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  • Udemy – Android Lollipop Tutorials : Make 20 Apps + ONE Live Project [96% off] Worth $299!!

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    Android Lollipop Tutorials : Make 20 Apps + ONE Live Project

    Course Description

    Presenting ANDROID LOLLIPOP App Development tutorials.
    The course is intended for those who are looking to pursue their career in Android based development. There is no such qualification to join the course as it is designed in a way to facilitate a newbie to understand the myriad of opportunities that Android can deliver. With easy-to-understand course materials backed by practical classes one can quickly grasp the aesthetics deploying Android as a platform.
    Course with All Source Codes of Projects.
    Make complete professional apps and tips to MAKE MONEY through Android Apps.
    Upon completion of the course it will be easy to develop Android based applications with all new features of android LOLLIPOP and KITKAT ( 4.4 ) and above versions. The training not only imparts the programming side of the development but also delivers valuable suggestions behind developing a pleasing and effective UI (User Interface) design. The professionals involved in the training all hail from organizations of repute having vast experience in Android domain.
    This course covers Latest ADT launched by Google and is based on KitKat and above Versions. A complete professional App is made in this course covering all android widgets, components and covering all fundamental concept. Starting from installing software to publish app in Google PlayStore all Topics are covered well.
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  • Udemy – From HTML to App Store in 60 Minutes [100% off] Worth $99

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    When developing a mobile app for iPhone and Android, most people think they need deep experience in programming languages like Objective-C and Java.
    Becoming competent in even one of these languages requires either 1.) 1,000s of hours of work. Then, even if you were to avoid that route, you could 2.) end up spending $10,000+ on a professional developer.
    In both cases you’ll only be creating an app for just the iPhone, or just Google Play – both of which didn’t exist a few years ago and are sure to change.
    In this course, I’ll take you through avoiding both of these huge problems.
    Within 60 minutes of taking this course you’ll be able to both develop and push live your own iPhone AND Android app.
    Then, with some basic HTML knowledge, and a little creativity, you’ll also be able to launch similar apps, as many times as you’d like.
    I know, because just using the template I developed, which I provide all the code for in this course, I’ve personally launched over a dozen applications in both the Apple and Google Play Stores.
    These apps are not only simple to launch, but when marketed the right way, can even make you some additional passive income. Without much effort you can even get into the thousands of dollars per month.
    Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, I have included an additional section with strategies on exactly how to do it.
    I look forward to seeing you in the class.
    Ankur Nagpal
    P.S. Keep in mind, I’ve lowered the price of this course to be able to build enough student sample projects. If you’re able to make this through this course, I’d love to know and feature your project.
    P.S.S. My personal teaching philosophy is to have a good time while doing it, so you will hear me cuss and mess around. Don’t take this stuff too seriously, OK?

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