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  • Learn Swift Programming: Easy to Learn Visual Programming Method [100% OFF]

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    Have you ever wanted to create mobile apps, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are a total beginner when it comes to coding? Don’t worry. This course is perfect for you to learn Swift language and application development for iOS in under 3 hours.

    Swift for Beginners

    First, this Swift tutorial will go from zero, even guiding you through getting an Apple developer license and installing the software you need to program for iOS. After that, you will learn Swift language basics and how to create apps for iPads and iPhones with interactive interfaces, adding buttons and labels. Finally, you will work on building a fully working calculator app for iOS, using only simple coding, along with the visual tools provided by Swift.

    It is a course specially designed for a beginner! It is a super simple, step-by-step course, where all of the source code is provided so you can focus on your app interface without having to build entirely from scratch. No prior programming knowledge is needed to finish this Swift tutorial successfully. This course will help you learn Swift language fundamentals from the very beginning in short and engaging video lessons. Information in this course is explained in a straightforward manner and well organized. Therefore, it will be easily digestible and fun!

    Hands-On Experience

    Learning Swift or any other programming language might seem like a challenging task. And it can be if you can’t find the right recourses to guide you through your journey. This course is perfect for people who would rather learn Swift programming by doing than learn by reading or watching. Most people agree that studying by performing practical tasks is far more effective.

    Furthermore, if you’re learning Swift by building an actual project, you can instantly see the results of your works, and that’s far more rewarding than merely performing repetitive tasks that have no practical use. If hands-on teaching approach sounds like something you would like, then you’ll love this course. You will not only learn Swift language but also have a fully functional app that you can add to your portfolio.

    Learn Swift Basics from a Professional

    Through this course, you will be able to learn Swift programming and app development from a true in-field professional. Yohann Taieb has been working on Apple Watch and iOS applications development for many years. He has created over 100 mobile games and applications for both Apple and Android. He knows many nifty tricks that can make your life as a developer easier and now he’s sharing them with you.

    Even though this course keeps programming at minimal levels, it’s still an excellent place to get started out with Swift programming. It will let you master the most crucial fundamentals and not bother you with unnecessary additional information. The good news about learning Swift is that it’s not that difficult. Swift was designed to be easy to learn and use similarly to Python.

    Boost Your Career Chances

    Swift programmers are in high demand right now. So, if you learn Swift language, you can boost your chances of becoming a coding expert and developer. You can also make a nice living as a Swift programmer. In the US an average iOS developer’s salary is around 115 thousand US dollars. Since Apple’s future seems pretty bright hence so does Swift’s. Therefore, now is a brilliant time to start learning Swift programming and get a headstart in this industry.

    Take your chance to learn Swift fundamentals by creating a functional calculator app for iOS. Enroll now!


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  • tvOS Tutorial: How to Create Amazing Apple TV Apps and Apple TV Games [100% OFF]

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    TVOS Tutorial Course

    Have you been fascinated by the Apple TV? Would you love to build your own games and apps for the Apple TV? Then, this course has got you covered! The tutorial is a practical guide for building Apple TV apps and Apple TV games using the Swift programming language. After you have built your apps/games, the course will show you how to deploy them on the App store. So, get into the world of big screens and deliver the most amazing features your mind can create with this TVOS tutorial!

    Who Can Take This Course?

    TVOS Tutorial for budding and experienced iOS developers This course is not designed for beginners or total newbies in the world of programming and app development. You need to have basic knowledge and experience in swift and Objective-C programming to flow with the course content.

    It’s also important to have learnt the basics of iOS development before starting this course. This course is designed for the intermediate or advanced iOS developer. It’s a great course for existing programmers and veterans hoping to learn how to develop an Apple TV app for the big screen.

    Getting Started

    Why Learn This Course? The TVOS Tutorial is one of the few tutorials on the internet that really simplifies the process of developing applications and games. The course content was developed to be as easy to follow as possible, and fluidly transitions from easy to more complex concepts. This course will teach you everything in order to learn Swift. You can watch the videos several times till you can commit the coding format and principle to memory. Upon completion of the course, you will learn swift and have a portfolio of apps to showcase and also publish on the App store.

    Are you ready for the next leap of your career? This TVOS tutorial is your formal invitation to the world of Apple TV games and Apple TV apps!

    Course Content

    The course content for this tutorial will give a sweet refresher about swift programming, and then guide you on how to build native Apple apps, TVML and client-server apps, XCode and Deployment, and SpriteKit development.

    Extra Features

    Using the Chatroom The Chatroom community for this tutorial is a vibrant community of 5,000+ developers. When you use this feature, you can rest assured that there will always be someone with an answer to your questions. You can also find additional resources like reading materials, and job postings etc. there.

    The Tutor is available through the Live Help section to answer your questions and challenges during and after the course. A Technical assistant can help you to resolve any technical difficulties you may encounter during installation and launch of your app.


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  • Learn App Store Optimization: Mobile App Marketing & Monetization [100% OFF]

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    Learn App Store Optimization: Mobile App Marketing & Monetization

    Course Description

    So, you’re planning to build the coolest mobile application ever and what it to succeed in the Android and Apple app stores? It would be pretty nifty if your app was downloaded over a million times, right? In order to succeed in these missions, you need to learn the fundamental principles of app store optimization (ASO). Thankfully, this mobile app marketing tutorial is here to help.

    No Prior Knowledge Required

    If you’re a complete newbie, all those app marketing concepts might sound intimidating. Don’t you worry! This app store optimization guide is suitable for beginners. Everything will be explained slowly and steadily. For each topic, you’ll be able to find a separate short video. That way you will always stay confident and be able to learn everything you need in one afternoon.

    You’ll start with the basics. After all, the best place to start is always at the beginning and having strong fundamentals is what lets you build a strong foundation for success. You’ll learn how to release your app properly and what are the key principles of app marketing. You’ll develop a strong understanding of different app platforms and stores. Then you’ll move on to app store optimization. You’ll discover how to pick the best keywords to draw the most attention and as a result max out your conversion rates. This guide will even give you useful tips on how to keep people interested in your app long term. This course is all you need to master app marketing without any prior knowledge!

    Get Ahead of Your Competition

    This app store optimization guide will teach you many application monetization techniques and strategies. They will help you maximize your app revenue with subscriptions, in-app purchases, and useful ads. You will learn how to develop your own app store optimization and mobile app marketing strategies as well as how to promote an application using social media marketing and social sharing. You’ll discover app store optimization methods that professional marketing specialists use and will be able to take advantage of them. Bonus points: you won’t need to hire a specialist anymore so you’ll save a hefty sum of money!

    You will understand how important it is to plan your monetization model and marketing strategy even before you build your app. There are a lot of different paths for you to take, that is why finding the most successful path for you is essential. Take this course before you start building apps and get ahead of the competition.

    Become a Marketing Pro

    This is a three-part course. The first part of this tutorial goes over the theoretical principles of app store optimization and marketing. It will help you build a solid understanding of what app marketing and monetization are and how they work. The second part focuses on practical strategies that will help you monetize your app. All of the techniques are explained step-by-step using real-life examples. So, after you finish the course, you can start using them instantly.

    The last part focuses on promotion. You’ll learn many effective strategies on how to promote your app. You’ll discover how to use Facebook, YouTube, podcasts as well as publicity to your advantage and more. By the end of the course, you will be able to create a successful mobile app business with 1,000,000+ downloads from the Android and Apple application stores.

    Become mobile application marketing specialist in one evening! Discover how to make your app go viral and begin your journey to success. Enroll and start learning NOW.


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  • Udemy – How to Put Ads Into Your Apps – AdMob – Xcode, Swift, iOS [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - How to Make Money with Apps - AdMob - Xcode, Swift, iOS


    “I want to make money with apps.” – the main reason why people enter the world of app development.

    The proof

    In the past 6 years I have built a five figure brand / app empire: Rebeloper. I’ve been selling source codes on all the app marketplaces. I’ve been building simple apps for clients for $199 and huge games for $25.000. My team and I have been building a consistent, strong brand for Rebeloper. (You can read about our values on our site) Most importantly, we have tested a plethora of monetisation systems. We’ve tried everything that we could think of. From ads to content marketing, from In-app purchases to posting on Instagram; you name it we most probably have tried and tested it. This is how we managed to survive and now it’s time to give back to the community.

    It’s time to show it all to you.

    It’s time for you to not make all the mistakes we made.

    It’s time for you to learn from our 100.000+ hours combined experience.

    Want to start making money with apps today? Read on…

    Why should you enroll into this course?

    The thing that no-one is talking about is how to make money with apps. There are a ton of tutorials and courses on coding and design, but there is a huge shortage on courses about how to actually make money with your apps. I have decided to come out and create a series of courses that explores, discusses and teaches you how to actually make money with apps. I call them the “How to make money with apps” series.

    Who am I?

    I have been a professional iOS developer for more than 6 years now. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of the industry. Now it’s time to share my knowledge with you and other likeminded appreneurs just like you.

    My 2 Rules

    I have settled on 2 rules that these series must meet. All of the courses in the “How to make money with apps” series must fulfil both of these 2 rules:

    1. You need to make money the next day you finish the course
    2. You need to be able to implement the course in one day or less

    Let’s take a closer look to these rules one by one.

    1. You need to make money the next day you finish the course

    I’ll start off with the cheesiest quote ever: “Time is money”. But you know it’s true. And I don’t want to waste your time. With my experience in the field I have distilled these courses to be actionable right away. It’s simple: You watch the course today; implement the knowledge you gained the very same day and instantly earn money the next day. No BS here. It doesn’t matter if you earned 1 cent or $10.000 the next day. What matters is that the money started rolling in.

    2. You need to be able to implement the course in one day or less

    No 30 day trials here. No half a years of development. No upfront costs. You need to make your move in one day or less. This is important because of automation too. The more times you can replicate the strategy the more money pours into your bank account.

    My goal for 2017 is to help 1000 small business owners (or entrepreneurs) to make their first $1000 till the end of the year.

    About this course

    This course is part of a series on how to make money with apps. It teaches you one way to earn money through advertising. The ad network of our choice is AdMob. You will learn how to integrate AdMob into your projects so your app may show ads the very next day.

    Most people are stuck when trying to figure out how to make some money with their apps. One of the easiest ways to do it is through ads in their apps. I will cover all the steps needed from signing up for an AdMob account to showing all the ad types supported by AdMob.

    Now it’s your turn

    You can choose to:

    1. Enrol into this course
    2. Take a look at my author page to see my other free courses from the “How to make money with apps” series


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  • Udemy – iOS 11, Swift 4 become professional iOS developer [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - iOS 11, Swift 4 become professional iOS developer

    Bonus section with Machine learning is added.

    In this course we are going to build a platform for Real Estate. The platform can be easily modified for any product categories. Cars, clothes, toys, you name it.

    We will build the application from the scratch and upload it to Appstore when we are done.

    The business plan of the platform will be as follows:

    There will be 2 types of users: Agents and Buyers.

    Agents will have to buy subscription to the app to be able to post properties. This group will be the one that will spend money and bring profit for the app. We will use in-app purchase for this, you can decide on subscription plan, like one off, or monthly etc.

    Agents will be able to post unlimited number of properties for sale on the platform.

    Buyers (free subscription) will be able to post 1 property only in for sale section, and search the listings, contact the agent to view or purchase the property.

    Guests that didn’t register will be able to use the app to search their desired properties, but they won’t be able to contact the Agents to arrange viewing or buying the property. Also, they cannot post any properties in for sale section.

    This is done to get more users to register for the app. Also, Buyer can update to Agent at any time after registration.


    We will use phone number verification for the app users to login/register. I will also show you how to make email address verification in case if you want to use it as well.

    I will teach you all you need for the development. if you have any previous experience in iOS development, it will help you. Doesnt matter if you are beginner or advanced iOS developer, you will learn a lot from this course.

    We will look into different backend and choose the best option for the different tasks.

    Join me to develop this great app together!

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  • Udemy – Swift 5 Language, A Complete Overview [100 % OFF]

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    udemy course - swift 5 language, complete overview

    This course will provide a foundation to basic and advanced swift concepts, not only to swift but also to many other languages; as many of the topics covered will transcend to multiple languages. Are you new to programming? well this is a great place to start for those who need programming to be demystified; And at the same time who are interested in developing apps for the apple store. This course will give you your first steps towards meeting those goals. Please leave your kind comments below.

    Best Practices (Please Read):

    The best way to use this course:

    1.) Watch the lecture. Seems self explanatory so let me elaborate; I would prefer students to put your pencils down(not write any code) and watch closely to the lecture and its content. This will allow you to download all important information to your brain before trying it yourself. Also, watch the class in order from beginning to end; students sometimes like to jump ahead, this I cannot recommend doing. The way this class is structured is intended to be done from start to finish line.

    2.) After each lecture, please note that the code covered in class is readily available for download. It is my expectation of the student to download this code and load it into their environments to play around and be creative. This is the exercise I expect students to do before moving onto the next lecture. This is an important time for students to go and break things; that’s right break the code I give you. In learning to code especially, you learn from fixing what is broken! So I encourage the student to be creative with how they want to treat the downloadable resources; There are no wrong ways to approach this method of learning on your own.

    3.) As the facilitator of your learning, if you get stuck on something or would like to share with the class your experience, please add your thoughts and comments to the Q and A section of this course. An open dialogue with myself or other students will reinforce the ideas covered in the lectures.

    Please enjoy the course!


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  • Udemy – Rebeloper Messages – the Ultimate iMessage App Template [100% off]

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    Course Description

    The ONLY course with an iMessages App Template with In App Purchases!

    The iMessage App Store Gold Rush has just begun! Be among the firsts who make a huge profit!

    Rebeloper Messages brings Free to Play to the iMessage App Store.

    Now you can let users download your app for free, let them try out some of your stickers and than pay for extra Stickers with In-app Purchases.


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  • Udemy – iOS12 Bootcamp from Beginner to Professional iOS Developer [100% OFF]

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    The course is being updated with new content every few days!

    In iOS 12 Bootcampwe are going to teach you how to become an iOS developer in few weeks. This course is designed for absolute beginners as well as intermediate developers. If you want to learn how to Develop iOS Apps, you have come to the right place.

    Our complete iOS12 BootCampteaches you how to code using Swift 4.2 and build iOS 12 apps. Even if you have ZERO programming experience, this course is for you!

    We are going to start from ZERO level and gradually learn the basics of the Swift programming language and building apps in xCode. First we are going to learn the theory and then use the things we learn in a project so you can practice the new material in a simple applications that we will do together.

    As you learn more and more the course will gradually become more advanced where we are going to build more advanced apps.

    By the end of this course, you will be fluentlyprogramming in Swift 4.2 and be ready to write iOS applications by you own and start a freelancing job as an iOS 12 developer.

    We are going to have many challengesin the course and I am going to provide you with a lot of reading material as well.

    But remember the if you want to become developer, you have to actually type the code yourself. This is the best way of learning to code. You may read 100 books on iOS Development, but if you never type the code, you will not learn how to code.

    From beginner to iOS 12 app developer with just one course!

    This course will cover all the parts of iOS and Swift development you will need.

    Also, in this course i will spend quite a lot of time on errors and debugging the problems. This is one of the most important areas of the software development. If you cannot debug and find the problems in your code, you will never become a developer. So this is very important aspect of the course. We will cover some of the basic most common errors in the beginning of the course and then dive dipper when we learn more and more about Swift.

    So by the end of the course, you’ll completely understand:

    • Concepts of Object Oriented Programmingand Model View Controller: The type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, classes and protocols.
    • Data Structures, how to work with collections, arrays and dictionaries.
    • Software Design, how to organise and format code for readability
    • Networking, how to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the cloud, and use the JSON format for server communication.
    • Machine Learning, how to make artificially intelligent apps using iOS 12’s new CoreML framework.
    • Core Data, Realm, UserDefaults and otherways of persistent data storage.

    Don’t waste your time on low quality courses

    Your time is precious. We offer the best video courses with carefully crafted content, we are learning by coding!

    Don’t just take our word for it, check out our other courses and what other students have to say about our courses!

    “This course is so far the best course I took in UDEMY. I really learned something. Totally worth the time. Won’t regret it. The instructor was responsive too and the course is new and knowledgeable.”  J Nima

    “A excellent Tutorial by david. Very good explanation” Tapan Kumar Raut

    “There is nothing on Udemy like David’s courses! I cannot recommend his courses enough. Best teacher out there, very responsive as well. ” Kris

    “I really do love the approach, the structure of the course gives you the ability to move forward smoothly, and efficiently gain as much knowledge as possible, the instructor really goes in-depth, it’s incredibly comprehensive, not to forget that this is a real world project, and the advanced concepts gained here make me all confident that i’ll be able to build my own apps in a very effective way. the course is well taught, and it really deserves the 5 stars, the instructor as well, he explains things in a very clear, clean way. Definitely enjoying the Course. and definitely Thumbs Up.” Yen Loo

    “This is one of the most complete and comprehensive iOS projects on Udemy! Everything works! No broken code! You learn Firebase, Onesignal and Backendless in one project. The instructor is always accessible, he goes for quality not quantity. I still have a way to go, but so far it has kept me completely engaged and focused! I wish there were more courses like this! I will definitely purchase another from David.” antr8tr

    We are so confident that you’ll love this course that we’re offering a FULL money back guarantee for 30 days, No Questions Asked! So it’s a complete no-brainer, sign up today with ZERO risk and EVERYTHING to gain.

    So what are you waiting for? Click the Buy Nowbutton and join the bestiOS 12 BootCampapp development course.


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  • Udemy – iOS 11 Swift 4 build a To Do List App, UIKit, CoreData,+more [100% OFF]

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    What Will I Learn?
    • you will learn the CoreData framework in Swift 4 and Xcode 9
    • you will learn the updated UIKit Framework in Swift 4 and Xcode 9

    • You will learn how to build apps without using storyboards! (Which is a very good skill)

    • You will learn how to build an app from start to finish
    • You will learn how to make an app using UILayoutConstraints programmatically, so think of it as storyboards but with only code!
    • Make iOS Apps.
    • Be able to code in Swift 4
    • Make mobile apps
    • deal with objects
    • more object oriented programming knowledge
    • custom UIKit controls
    • custom UIViews


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  • Udemy – Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass [100% off]

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    Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass

    If you want to learn how to start building professional, career-boosting mobile apps and use Machine Learning to take things to the next level, then this course is for you. The Complete iOS Machine Learning Masterclass™ is the only course that you need for machine learning on iOS. Machine Learning is a fast-growing field that is revolutionizing many industries with tech giants like Google and IBM taking the lead. In this course, you’ll use the most cutting-edge iOS Machine Learning technology stacks to add a layer of intelligence and polish to your mobile apps. We’re approaching a new era where only apps and games that are considered “smart” will survive. (Remember how Blockbuster went bankrupt when Netflix became a giant?) Jump the curve and adopt this innovative approach; the Complete iOS Machine Learning Masterclass™ will introduce Machine Learning in a way that’s both fun and engaging.

    In this course, you will:

    • Master the 3 fundamental branches of applied Machine Learning: Image & Video Processing, Text Analysis, and Speech & Language Recognition
    • Develop an intuitive sense for using Machine Learning in your iOS apps
    • Create 7 projects from scratch in practical code-along tutorials
    • Find pre-trained ML models and make them ready to use in your iOS apps
    • Create your own custom models
    • Add Image Recognition capability to your apps
    • Integrate Live Video Camera Stream Object Recognition to your apps
    • Add Siri Voice speaking feature to your apps
    • Dive deep into key frameworks such as coreML, Vision, CoreGraphics, and GamePlayKit.
    • Use Python, Keras, Caffee, Tensorflow, sci-kit learn, libsvm, Anaconda, and Spyder–even if you have zero experience
    • Get FREE unlimited hosting for one year
    • And more!

    This course is also full of practical use cases and real-world challenges that allow you to practice what you’re learning. Are you tired of courses based on boring, over-used examples?  Yes? Well then, you’re in a treat. We’ll tackle 5 real-world projects in this course so you can master topics such as image recognition, object recognition, and modifying existing trained ML models. You’ll also create an app that classifies flowers and another fun project inspired by Silicon Valley Jian Yang’s masterpiece: a Not-Hot Dog classifier app!

    Why Machine Learning on iOS

    One of the hottest growing fields in technology today, Machine Learning is an excellent skill to boost your your career prospects and expand your professional tool kit. Many of Silicon Valley’s hottest companies are working to make Machine Learning an essential part of our daily lives. Self-driving cars are just around the corner with millions of miles of successful training. IBM’s Watson can diagnose patients more effectively than highly-trained physicians. AlphaGo, Google DeepMind’s computer, can beat the world master of the game Go, a game where it was thought only human intuition could excel.

    In 2017, Apple has made Machine Learning available in iOS 11 so that anyone can build smart apps and games for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TVs. Nowadays, apps and games that do not have an ML layer will not be appealing to users. Whether you wish to change careers or create a second stream of income, Machine Learning is a highly lucrative skill that can give you an amazing sense of gratification when you can apply it to your mobile apps and games.

    Why This Course Is Different

    Machine Learning is very broad and complex; to navigate this maze, you need a clear and global vision of the field. Too many tutorials just bombard you with the theory, math, and coding. In this course, each section focuses on distinct use cases and real projects so that your learning experience is best structured for mastery.

    This course brings my teaching experience and technical know-how to you. I’ve taught programming for over 10 years, and I’m also a veteran iOS developer with hands-on experience making top-ranked apps. For each project, we will write up the code line by line to create it from scratch. This way you can follow along and understand exactly what each line means and how to code comes together. Once you go through the hands-on coding exercises, you will see for yourself how much of a game-changing experience this course is.

    As an educator, I also want you to succeed. I’ve put together a team of professionals to help you master the material. Whenever you ask a question, you will get a response from my team within 48 hours. No matter how complex your question, we will be there–because we feel a personal responsibility in being fully committed to our students.

    By the end of the course, you will confidently understand the tools and techniques of Machine Learning for iOS on an instinctive level.

    Don’t be the one to get left behind.  Get started today and join millions of people taking part in the Machine Learning revolution.


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