas, and more.

    Can you make money blogging? Yes. Ways to make money blogging include affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, premium content, additional products and services, and more. This course covers how to make money with a blog.

    Blogging has been tremendously beneficial to me professionally, personally, and financially, so I’m very excited to be sharing what I’ve learned with you. The curriculum of this course has been developed in response to questions people have asked me about blogging, addressing the challenges that I, and many others, have faced in starting and growing a blog. I recommend blogging to almost everyone I meet. With this course, I can now do more than just recommend, I can provide all of my best advice.


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