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  • Udemy – Apple macOS Support Essentials Supporting & Troubleshooting [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Becoming an Apple Certified Support Professional

    The Apple course and training program keeps you at the forefront of Apple technology. Certification creates a benchmark to enhance your proficiency in specific Apple technologies & gives you a competitive edge in today’s evolving job market.

    We recommend the following:

    • Complete the High Sierra 101: macOS Support Essentials 10.13 course.
    • Study the Apple Pro Training Series book macOS Support Essentials 10.13 by Arek Dreyer & Adam Karneboge.
    • Gain experience with macOS.
    • Read this guide & practice completing the sample tasks & answering the review questions.
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  • Udemy – Apple Macintosh Technician Practice Tests For 2018 [100% OFF]

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    Welcome To The Apple Certified Macintosh Technician Practice Tests, The Final Exam preparation From Inspiring Generations Academy: Gain Apple Certified Macintosh Technician Certification Easily!

    Exam details;

    Exam Title: Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
    Exam Code: SVC-17A
    Number of Questions: 40 Questions
    Duration: 2 Hours
    Availability: Pearson VUE Testing Center
    Test Format: Multiple choice
    Passing Score: A passing score is 700 out of 1000 points
    Average Salary: $89,930
    Language Exam: English


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  • Udemy – The Mac Terminal Course [100% off]

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    The Mac Terminal Course

    *** Course access includes Homework exercises solved in detailed Video Lessons and 1-on-1 instructor support ***

    You can finally master Your Terminal.

    Whether you’re starting from square one or trying to get much better with the Terminal, this is the right place to be.

    This course will give you a deep understanding of how your Terminal works. While most Terminal courses focus on a list of commands I will let you understand how it works with real world examples designed to make you independent.

    By the end of the course you’ll be writing terminal commands with ease allowing you to:

    • Get any information about any files or folders in your mac
    • Use the manual with ease
    • Move within different directories from anywhere to anywhere
    • Open any kind of file with the proper application
    • Create any kind of files, copy, delete or rename files or folders
    • Redirect the output of any command into different files
    • Combine commands together
    • Find anything in your system and search any file with different options
    • Customize your shell
    • Create your own commands
    • Understand the permission system
    • Change the ownership of files or folders, and change the group ownership
    • How to operate as Root user to get any permission
    • and much more…


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  • Udemy – Mac OS X El Capitan (French) [100% off]

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    Mac OS X El Capitan

    Course Description

    OS X El Capitan est la nouvelle version du système d’exploitation d’Apple sorti en 2015. Cette formation OS X El Capitan vous permettra d’acquérir les connaissances théoriques et pratiques nécessaires pour gérer un environnement de type OS X 10.11 (et version antérieur) dans un système d’information. Durant la formation OS X El Capitan, Bastien BLEYZAT, vous apprendra comment installer Mac OS X El Capitan, le mettre à jour, le configurer, gérer les comptes utilisateurs, gérer le système de fichiers, le sauvegarder, le restaurer et le sécuriser. A la fin de cette formation OS X El Capitan, vous serez très confortable avec OS X El Capitan et ainsi vous pouvez être plus productif et serein.


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  • Udemy – Crash course: How to use your Mac Computer effectively! [100% off]

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    Crash course: How to use your mac effectively

    Course Description

    Welcome to the crash course on Mac Operating System (commonly referred to as Mac OS X)!

    Mac computers are wonderful, stable, carefully designed and well built – no doubt about that. And it’s safe to assume that almost always, there is an easy and cool way to do things in Mac OS X. But many people think that with Mac computers, one needs to purchase many extra software packages, which come built in with Windows computers. If you have the same views, I have a great news for you! Your Mac computer is full of tools and functionalities which you probably have never had a chance to explore,so you’re missing out on a lot of cool stuff. And that is why I created this course to make your life easier and better 🙂

    This course is also for those who switched from Windows to Mac OS X, and are learning the new operating system. I know how confusing and frustrating it can be, but don’t worry as I got you covered!

    In this hands on course, I have carefully put together many tricks and best practices in the form of short video tutorials. It took me years (well, literally!) to learn them, but with this course, you can learn them super fast with minimal effort. These wonderful tips and hacks will save your time and energy, and will have a big impact on your productivity. Thanks to Udemy, this course will take you from a beginner to an advanced level user in no time! After taking this course, you would be able to navigate the Mac OS X with swipes and keyboard shortcuts like a breeze, and would be able to minimise computer slowdowns like a boss.

    This course will be regularly updated and I will be adding more tips as I explore them, or whenever a new version of Mac OS X is released!


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  • Udemy – Effortlessly Switch from PC to Mac- Tips To Start Strong [100% off]

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    Course Description

    When you’ve been using a PC for years, just the though to learning something new can be daunting. You need a coach to help you get started, steer you away from the pitfalls, and answer your questions. I will save you hours of stress and frustration as you Switch from PC to Mac.

    I’ve helped hundreds of people and answered thousands of questions about the Mac. I am a regular speaker and trainer at Hawaii Mac and Apple User Society (HMAUS) and the Kroc Center Hawaii. (And I speak English, not Geek Speak.) Allow my experience and expertise to guide you in your transition.

    This course will help you:

    • Clear up what an Apple ID is beneficial to you
    • Notice the major differences between the PC and Mac and more importantly help you know what to do to accomplish your tasks
    • Answer the question “How do I do launch and close Apps on the Mac?”
    • Help you become familiar with the look and feel of your Mac
    • Get you situated so you can find things and file them in the right places
    • Make the most out of the powerful Searching Tool on the Mac
    • Make you a Speedy Mac User with Gestures

    If you’re ready to get started, enroll in the course and we’ll get going because the introductory price of $25 will be going up in a couple of months.



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