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  • Udemy – The guide to spiritual enlightenment [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - the guide to spiritual enlightenment


    The fun and the ease find the way back to the feelings.

    My goal is to bring you closer to your locked feelings. I’ll show you how this is possible.

    My motivation is that in the past I rejected my feelings as if they were excluded. You may give them the space they deserve. This is about your feelings and the path to them. My wish is that you are able to feel your innermost.

    Goals and Paths:

    – Give your mind a rest

    – Feel the feelings

    – Let go of everything and relax

    – recognize your motivations

    – Find your deepest wish

    – Time for yourself

    – rest and retreat from everyday life

    – fall into deeper layers


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  • Udemy – The Guide to Extraordinary Relationships [100% OFF]

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    The Guide to Extraordinary Relationships  with Hailey Patry

    Learning how to deepen and nurture that for ever love

    Having that Special Loving Relationship has been created to help you complete your relationship, step into the love your desire, experience more love and happiness and manifest your love future… starting right now! This course is for you to start loving yourself and your partner again, and feel empowered, despite the many challenges you have faced. You get to reframe your love life  and find the blessings in the mess.

    As a survivor of rape, cancer, abuse and serious depression, I have lived this several times in several parts of my life.

    Ultimately, you will be more excited about your current and future love life and more satisfied with your partner and your  life.

    Hailey lives west of Toronto ON Canada with her husband and three boys.



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  • Udemy – Living Happier – Strategies for Success in Life [100% OFF]

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    In this course, you will learn how to stop HOPING for happiness, and instead, take action to invite more happiness into your life with these powerful strategies developed through research in positive psychology and neuroscience. Live happier. Stress less. Smile more. Bring joy back into your life and the lives of those you care about.



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  • Udemy – What to do when life is in turmoil! Imagine Yourself [100% off]

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    What to do when life goes sideways and BIGStuff Happens!

    • Health
    • Help us understand and manage our behaviour with family, friends or students
    • Loss
    • Grief
    • Failure

    In my case it was my daughter’s brain tumour that pushed me hard.

    That is one of the key reasons why this program was born. We offer skills to help the whole family or group.  Each of  you and all of you can use them to deal with life’s toughest issues.

    The program offers insights into what we all all experience.  You’ll learn

    1. The process as we experience life’s losses and griefs
    2. Discover 3 Key States that build our health and happiness
    3. Understand how 3 Key States can block us from health and happiness
    4. Eight skills in video to help you shift from being in a bad state to a better state
    5. Two text based skills to assist you further deepen your ability to thrive
    6. A common language approach so that ages 3 – 103 can connect, engage and share a  little more of their personal journey.
    7. Word Puzzles to help you remember and practice what you’ve learned
    8. Five Audio stories to assist you practise the skills
    9. One Audio skill building Relaxation exercise in audio format
      1. One in male voice
      2. One in female voice

    This family student and school friendly program was born out of the frustration of me not being able to find any skill based program during those large issues in my family. Oh and yes, me then 7 year old daughter and I have both done very well since that very stressful time.

    1. “Don’t forget to use the audios; they are a big part of the success of the program.”5 stories to choose from
    2. Each one helps you practice key skills to assist you deepen your capacity to thrive
    3. The chair exercise is here twice; once in male voice and once in female voice.

    P.S. I’m sorry to tell you that your primary cancer has spread and it is in four locations! I’ve had my own 7 year battle with two bouts of cancer and a failed medical procedure that meant an emergency surgery with a rush trip to the OR at midnight.

    So, I’ve lived this from several  perspectives. As a father, a spouse, a son and a brother. I’ve always been astounded at the lack of basic Situational Mental Heath programming available in North America.

    I’ve also found this program very useful to help me better manage the two chronic illnesses  life has challenged me with. Doctors tell me my body age is at least 12 years less than my chronological age. I am quite certain that is in part due to the use of these skills impacting my mind and body health.  I wish you and yours all the very best on your journey.

    SAFETY Notice:

    Don’t use the audio’s while operating any type of moving or stationary device with moving parts. The audio stories are designed to build skill while relaxing you. WE don’t want you falling asleep while driving or operating machinery.

    Please Note: When you use the audio programs they are very effective.

    However; if you use them with children the adult in charge can fall asleep before the children. So keep that in mind. 🙂



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  • Udemy – Positive Thinking: The Complete Guide For A Happy Life [100% off]

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    Positive Thinking: The Complete Guide For A Happy Life

    Course Description

    Feel Better And Achieve More In Less Than 1 Hour!

    Note: This course includes straight forward techniques and mind tips to change how you think and let you reach a successful mentality. This requires practice and motivated people to change their behaviors. If you are serious about changing, this is for you.

    What Is In This Course?

    This will change you.

    If you’re looking to be positive and have the same mindset as happy or successful have, let me tell you that you can have the same. I will show you the key to reach this high level of appreciation, determination and happiness in your daily life.

    You are in control of your brain, but everyone affects it. Being able to control what comes in your mind is controlling what happens in your life. Can you be positive if everyone is negative? Most likely not, but if you control what comes in, you can!

    As what Lyndon B. Johnson says ‘’ Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. ‘’

    This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.

     In Positive Thinking: The Complete Guide For A Happy Life, you’ll learn:

    • How To Appreciate The Results
    • When and How To Reward Yourself For Your Accomplishments
    • Learn To Turn Problems Into Challenges
    • Drop Your Ego and Admit You’re Wrong
    • Capacity To Control Your Reactions
    • Determine What You Like and Dislikes From Your Days
    • Increase Daily Happiness and Confidence


    Is This For You?

    This course is essential to all human being but it is not everyone who’s willing to do the extra effort to apply it. All entrepreneurs, sales persons, business owners, investors and anyone with huge work load and big ambition needs it. Did you know the average person only likes 15% of his day?

    • Do you feel accomplished at the end of your day?
    • Are you wondering why you are not happy?
    • Do you think you will be happy only when you reach your life goals?

    Then this course will definitely help you.

    I will show you precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply.


    Why To Think Positively?

    Let me show you why you need a positive mindset daily:

    1. You will be happy, more often. By thinking and living positively, everything becomes more enjoyable and you see things around you with a different eye. Just move on and look forward to the future.

    2. You will feel more satisfied about yourself. This is caused simply by being happy, this is why we say that being rich doesn’t make you happy. Positive thinking makes you feel proud about your results and gives you confidence about making more.

    3. You will discover life. You will have opportunities you never had before and people who went through that process can testify. Worrying takes time and it causes stress, leave that alone.

    4. You will attract good to you.  People wants to do good to you if you do good to them! By giving them a smile, they want to give a smile. It’s the law of reciprocity, use it!


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  • Udemy – Mind Power – Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life [100% off]

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    Mind Power - Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life

    Course Description

    To have a breakthrough in YOUR happiness and emotional well being… All you have to Do is CHANGE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM/THOUGHT PROCESS

    Have you ever thought what causes someone to persist when another would give up?

    What causes a person to focus and utilize all their resources towards a goal? What ultimately creates the difference between happiness and despair? The answer is beliefs.

    Just Imagine, can there be anything more important than our thought process and our own thoughts? Our thoughts create our reality, the reality that we live in and spend majority of our most valuable time. More importantly, the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. Our day-to-day thoughts creates the beliefs that we process and these beliefs makes us who we are (in a good way or in a bad way).

    Our thought process is actually something that we are engaged in every day of our lives, yet we always take it for granted without even acknowledging the fact that what ever we are doing and how ever we are feeling (emotionally) is totally dependent on our thought process and It is completely in our hand to make a difference in our life with our thinking pattern.

    Changing beliefs/thought process isn’t easy. Despite what some authors and speakers tell you, deeply ingrained beliefs aren’t going to disappear with one magical technique or method. But if your happiness and success is important to you it can be done.

    In this course, you will learn the complete ‘blueprint’ to free yourself from the tyranny of thoughts that limit your achievement. The aim of this course is to be thought-provoking and this in return will help you to become aware of your thinking pattern and to control your thoughts instead of being controlled by them…

    So, to have a breakthrough in YOUR happiness and emotional well being… All you have to Do is CHANGE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM/THOUGHT PROCESS


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  • Udemy – Introspection: The Art of Transforming Your Life [100% off]

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    Introspection: The Art of Transforming Your Life

    Course Description

    Transform your life in 8 lessons using the fine art of self-observation and meta-cognition (thinking about how you think)

    This self-paced, comprehensive ebook course is designed for those looking for a guided, holistic approach to health of body and mind, with ease of mind, that can help you focus on your goals for total health, happiness and success in your life.

    By helping to remove myths, negative thoughts, action, and inaction that hinder one’s progress, this course reveals a path for those who may lack direction, motivation, and mentor-type guidance. Contains extensive resources and research for your personal development.

    This course also utilizes a reading list to go along with it, which is recommended, but is not required to benefit from the course. The reading list is included in the assignments at the end of each lesson to supplement this reflection area.


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  • Udemy – Let Go Of Your Grief Successfully Using Self Hypnosis [100% off]

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    Course Description

    In this course titled ‘Let Go Of Your Grief Successfully Using Self Hypnosis‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn –

    What is grief?

    • 1) Grief is a normal part of coping with a loss.
    • 2) When the grief is not expressed or is delayed, it shows up in a negative way.
    • Find out why suppression your grief is dangerous?
    • Most common reasons for grief:
    • 1) Loss of a loved one
    • 2) Loss of a pet
    • 3) Loss in business
    • Consequences of Delayed Grief:
    • Delayed grief increases the risk of developing psychosomatic problems like:
    • 1) Illness
    • 2) Migraines
    • 3) Dizzy spells
    • 4) Anger
    • 5) Irritability
    • 6) Frustration
    • 7) Negativity
    • 8) Stress
    • 9) Depression
    • 10) Despair
    • 11) Self-blame
    • Find out how hypnosis can help you let go of your grief using the powerful techniques of self hypnosis, visualization, imagery and affirmations:
    • 1) With self hypnosis you can control and manage your emotions
    • 2) Self hypnosis helps you to relax and calm down
    • 3) You can alter or change the consequences of delayed grief that affect your state of mind with self hypnosis
    • 4) Stress levels can be brought down
    • 5) Self hypnosis hells you improve your confidence

    This course is very useful for those are mentally and physically suffering from the affects of grief.

    This course contains a lot of exercises and more than 30 minutes of live video content designed over 10 lectures in English.

    It is ideal for everyone who want to overcome grief

    This course contains-


    Lecture2:Remove Myths About Self Hypnosis

    Lecture3:Conscious Mind Vs Subconscious Mind

    Lecture4:How To Enter Into The State Of Self Hypnosis

    Lecture5:How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

    Lecture6:Guided Visualization Exercise: Let Go Of Your Grief

    Lecture7:Tips To Let Go Of Your Grief To Feel Happy And Positive


    Lecture9:Bonus Exercise : General Healing Audio File

    Lecture 10: Bonus Exercise – Affirmations For Depression, Stress, Insomnia And Negativity



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  • Udemy – FOCUS – Nail Your #1 Goal in 90 Days [100% off]

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    FOCUS - Nail Your #1 Goal in 90 Days

    Course Description

    What if there was a proven framework you could follow to achieve any goals faster.

    Imagine how it would feel if every time you put your mind to something, you got it done.

    Start a blog. Done.

    Lose 30 lbs. Done

    Get your dream job. Done.

    From overwhelmed to life-balance. Done.

    Yet.. Only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolution.

    The truth is, you’re more than capable of achieving all the things you want.

    You just need a practical strategy. A Proven Framework that helps you reach and finish what you start.

    For the past 4 years, Dan and I reverse-engineered and tested a ton of personal development techniques. We were the guinea pigs of an ambitious experiment to achieve any goals faster and in a sustainable way.

    This led to the most efficient strategies and detailed step-by-step instructions that you are about to learn.

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Boost your happiness and self-awareness with simple & practical tools.
    • Set your goal and keep it in FOCUS with the F.O.C.U.S. Proven method.
    • Win over procrastination and keep you motivated over time to finish the things you start for once.

    Last but not least,

    • You will nail your #1 goal in 90 days.

    The best is that you can start applying all of it today.

    Even if you have only 5 minutes.

    If you have a project in mind, or you want to create better habits, don’t waste 3 years experimenting like we did.

    That’s why we built this course. We did the hard work for you.

    NO BS. We promise. Only…

    • Fun
    • Simple lessons
    • Practical exercises


    If you want to increase your chance of nailing your #1 goal by 16%, you need an accountability partner. If you have a friend that wants to follow the course with you, that’s awesome. But, if you’re solo, don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you.

    When you enroll in the course, go to the BONUS section and click the link in the description to get a FREE Virtual Accountability Partner that will guide you through the next 90 days to complete this course and nail your #1 Goal.

    Power up your 90-day journey to put all chances on your side to reach that #1 Goal!


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  • Udemy – NLP Techniques: Radiate Self Confidence NLP Coaching Course [100% off]

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    **Thank you for making this a best-selling NLP course on Udemy!
    This course is currently undergoing additions and changes to make the material even more expansive. The price of enrollment has been temporarily slashed to $69, but will return to $149 once the new lectures are complete.
    IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in this course Google the term “Udemy coupons”. I’ve noticed that Udemy offers unadvertised 50% off coupon codes quite often, and I would like my students to get the best possible price on this course – so take advantage of any available coupons!!
    If there are no coupons available and the course is too expensive, just put it in your “Wishlist” and purchase it when a new sale begins (typically once per-month). The class will still be here and I will still be available for questions and answers.
    I wish you the best on your personal journey!
    Patrick Howell
    Former Dale Carnegie Trainer and current Master NLP Practitioner and Positive Psychology Coach.

    In this course I will guide you through simple research-validated techniques that when applied consistently can have a massive impact on your ability to be confident and engaging in any situation.
    Discover research-validated self-esteem building techniques
    • Begin to take control of your personal confidence
    • Simple exercises that can be practiced anywhere
    • Learn to have confidence when you need it most
    • Become a more magnetic and dynamic version of yourself
    • Self Confidence equals – Attractiveness to Others | Greater Success | More Happiness
    NLP stands for Neuro (the science of our nervous system) Linguistic (the science of language and its impact on results) Programming (NLP was developed in the 70’s when computer programming was creating a buzz. The NLP programming analogy refers to ours brains unique ability to consistently reprogram how we interact with the world, and generate dynamic results.
    Recent Reviews
    “… Experienced a major shift” – Stacey Seen 

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