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  • Udemy – Leveraging Your Personal Brand To Grow Your Business [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    We’ll show you how to measure the size and quality of your personal brand, understand the link to the brand of your business, and amplify the way you market yourself online. We also cover the protection of private information and strategic decision points in the manner that you wish to present your message.

    Tap into the potential of your own personal brand so that your business can grow as a result!


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  • Udemy – Breakthroughs In Revenue Growth [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Business owners can get stuck in a Revenue Rut and not know how to get out of it. We intuitively know that “getting more customers” would help, but this can seem like effort, difficultly, and be uninspiring.

    As business owners, we want to get excited about doubling or tripling our revenue and in this course we’ll show you how through three simple strategies. Applying strategies in isolation causes linear growth – which is boring – but when we put these three strategies together, we can cause explosive exponential growth in revenue. This is significantly more exciting and you’ll be amazed how realistic they are to apply in real life!


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  • Udemy – Become a Marketer: Learn Growth Marketing & Get a Job [100% off]

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    Become a Marketer: Learn Growth Marketing & Get a Job

    Course Description

    Marketing is changing

    Marketers no longer just sit in a room and come up with catch slogans like in Mad Men. They’re now required to be more analytical, more technical, and take ownership of a larger part of the traditional customer funnel

    What does that mean?

    It means that your traditional education and your traditional understanding of marketing are becoming obsolete. Companies are no longer hiring marketers to sit and watch over ad campaigns; they’re hiring marketers that can not only plan, design, and run their own campaigns but also influence and understandtheir products on a much deeper level

    In this course we’re going to focus on both core marketing fundamentals but also on the more advanced growth marketing strategies that are becoming more and more in demand. We’ll cover the basics that any marketer should know and then expand into day to day actionable skills you’re going to be required to have. In the second portion of the course we’ll focus on how you can set yourself up for success in the marketplace and how to find, vet, and lock down a job in Marketing or Growth.

    Who should take this class?

    The class is designed for 3 types of students:

    1) Anyone with a passion for marketing and specifically wants to learn in demand growth marketing strategies

    2) Anyone who wants to transition to marketing and get a job

    3) Anyone who wants to apply growth techniques to their own ventures and run their campaigns the same way a professional firm would


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  • Udemy – An Introduction to Growth Hacking 101 [100% off]

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    An Introduction to Growth Hacking 101

    Course Description

    The best way to understand growth hacking and what growth hackers do is to first understand what is meant by the term hacker. A hacker is someone who is more concerned with achieving an objective than following a prescribed process. In other words, hackers care more about what needs to get done than how it should get done. As a result, hackers often come up with innovative ways to get things done.

    A growth hacker is a hacker whose objective is to grow the number of users for a specific product. While lots of people consider user growth to be a marketing function, this assumes that there’s only one way to get users (namely, marketing). But this isn’t true. In fact, more and more over the last few years we’ve seen new products grow from zero to millions of users with little to no marketing at all.

    This course boosts your confidence and help you understand the concept of growth hacking.This course consists of 1-2 hours of on-demand videos.

    This course

    -helps you get a head in career and life  as well as

    -helps you understand growth hacking.

    -helps start-ups in growth hacking.

    -helps you achieve better results.

    This course may help you increase your revenue & focuses on different hacks.

    So what say you…..

    So why don’t you join our course today.


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  • Udemy – Automation Hacks for Entrepreneurs [100% off]

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    Bootstrap unleash the power faster & easier web development

    Course Description

    I know what you’re thinking: this course is only 1 hour long, how can it be worth it?

    This course may be short, but it is JAM PACKED with powerful knowledge so you can automate your business processes today!

    I’m not here to waste your time, no fluff, no downtime. I’ll sprint through some of my absolutefavoriteautomation hacks for small businesses and entrepreneurs so you can maximize your output and grow your business immediately.

    I’m an entrepreneur, growth hacker, and I run a small business. Using these automation strategies, I’vetripled revenue for my small business in the last 2 years. I’ll show you how to use these same tactics to maximize your output.

    Start the course right now and you’ll be less than 1 hour away from automating your business process.


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  • Udemy – Growth Hacking Marketing Workshop [100% off]

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    Growth Hacking Marketing Workshop

    Course Description

    Would you like to become a Growth Hacker?

    I have a solution for you.

    I have created this practical Workshop so you can learn the best practices and become a Growth Hacker

    By the end of the course you will be able to develop your own growth strategy and carry out your first growth hacking experiment

    You will learn how do more with less.  


    Why you should enroll

    • Course includes over 1,5 hours of high quality content, including links to key resources and best examples of Growth Hacks
    • You’ll learn skills that will allow you to become a growth hacker
    • You’ll have access to the private Slack Group where I will post best examples, resources and you can discuss your growth hacking experiments with other students


    About the instructor:

    Top rated Udemy Instructor with 5 star reviews.

    Teaches different courses on Entrepreneurship, with over 4,500 students enrolled.

    + Worked in Online Gaming Industry and Venture Capital

    + Founded 5 companies in the last 8 years


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  • Udemy – Code & Grow Rich: Earn More As An Entrepreneur Or Developer [100% off] Worth $300!

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    Course Description


    Feb 2016

    Code & Grow Rich is a comprehensive course that empowers both non-technical entrepreneurs and software developers with the skills to succeed in today’s techno-centric business world.


    Code & Grow Rich will teach you how to meld technology and entrepreneurship to increase your earnings-IT WON’T TEACH YOU HOW TO CODE.

    This course DOES NOT OFFER a 50,000-foot overview of archaic and disjointed pseudo-business-tomfoolery already covered ad nauseam by YouTube and Google.

    This course ALSO DOESN’T promote any get-rich-quick type of theology for the short-sighted or lazy-minded hucksters.

    Code & Grow Rich is a role-up-your sleeves, ACTIONABLE, and HYPER-RELEVANT framework which will enable you to effectively navigate today’s entrepreneurial climate using technology as the building blocks for all of your ventures.


    • Assist you in Accelerating and Amplifying the Precision in which you bring startup ideas to life by seamlessly interweaving technology and entrepreneurship
    • Assist you in maximizing your earnings Per Every Minute of Work by melding technology and entrepreneurship
    • Assist you in maximizing your earnings Per Every Unit of Effort by melding technology and entrepreneurship
    • Provide you with Multiple Earning Trajectories

    If you are brand-spanking new to the world of entrepreneurship and technology- no es un problemo- we’ll get you up to speed with over 200+ income producing tactics.

    In another vein, If you are an experienced programmer that is dissatisfied working for the man in a 9-5 capacity, then you’ve likewise lucked out.

    This course is uber-targeted to help you create multiple forms of Sustainable, Recurring, & Minimally Invasive Passive Income through the confluence of technology and business.

    Lastly, If you are an experienced serial entrepreneur, we’ll show you how to utilize technology for your next startup idea and instruct you, in fine detail, how to efficiently scale your ideas from conception to virality.

    Module 1: Zero-To-Viral Techno-Centric Startup Multiplier Foundation

    This section is designed to teach you to THINK and EXECUTE like a technopreneur. The foundation lectures will show you how to:

    Design a customized business trajectory based on your specific goals as a startup maven.

    Understand how technology, relationships, and entrepreneurship dovetail together to impact your future earnings.

    Optimize and objectively evaluate your communication style, level of emotional independence, and even the words that you use when interacting with prospects, clients, partners, contractors, and co-workers.

    Learn how to successfully integrate, apply, and adapt core business and user growth strategies to bring your startup, software, and mobile applications to life.

    Module 2: Build Your Own Techno-Centric Software Startup

    This Section Extends and Applies What We Learned In The First Section of the Zero-Viral Module – Develop & Monetize Your Own Software: Web Apps, Enterprise Software, SaaS Software, Embedded Apps, Mobile Apps, Cloud Software, and Video Games.

    For those looking to create, market, sell, and monetize your own software and mobile applications, we’ll give you a step-by-step process in how to do so.

    Specifically we’ll cover:

    • Mobile Applications
    • Web applications
    • Software as service applications
    • Enterprise applications
    • Embedded applications
    • Cloud Software
    • Video Games

    Module 3: Client Acquisition & Management | Building An Integrated Client Management Agency (this module is ginormous)

    Looking to land better clients, larger clients, or more clients as a solo-practitioner?

    Looking to reduce the time and effort it takes to manage each account?

    Looking to drastically increase your compensation for each and every project you work on?

    Looking to potentially scale up your one-man operation to become a full-service, integrated software development agency?

    Looking to increase your value by integrating more proficiencies into your client management mix?

    This course will give you ALL the tools and know-how to identify, attract, acquire, manage, retain, and scale your client management operation.

    Module 4: Creating “Fast-Twitch” / Minimally Invasive Income Streams

    Minimally Invasive Recurring Income are earnings that require a minimal amount of monthly upkeep but keep going like the Energizer Bunny.

    We’ll guide you on integrating more technologies, more platforms, and more strategy to help you stabilize and grow your earnings as a technopreneur.

    You’ll be able to create over 15+ passive/complementary income streams that technopreneurs can exploit right now to complement their earnings.

    Module 5: Generate An Absurdly High Income As A Software Consultant

    You’ll earn more as a software consultant by:

    • Targeting the ideal clients and projects
    • Positioning and differentiating yourself as the singular go-to industry expert
    • Pilfering full-time positions

    Module 6: Make Even More Money As An Ethical/White-Hat Hacker (Cyber Security Expert)

    Cyber-Security Expert | White-Hat Hacker

    For the unconventional problem solvers out there we’ll show you the optimal ethical hacker and quality assurance paths to higher earnings.

    Earn more by:

    • Identifying and pitching the right cyber security and prospects
    • How to sell vulnerabilities, cryptography, or create your own or security software
    • Focus on the optimal pain points and facts to get you more deals
    • How to sell yourself without having a world of experience
    • The best tools to utilize to automate your security audits

    Module 7: Create Additional Sources of Income by Integrating Software and Hardware

    Learn to apply and monetize your coding skills with Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms.

    Earn more by:

    • Quickly getting up to speed with Arduino & Raspberry Pi basics.
    • Learning which products make money, and which tend to fail.
    • Uncovering the most profitable niches to attack.
    • Identifying, qualifying, and negotiating with a hardware manufacturer.
    • Discovering key differences between Raspberry Pi & Arduino money making trajectories.

    Module 8: Successfully Maneuver Your Way to Your IDEAL Full-Time Job & Maximize Your Compensation Package – Sell out to “The-Man” with a smile

    For those intrapreneurs that are more comfortable sticking with full-time employment, we’ll show you how to increase your compensation and value by merging techno-centric proficiencies and platforms into your current role.

    If you are fed up with your current job, and are looking to upgrade to a new, higher paying position, we’ll assist you in hacking the job search process and show you how to best position yourself for the top-paying roles.

    We’ll provide you with a full array of negotiating strategies to maximize your aggregate compensation package. Remember, you will also have the freedom to continue working 9-5 while you utilize techniques from this course to generate additional passive income- you don’t need to quit your job in order to implement our strategies. How to position yourself as an integrated problem solver.

    How to best align your online assets (portfolio, blog, case studies) to maximize your perceived value. How to refine the way you interact and communicate to demonstrate even more value. The right way to ask for a raise.

    Module 9: Generate Side Income by becoming a PASSIVE Technology Instructor

    Make More Money As A Technology Instructor. In one of the funner parts of this course we’ll show you how to generate even more PASSIVE income by creating and selling your own technology courses online and in the real world. Some technology instructors that upload their little classes to the interwebs make over a million bucks a year- we’ll show you how. We’ll even show you how to transition your courses into a full-fledged coding school.

    You’ll earn more money by learning:

    • Which platforms to launch your course on
    • Which instructors make the most coin and why
    • What niches are the most profitable
    • Timing your course launch
    • Using kickstarter, facebook, adwords, twitter, bloggers, and journalists to ignite pre-launch virality
    • Optimal pricing strategies for your courses
    • How to grow an audience and upsell students
    • The 4 tenets of an extraordinary learning experience
    • How to best create disruptive educational value
    • Critical student data to track
    • Perpetual vs. discrete student growth tactics
    • The best equipment to use when creating your courses
    • Partnerships, bundling, & co-creating courses

    Module 10: Blend Coding, Creativity, and Marketing Savvy to become a Growth Hacker – Use Growth Hacking Techniques to Quickly Scale Your Ideas

    For those with an affinity towards technology & marketing – we’ll show you how to land high paying gigs as a much sought-after growth hacker.

    You’ll earn more as a growth hacker by understanding:

    • Why a growth hacking skillset is in such high demand
    • Growth hacking misconceptions
    • How to best interweave creativity, marketing, data, and technology
    • How to use growth hacking techniques to scale your startup
    • How to use growth hacking strategies to expedite product virality
    • How to use growth hacking to increase industry buzz
    • The 5-Stages & 8-Steps to growth hacking success
    • How to create growth hacks of your own
    • How to micro-test to validate your hacks
    • How growth hacking in practice (Dropbox, AirBnB, Linkedin, Slack) can create a massive user base
    • How to land or poach growth hacking gigs
    • How to best interact as a growth hacker

    Module 11: Insulating Yourself From Obsolescence | Investing in Your Future

    We’ll give you both the tools and understanding to best arm and protect you from changes in technology. You’ll be able to position yourself for maximum future earnings as technology continues to evolve. You’ll learn:

    • Which technologies and platforms are trending now
    • What is the world of technology evolving towards
    • How and where to bet on your future
    • How user-focus will continue to drive growth


    How this course will help you to achieve your goals:

    Heavy emphasis on ACTIONABLE INITIATIVES to go along with the conceptual learning. Not a lot of pie-in-the-sky philosophy, you will be able to put your learning into IMMEDIATE MOTION.


    This course will have extremely limited anecdotal fodder. I will not drown you in long-winded, irrelevant narrative.

    Course information is presented through distinct learning tracks. These tracks are based on your specific starting point and goals as a developer or agency. You will be able to efficiently ingest the information that you find most important for your future.

    Critical information in both lectures and sections are delivered and summarized in speed-learning “hack” sections. Hack sections will allow you to bypass the granular details if you are absolutely pressed for time.


    Who Should Take This Course?

    Code & Grow Rich provides the most value for these eight audiences, before wasting any time and money by purchasing this course, make sure you fall within at least one of these categories:

    1) Both Non-Technical Entrepreneurs & Techno-Savvy Startup Junkies

    Both new and experienced ENTREPRENEURS, STARTUP JUNKIES, & NON-TECHNICAL INDIVIDUALS, who want to fully understand how to best harness and integrate technology to make a killing developing and scaling their own businesses.

    For entrepreneurs, you’ll be provided with both a complete technical foundation as well as the optimal trajectory to successfully create and scale ALL of your future business ideas. You won’t just understand more about software, you will ACTIVELY BE ABLE to FRAME technology as the centerpiece of your next startup launches.

    If you are an entrepreneur that absolutely refuses to ever touch a line of code, we’ll show you the best ways to nurture your ideas by utilizing automated software development tools or by partnering up with current software developers.

    2) Both Newbie Coders & Experienced Programmers

    This course infuses programmers with ENTREPRENEURIAL KNOW-HOW and an ACTIONABLE GAME-PLAN to dominate any business niche or grow a client-management software agency- programmers will learn how to weave technical concepts together with marketing, sales, growth-hacking, psychology, effective communication, and strategy to out-pace, out-smart, and out-maneuver the competition to turn their techno-centric ideas into profitable businesses.

    Brand new Coders and experienced SOFTWARE PROGRAMMERS / WEB & MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS / SOFTWARE ENGINEERS / FREELANCE DEVELOPERS who want to better utilize their technological curiosity and expertise to make Minimally Invasive Passive Income (income which only requires a limited amount of hand-holding and upkeep) will be shown the blueprint to do so.

    3) 9-5 Workers Looking For More | Career Enhancers & Intrapreneurs | Career Switchers

    If you feel under-appreciated, under-utilized, micro-managed, under-paid or just plain unfulfilled in your 9-5 work, this course will empower you to “level-up” and land a better, more lucrative and fulfilling technology focused position.

    If you are not sold on your current career and are looking to explore new paths centered around technology and software, this course will provide you with a hands-on foundation to successfully transition to almost ANY techno-centric field.

    If you are looking to add more value to your existing position or company by adding proficiencies with new platforms, technologies, this course will enable you to do so.

    4) Current Students

    If you are a technically oriented computer science, information technology, or business administration student looking to find an effective way to pay off your student loans WHILE STILL IN SCHOOL, we’ll show you how to do so.

    If you are a non-technical or business major- liberal arts, philosophy, architecture (it doesn’t really matter) we will show you how to break into the startup world and launch your own businesses without any preexisting technical expertise.

    If you are dreaming of becoming the next Evan Spiegel or Mark Zuckerberg then you’ll find this course immensely relevant.

    5) Underachievers That Have Failed To Launch | Full-Time Netflix/Game of Throne’s Addicts.

    If you are:

    • 35 years-old and still living in your parents’ basement (lights out at 10:30 PM)
    • Cleaning up monkey dung at the town zoo
    • Spending more time playing Grand Theft Auto & Halo than sleeping

    6) Introverts or The Socially Challenged

    If you’ve ever been described as shy or a nerd/geek and fear that entrepreneurship is just not for you, we’ll show you how to best break out of that shell so you can get transacting. This course includes over 100 mock phone and email interactions to guide you on the best ways to develop relationships with your peers, clients, co-workers, and partners.

    7) The Highly Motivated That Lack The Raw Business Ideas/Concepts

    Even if you don’t have any new business ideas whatsoever we’ll provide you with over a dozen techno-centric concepts that are just waiting to be brought to life.

    8) Parents (makes a ridiculously good gift for the entrepreneur or developer in your family)

    If jr. or jr. miss is still wavering about a career choice or if the thought of your child saddling themselves with massive college loans is unappealing, this course is the perfect opportunity to invest in something that will actually have a practical impact on your child’s financial future.


    So, sign up now, and I’ll see you on the inside!


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  • Udemy – Growth Hacking 101: Introduction to Growth Hacking [100% off] Worth $299 !

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    Growth Hacking 101: Introduction to Growth Hacking



    How many of you have MILLIONS to spend in advertising?
    And even if you do, would you do it?
    Growth Hacking is a set of techniques aimed to attract customers automaticallyand fast. These are techniques that the most successful companies have followed to increase their users.
    In Growth Hacking 101 I will teach YOU the basic of Growth Hacking.
    • The History
    • The Definition
    • The phases of the Growth Hacking Funnel
    • Product/Market Fit
    • Metrics and KPIs
    • The Measuring Tools you can use
    Also as a personal gift to you, I will give you FREE access to my second Growth Hacking course:

    Get Traffic! 20+ Growth Hacking Acquisition Techniques

    If you create a Growth Hacking strategy the correct way, following my teachings your company will stand out much more than your competitor’s companies and you will attract more customers and make more money.
    But Growth Hacking is only for experts, right?
    Use my experience, my knowledge from 5 years of Growth Hacking my company, follow my videos and written lectures – and be as successful as me (or even more so!).
    Click the “take this course” button, top right, now … every hour you delay is costing you new customers…
    Enroll Now!

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  • Udemy – GROWTH HACKING: How To Grow Your Company Fast [97% off] Worth $97!

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    Course Description

    Turning $0 Zero into a $$$ Hero is a very big claim to make, so you can see the first 4 lecturesshowing you proof of what’s possible when using growth hacking techniques! A lot of courses “tell you” how growth hacking works. In this course, I actually “show you” a real case study on how I growth hacked one of my products.

    NEW COURSE: November, 2015


    ***Take the course for 30 full days, risk free – there’s a full, no questions asked ever refund policy!

    Come with me on a journey to growth hacking fast-track wealth … in only 2 hours!

    See how I applied almost all 19 growth hacking channels to my first Udemy course “Digital Marketing – 4117% ROI” that went live a couple of weeks ago. In just 2 weeks, I had 19 5-star reviews. I reached position 1, 2 and 10 for four major keywords in under 2 weeks.

    I generated income and sales by the first week. The course shows you exactly how I did it. With proof, not theory, all real tactical implementation. Anyone can “tell you” how to do it. I don’t just tell you, but I actually “show you” exactly how I did it. And you have proof with keyword rankings and income …all in under 2 weeks!

    I have earned the “National Leadership Award,” “2,000 Notable American Women,” “National Dean’s List Award of Merit” and “The National Leadership Honorary Co-Chairman Award”. In addition, I was nominated “Forbes 30 Women to Follow on Twitter” and “100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter”. I am also a Member of “Forbes’ Insights Advisory Panel.”

    Have you heard of my “Growth Hacking Secrets”?

    I’ve been making an amazing amount for my client’s each month, since I started in digital marketing over a decade ago…yup, even before the word “cloud” existed as it relates to the internet.

    For approximately 18 years I managed and operated my own eBusiness. The first ten as a brick-and-mortar and the last eight, as a fully cloud based online business. Before selling it, this eBusiness was my real-working lab where I tested and applied all my strategic business theories. All my knowledge and experience now gets applied to Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing.

    So, I know these strategies work – all my results are shown in my Lectures below!

    Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to understand – and can give you instant returns.

    Nothing is kept secret – I reveal all I know … and as I test even more things, those that are successful are added to the course – at no extra cost to you! This is a course that will continue to grow and grow.

    As well as the Udemy 30 day guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be wowed and delighted by what you’ll learn in the next 3 to 4 hours … and you’ll be kicking yourself if you already have a business and have been missing out on incredible potential earnings from these marketing strategies.

    What this course is not:

    This is not a “get rich quick” course. You need to study and implement all the growth hacking techniques taught in the course. If you are looking to make money without doing the work, this course is not for you. You can expect to start getting income within 2-3 weeks. The more you implement the traction channels, the faster you will drive customers and therefore increase your income.

    I won’t teach you anything that in any way breaks Udemy’s terms, rules, conditions etc, whether they are written or implied – I value my Udemy earnings too much!

    This course is not backed or produced by Udemy – it’s all my own work.

    In the future, if you decide to hire a consultant (whether it’s me or any other professional growth hacker)you will be able to speak their lingo and truly understand what they have to offer. Moreover, you will be able to tell if the consultant you are interested in hiring is up to date with the latest growth hacking techniques.

    Therefore, if you truly want to understand how highly paid growth hackers apply their knowledge and charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for their time – you need to get this course now … right this minute.

    Every minute you delay is actually COSTING your business money….

    Enroll now!


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