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  • Udemy – Experience being a male Super Hero a fun hypnosis adventure [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - Experience being male Super hero a fun hypnosis adventure

    Course Description

    If you have wondered what it would be like to be spiderman, superman or just about any super hero your in the right place to take your imagination to the highest level with Hypnosis. Hypnosis helps to magnify your thoughts by filtering out unnecessary random thought s and get your mind laser focused on making positive changes or  having the most amazing experience with your imagination.

    Hypnosis can let you hear feel and think like any super hero, and I am sure like me when you were young you dreamed of what it was like to be a super hero for me it was batman but for you it may be someone different. How this works is like all hypnosis you start by closing your eyes and relaxing and I will help you to do that then I will guide you step by step through the whole experience. Of stepping into maybe spidermans shoes and feeling what it is like to be spiderman, what it is like to shoot webs from your hands and swing from building to building.

    Also have a adventure helping people with your super powers and knowing what you had to do to help those people. Then one of the best parts having all those people thank you like the hero you are and hearing what they say to you.

    Also visiting you secret hideout and getting to see what it is like inside or outside and like all super heroes you need to relax and restore your energy and recharge your super powers in a nice chair with your favorite music and a special drink, you will discover all this in this experience.

    Now the interesting thing about any positive experience in life is it helps your confidence and self esteem grow just imagine what positive changes you may get from being a super hero, not that you will magically get real super powers, but helping others and experiencing their gratitude may help your confidence and self esteem rocket.

    This is what is on the Inside:

    1. How to have the best hypnosis experience
    2. Step into superman’s shoes
    3. Superman Experience Debrief
    4. Step into any super hero’s shoes
    5. Super Hero Experience Debrief
    6. Step into Spiderman’s shoes
    7. Spiderman Experience Debrief

      Bonus Hypnosis :

    8. Hypnotic Confidence Booster


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  • Udemy – Understand Your Dreams [100% OFF]

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    If you have ever wondered what your dreams are all about or why you have recurring dreams that seem to have a bit of everything in it, such as elements of something that happened that day or someone you know or just met or maybe even fragments of people or experiences that happened some time ago or even something you just had been thinking about that day.

    Well if you looked to dream books to find the answer I can tell you that you will not find any answers there because you are the only person who can discover what those seemingly crazy dreams are all about.

    Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were wish fulfillment meaning if you wanted something in your dreams you would receive it, and he came to this conclusion by looking at the dreams of children noticing if a child wanted a ice cream that day and did not receive it in their dreams they would get that ice cream so that their would be no unresolved conflicts left buried in their subconscious a kind of nightly clearing the slate.

    But as we get older our dreams become made up of so many elements that we cannot understand emotional issues become unresolved and can stay dormant for many years until they get triggered again and need to be brought to some understanding so the slate can clear again.

    This can be the reason for having recurring dreams as your subconscious wants an important issue dealt with   so that it can return to homeostasis or psychological balance.

    This course will help you to begin to remember those dreams easier as most of us wake up knowing we have been dreaming and five minutes later we cannot remember what it was all about. But now with hypnosis and suggestions for remembering those dreams and being prepared always when you wake up in the night or in the morning with pen paper and a reading light.

    you can start to record those dreams in writing and then reading through them before using your second hypnosis session that will help you to take a closer look at those dreams.

    Look at what you will experience

    1. Understanding your dreams Introduction
    2. What is Hypnosis
    3. Before first Hypnosis Session
    4. Remember Your Dreams Hypnosis + Downloadable Resources
    5. Remembering your dreams debriefing
    6. Introduction Before Revisiting and understanding your dreams
    7. Understanding Your Dreams Hypnosis Session
    8. Understanding your dreams debriefing

    Downloadable Resources

    • Instructions for using your hypnosis session pdf
    • Deep Sleep Now Hypnosis Mp3
    • Ignore Snoring Hypnosis Mp3
    • Power Nap Hypnosis Mp3


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  • Udemy – The Secrets to Learn Self Hypnosis and Meditation [100% OFF]

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    David Michigan has been quoted or interviewed in Muscle & Fitness, FOX News, Forbes, Harvard, TED, Men’s Fitness, IBTimes, NASA, Huffington Post, CNBC, USA Today, Yahoo News, Florida Times, Buzzfeed …

    Dear readers,

    This will be my new program: “The Secrets to Learn Self Hypnosis and Meditation”, which has been specially designed and designed for you as soon as you want to make significant changes in what you want to accomplish in your life. .

    In summary, the purpose and promise of this program is:

    You will become a Better Version of Yourself (multiplied by 2, 3, 10 or more)

    You will be exposed to a very advanced training and personal transformation exercises that will make you progress that will go far beyond your body and mind – and that will allow you to:

    Feel an exponential improvement in your performance (both at work, at home, and throughout the rest of your life)
    Multiply your personal effectiveness in your body and mind goals, reach new heights and break down your old obstacles …
    Lead you to a higher orbit of success and satisfaction …
    Make high-speed advances in self-realization and more easily reach your dreams and aspirations throughout life …

    Everything will come true with much less effort than you have needed to do in the past!

    And you will never have to ask yourself so many questions about improving your mind.

    Just as your level of performance can also improve with “giant steps”, your success rate can also take the same path.

     How can I be so sure of everything I’ve promised you so far?

    To answer that, let me tell you …

    The short answer is: through my own personal evolution.

    The longer answer (and also more specific) is:I’ve used this technology (which I’ll maybe teach you) in the last 5 years I’ve got pretty much about all the goals I’m getting on am concentrated.

    I do not say that to boast. Just to declare a fact.

    But there was always a limitation. To know …

    Achieving each of my goals is always coming up with a bigger problem: it was me!

    Here’s what I mean by that:

    While achieving goals is important (and what we all want), if you are not sufficiently advanced in your mind’s consciousness, if you succeed in your goals, you will end up with a new set (bigger) problems that will adapt to the (larger) goals you have achieved.

    And with each big goal will come a new big problem. In my case, it was me. In your case, it will be you.

    The world’s most powerful personal transformation tool that you have never experienced before

    Personally, I can not think of another development program of your mind or personal transformation program that would even cover a 1 / 10th of what will be revealed to you and “integrated into you” during this Udemy course.

    In fact, what you will discover will be so effective and so fast for your mind that you will see positive changes in your life every day, as long as you apply the principles outlined in this course.

    In summary :

    It also improves your mind, “expand your awareness” so that your life goals, goals and aspirations end up coming to you by default.

    Sign up only if you know you’re ready to live in a new way that will radically improve your life

    If you are ready, together we will move towards your goals, your dreams and your desires by going far beyond what you could have imagined.


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  • Udemy – How to communicate with more Influence & Impact [100% off]

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    How to communicate with more Influence & Impact

    Of all of the useful skills in every area of life, the ability to Influence others is by far one of the most valuable and universal.

    Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, teacher, salesperson, employee, or parent, we all need to persuade someone to assist us, buy from us, follow our suggestions, or simply listen to us. And whatever impact we want to make on the world, the community, or the people around us, you must understand the subconsious mind in order to do that effectively.

    Drawing from little known elements of PsychologyHypnosis, and Neurolinguistic Programming, this course will cover:

    • The role and rules of the unconscious mind
    •  The 8 pillars of influence 
    •  The 5-step Sales Process
    •  The 4 ingredients to an effective presentation
    •  The key elements of non-verbal communication
    •  The conversational hypnosis techniques used by the masters
    •  And much more!


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  • Udemy – Hypnotic Lounge: Banish Your Anxiety [100% off]

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    Hypnotic Lounge: Banish Your Anxiety

    Are you fed up torturing yourself with thoughts of a future that’s full of undesirable things?

    I don’t care whether you torture yourself with images or voices – you can stop NOW!

    How about stop letting a future that doesn’t have to happen in your present, poising your life every day?

    People can come up with all sorts of creative ways of torturing themselves.

    Anxiety is a thing of a modern age. A popular problem so to speak.

    Well, glad to break it to you – it doesn’t have to be your problem anymore 🙂

    Hypnosis has been used since ancient times to change human behavior. And one of the things you’ll love about hypnosis is that it works directly with your unconscious mind.

    Which means you don’t have to fight yourself making the changes you desire.

    When you sign up I’ll induce a trance and take you to where your anxiety lives. There we’ll explain to your mind that you don’t have to make pictures of horrible future and that you can quite happily be in the far away here and now 🙂

    Please listen to the induction for 30 days straight every day for the best results.

    Here is the process step by step:

    1. Sign Up Now
    2. Find a quiet place
    3. Notice how pleasant it is to listening to the induction
    4. Repeat #2 and #3 everyday
    5. When you’ve noticed your anxiety fading away forever leave a review!

    So go on ahead and get started now!

    I’ll see you on the inside!

    Health Warning:

    All of the following groups of people should consult their doctor before listening to the induction

    • People who have diagnosed mental conditions
    • People on heavy medications (whether for mental or physical reasons)
    • Pregnant women


    This program is not intended to replace professional care in any way. When in doubt if this program is right for you please consult your doctor.


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  • Udemy – Lucid Dreaming for Advanced [100% off]

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    Course Description

    You want to control your dreams? You want to have your first lucid dream? You have already tried lucid dreaming but had no success?

    Lucid dreaming enables you to control your own dreams and do whatever you want. Lucid dreaming is fun and simply awesome. Anybody can learn to have lucid dreams.

    In this course I will teach you how you can have  lucid dreams like an expert.

    Enroll now and learn in this course:

    How to increase your lucid dream frequency.

    How to have longer lucid dreams.

    How to have awesome lucid dreams.

    As always 30 days refund is applicable.

    What are you waiting for? Learn lucid dreaming fast and become an expert.

    I am an experienced lucid dreamer for many years. Lucid dreaming is a wonderful habit which allows you to fill your life with fantastic dream memories. You can explore your own world every night and be a superhero. You can transform into animals or have amazing lucid dreaming sex with celebrities. There are no limitations existing in the dream world. This world belongs to you and you can visit this world every night.

    Everybody has the possibility to learn how to lucid dream as this is a natural gift.  Unfortunately mass media, schools, universities do not communicate this awesome topic. Thus not many people are actually aware that such a wonderful thing named lucid dreaming exists. Luckily you have now found a course that will teach you step-by-step how you can learn to have lucid dreams fast and easily.  Do not waste your precious dream time anymore and learn to lucid dream.


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  • Udemy – Hypnosis- Be Stress Free Now Using Self Hypnosis [100% off]

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    Hypnosis- Be Stress Free Now Using Self Hypnosis

    Course Description

    In this course titled ‘Hypnosis- Be Stress Free Now Using Self Hypnosis‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn –

    • 1. Stress is one of the fastest growing problems of people these days. Everyone experiences stress in one form or another – physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress and even spiritual stress. Stress is the root cause of many health related issues. When we are stressed out, we lose our focus from our goal, we become frustrated and anxious, we find it difficult to concentrate on our work, our mood changes and ultimately our health deteriorates.
    • Thus, this video has been designed to help you manage your stress and become stress free using self hypnosis.
    • 2. How Self Hypnosis Can Help?
    • 1) Self hypnosis helps to connect with the deep sources of power and energy within you
    • 2) Self hypnosis helps change your limiting beliefs and thoughts
    • 3) Self hypnosis brings more mental alertness
    • 4) Self Hypnosis helps you a great wave of relaxation refreshing your whole body
    • 5) Self hypnosis helps maintain positive attitude
    • 6) Self hypnosis treats stress, anxiety, nervousness and depression successfully

    This course is ideal for people who are working under tremendous stressful and hectic conditions and want to live a stress free and happy life full of peace and happiness. Using powerful self hypnosis and visualization techniques , they will be able to overcome the stressful mindset and live happily and peacefully.

    It is also very helpful for people who want to get over depression , anxiety , insomnia , negativity and stress.

    This course contains a lot of exercises and more than 30 minutes of live video content designed over 8 lectures in English including bonus


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  • Udemy – Develop A Winning Attitude Through Self Hypnosis [100% off]

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    Course Description

    In this course titled ‘Hypnosis – Develop A Winning Attitude Through Self Hypnosis‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn –

      • 1.Why many people do not have a winning attitude? The possible reasons why people do not have winning attitude are:
      • 1) Fear of taking decisions
      • 2) Fear of success
      • 3) Fear of failure
      • 4) Fear of criticism
      • 5) Negative or pessimist thinking
      • 2.Why having a winning attitude is important?
      • 1) You start thinking how winners think
      • 2) Just by changing the way you think, you start attracting success in your life
      • 3) Your self confidence increases
      • 4) Your creativity improves
      • 5) Your thinking pattern changes and you stop complaining and start finding answers
      • 3.How Self Hypnosis Can Help?
      • 1) Self hypnosis helps you to relax and calm down
      • 2) Self hypnosis helps maintain positive attitude and remove pessimist thinking
      • 3) Self hypnosis treats stress, anxiety, nervousness and depression successfully
      • 4) Self hypnosis boosts your confidence and self-esteem levels

    It is for everyone who lack winning attitude in them to achieve high success and happiness.

    It is ideal for sports persons who want to make it big in life by changing their attitude and bringing out the winning attitude in them.

    It is also very helpful for people who want to get over depression , anxiety , insomnia , negativity and stress.

    This course contains a lot of exercises and more than 30 minutes of live video content designed over 8 lectures in English including bonuses.

    This course contains-

    Lecture 1: Introduction

    Lecture 2: Remove Myths About Self Hypnosis

    Lecture 3: Conscious Mind Vs Subconscious Mind

    Lecture 4: How To Enter Into The State Of Self Hypnosis

    Lecture 5: How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

    Lecture 6: Guided Visualization Exercise: Develop Winning Attitude In Life

    Lecture 7: Summary

    Lecture 8: Bonus Exercise – Affirmations For Depression, Stress, Insomnia And Negativity



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  • Udemy – Law of Attraction & Self Hypnosis: Changing Limiting Beliefs [100% off] Worth $197!

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    Course Description

    This course is a holistic process to change your life and create your every dream and desire. You will learn a step-by-step process which will teach you the information, tools and techniques necessary to get the Law of Attraction to finally work for you, rather than working against you. You will learn these tools and techniques so that you can use them continuously throughout your life. They will always be a benefit to you and they are simple and easy to learn.

    So let me tell you the benefits of what you will learn. This will help you understand why this is a very special and unique course.

    The key benefits you will walk away with at the end of the course are:

    • A better understanding of the Law of Attraction so you will be able to easily Be, Do and Have Anything You Desire.
    • How to confidently use Self Hypnosis to reduce stress and replace your outmoded and limiting beliefs with positive empowering beliefs and thoughts.
    • You will also understand how important your Feelings are, and how important Feeling Good is if you wish to create abundance, your ideal relationships or excellent health.

    Through video lectures, guided meditation and audio, I will teach you a simple to learn self-hypnosis technique which will enable you to connect with your subconscious mind where all your beliefs and automatic behaviors are found. I will also teach you how to create your unique Personal Power Affirmation and use visualization successfully. Then I will guide you through the Changing Limiting Beliefs meditation.

    You will have a great time in this course. It’s going to be fun and simple to understand. I know these techniques work as I have taught them with great success to many others and used them myself for numerous years.


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  • Udemy – YOU CAN! Get rid of your FEAR of authority with Hypnosis [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Part of Matt Barnett’s YOU CAN! series of Self hypnosis Programs. This ‘Get rid of Fear of Authority’ program of Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis is a system of relaxation and directed thought and attention that when in a state of Hypnosis allows you to communicate with the unconscious mind so that you can

    • Change your behaviour at the unconscious level and take control of your Fear of Authority
    • Take control of your thinking – so that you can take control of your results
    • Finally get rid of that fear of authority that as been holding you back with Hypnosis
    • Feel confident when in the presence of Authority figures by using self hypnosis
    • See yourself as an equal so you can communicate more effectively
    • Use Hypnosis Begin to feel calm and balanced in your life
    • Learn how to easily use Hypnosis to go into a relaxed and empowered state.

    This course takes under 2 hours to complete and the result may very well help you to change your life forever.


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