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  • Udemy – Unity 3d Guide : Learn to Code in C# By making Games [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Start Your Game Development Journey or Advance Your Previous C# Scripting By Learning “How To Make Games And Earn Fame”.

    This Course is Build To Help The students in learning many aspects of the video game development engine i.e. Unity Game Development Engine.

    This Course Uses Unity Personal Edition Which is available For Free On Unity 3d Official Website!

    This Course Has Many Features Which Include:

    • Unity 3d Basics
    • Custom Scene Lighting
    • Sound Effects
    • Character Animations
    • C# Scripting
    • 3d Modelling
    • Upload Your Game to Google Play Store
    • Earn Money By Showing Ads in Your Game Like :
      • Interstitial Ads
      • Video Ads
      • Banner Ads
      • Survey Based Ads
    • And Much More Features Included in This Course !


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  • Udemy – 2D Game with Inkscape & free online tools. Create 2D games [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    If you have an amazing game idea, and you wish to develop your own custom graphics, this class is for you!

    I’m going to teach you how to use Inkscape, a free design software, and create all the game art you need in order to develop a 2D game!

    Because Inkscape is a vector graphics software, the assets you create will be scalable and also highly versatile. You will create them once and then you can use them on any device and also any resolution! From iPhones to desktop computers.

    You will learn the core concepts, tools, and functions and you will be able to develop fully functional 2D Games.

    Learning the basics of Inkscape and Game Art Design will put a very powerful and useful tool at your fingertips. Inkscape is very easy to learn, it has amazing documentation, and is one of the most used tools for creating vector arts.

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  • Udemy – Game Design Fundamentals [100% off]

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    Game Design Fundamentals

    Starting out creating an interactive experience, of any sort really, can be rather daunting. In this course, we’ll run through the basic components of a game, so we can get a handle on what the next steps are when you make the jump from the course lectures to your own projects.

    In this course we will learn different ways and techniques about how an Indie game developer can improve his gameplay, make his gameplay more addictive by understanding action-response theory.

    We are going to cover different topics related to game design like what a user expects when he buys the game, what are the things that user want and what user don’t want. We are going to cover different gameplay chunks and how we can improve our quality by implementing we are going to learn about Dos and Don’ts of Artificial Intelligence with how we can polish our prototype and much more.

    Its a quick start guide in Game Design. You will be taken through the different live examples that how these concepts are implemented to famous AAA games that makes them more addictive.

    This course is perfect for anyone who wants to start his/her career as a game designer/Indie Game developer and also for students that are looking for a quick start in game design.

    Course is based upon research on AAA games that are famous in the market.

    What will you learn? Different mechanisms/Examples to think about Dos and Don’ts to implement while designing Level/Gameplay.

    1. How to Identify limitations in Idea with respect to Story, Technology and Gameplay.
    2. How Artificial intelligence can help in getting things done easily.
    3. What player expects when he buys/download your game.
    4. Understand User Input/Response behavior.
    5. Compare different games according to their game design.

    In this course we will get to know how world class games use these concepts to implement their addictive gameplay according to the player expectation.

    Start playing now and press “take this course”.


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  • Udemy – Unity Professional Development From A to Z – Build 10 Games [30% off]

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    Unity Professional Development From A to Z - Build 10 Games

    Course Description

    ** Updated May-2016 **

    Unity Professional 2D Game Development Plus 7 Games Projects!

    In this course you are going to design, develop, publish and monetize a complete game with 36 level and different stages with a complete story board using Unity3D UI KIT, the name of this game is “Flaty Box”, This course compatible with Unity 4.x and Unity5.


    You are going to get 7 Projects worthy over $400 once you register in the course:

    1. Flaty Box Game
    2. Unity StoryBoard UI KIT ($75)
    3. Draw-on-screen (50$)
    4. Stickers 2d (35$)
    5. 3 STARS WINING DIALOG (35$)
    6. Android ML App + Course ($199)
    7. Clony Bird Game
    8. Clony Bird Game Manual

    This course is unique in its content and the first in its kind; It’s a complete project-based process to build a complete 2D game using Unity3D from A to Z. We start building the game from the ground up with a clear step by step lessons without jumping. We cover everything related to the design and development for this game starting from the design in Photoshop and choosing color palette then moving to development, configuration and integration with the professional UI KIT tools with all different components and screens and dialogs and testing of the game using Unity3D in order to let you develop a professional game with attractive user interface not in weeks or months but within a matter of few hours.

    We guide you in details how to design the listing and publish the game on Google Play Store, Apple iOS Store and on Unity Asset Store which is one of the hottest markets on the web.

    The Following features are supported in this game :

    • Supports PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.
    • Responsive UI.
    • Scripting is based on C#.
    • Beautiful graphics & Sound Effects !
    • Includes Scrollable Grid for stages and levels .
    • Player references (Save,Load,Reset) on local files.

    Game Storyboard UI KIT will make you forget the UI part when you are creating 2D/3D game. It’s using the last Unity features like Sprites, Animation with complete storyboard for your game with all required screens and dialogues.

    Unity is on the top of the develop-once distribute-many platforms and it is really an awesome one-stop-shop platform and game engine for games, that is why we choose it as development platform.

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  • Udemy – Create a Memory / Matching Game with HTML5 in Construct 2 [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Memory and matching games are the building blocks for many mini-games in AAA games. The general principles from these games can be applied to all sorts of more complex gameplay as well.

    In this course, you will learn how to create a professional HTML5 arcade memory/matching game from scratch, step-by-step using Construct 2. The game is cross-platform so it will work on iOS/android/Windows phones as well as other platforms.

    Also, all of the assets and project files are included so you can follow along directly with the course.

    What you’ll learn in this course:

    • Importing and managing sprites and animations
    • Creating a fully functional memory game
    • Touch input
    • Procedural grid-style object generation
    • Array randomisation
    • Menus
    • Sounds and music

    Throughout the lectures of this course, you will learn many important things for professional Construct 2 game development.

    Construct 2 is a great game engine which allows for rapid development using its powerful event sheet system.

    Practice your newly acquired skills and make great games!


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  • Udemy – Harness the Power of Play: The 5 steps of Game Design [100% off]

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    Course Description

    The Game Beyond is a crash course in Game Design. You will be taken through the 5 core steps that are needed to design compelling games.

    This course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of Game Design to use in other markets or fields. If you are looking for more information on ‘Gamification’, this course will give you the core tools to really shine.

    This course is based upon 15 years of higher education and Game Design experience. You will receive the equivalent of the first semester at a Game Design Master’s program.

    What will you learn? The 5 core steps to designing games.

    1. How to define goals.
    2. Learn what feedback loops are and how do they affect the brain and habits.
    3. Learn what are the 3 rule sets needed to define your game.
    4. Understand how to change your game design using Narrative structures.
    5. Learn the different types of game players, and what they are attracted to in your game.

    In this course we will examine a number of award winning games and advertising case studies from around the world. You will learn the key processes and mechanics that are used in these cases.

    This course will introduce the affects and processes that games have on the Human Brain.

    You will examine historical events through the context of a Game Designer and understand how games have shaped the world we live in today.

    The only materials you need can be found in board games, card games or role playing games you have lying around. Start playing now and press “take this course”.



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  • Udemy – Mobile Game Art Design 2015 [100% off]

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    Course Description

    LATEST: Course is updated for month of May 2015.

    IMPORTANT: Price of the course will increase to $199 on June 15, 2015


    To help you design and create Mobile Game Art for your own Mobile Games from scratch!

    Whether you are – A total newbie on Mobile Game Art Design and clueless on how to get started:

    You will gain a solid foundation on the WHATs and HOWs of designing Mobile Game Art , Game Mechanics, Game Design,choosing the right target audience for your mobile game and ultimately earning money with your mobile games! We’ll be designing and recreating the Best Selling mobile game called Flappy Bird, we’ll dive right in and learn by doing using Adobe Photoshop — No Experience needed!

    This is a structured course that teaches you a systematic way to to become a Mobile Game Designer from scratch that will save you years of time figuring things out on your own.


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