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  • Udemy – ABC of Rational Eating – CBT for dieting [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    This short power packed course will teach you to why your diets have failed in the past. How to learn to think like a successful diet maintainer and diet without being on a “diet”, meaning this course doesn’t prescribe a diet.  What this course does is teach you, what are the common sabotaging thoughts which hamper your dieting or eating practice. How to dispute these thoughts and what are the alternate thoughts. All this and some more you will learn in the context of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).


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  • Udemy – Street Workout: How to Get Started [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - Street Workout: How to Get Started

    Course Description

    Always wanted to have a better body? Tried working out but didn’t see any results? Went on a diet and failed? Having a hard time gaining muscle or losing fat?

    If any of that sounds like you, then this course is for you.
    This course focuses on giving you the right tools and mainly the mindset to start working out and keep working out.

    Many people want to get in shape, but not all of them succeed. The reason for that is usually not their fault. They just didn’t have the right mindset or workout plan when they started (if they actually started).

    If you think about a workout or a diet as a chore, then you need to change that in order to succeed.
    In my course, you will learn exactly that. From shaping your perception, to targeting your motivation and learning about how to always gain more and keep that motivation. You “ll learn about how to avoid common failures, and how to make yourself take that action (and that’s only the first section). From there you” ll learn how to slowly shape your bodyweight workout into the best one for you.


    • Develop the right mindset.
    • Build and keep the habit.
    • Get yourself out even when you don’t feel like it.
    • Make the workouts fun.
    • Perform dynamic stretches to warm yourself up, and static stretches to cool yourself down.
    • Perform different exercises with perfect technique and different variations.
    • Choose the right workout type for you. Weight loss / Mass / Toning
    • Make your own personal workout, that suits you.
    • How to follow the rules of a healthy diet, and keep it.
    • How to count calories and the needed amount of protein.

    All of this in an interesting and easy to understand way.
    I made sure to give a ton of examples, and include as many resources as possible.
    I also am going to be active and answer any question you have, so you will have more confidence when going out and working out.

    This street workout course is short and to the point, and every video is packed with valuable information. (you”ll probably need a pen and a piece of paper to take notes.)

    This information is CRUCIAL if you want to finally get to the result you’ve always wanted.
    Also don’t forget, this course has a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee if you change your mind.

    So what are you waiting for?

    See you inside!


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  • Udemy – Rapid Fat Loss Mastery [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - rapid fatloss mastery


    Everyone knows how to lose weight, right?

    Burn more calories than you take in, workout 3 to 4 times weekly, and eat enough calories to stay out of starvation mode.  But, how often does this work for people?

    Has it worked for you?  Maybe it was but it was too hard and too long of a process?

    People still struggle with weight loss.  It’s still a huge problem for most people.

    The answer is weight loss should be fast.  It should be so fast that you don’t have time to bail on your diet.

    This solution has worked for me and people that I train.  The cover pic is of me over a 2 month span, as I lost over 30 pounds and got to 7 percent body fat.

    It can work for you too.  The absolute fastest way to lose weight is in this curriculum.  Not only is it fast, but you will maintain your muscle mass as you do so. You will literally watch the fat disappear overnight.  What do you have to lose but unsightly fat???


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  • Udemy – Carb Cycling: The Effective Macronutrient Diet Plan [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - carb cycling

    Are you not sure what carb cycling is for fat loss?

    Are you unclear of where to start when it comes to carb cycling macro percentages?

    Are you finally ready for a bulletproof approach to burning fat and keeping it off for good?

    If so then keep reading!

    95% of people who go on a diet will regain the weight back within a few months or years.

    To be successful with weight loss you must do something different than everyone else.

    You see, most people fall victim to the dieting trap.

    It goes a little something like this:

    1. A company that cares nothing about you sells you on the latest diet plan or pill.
    2. You try out this diet with some initial success.
    3. Two weeks later, at your friend’s birthday party, you binge eat on some delicious food that you’ve been craving to eat.
    4. You feel guilty about yourself for cheating on your diet.
    5. Then a few weeks later when you’re feeling better about yourself, you try it again and the cycle repeats itself.

    The problem isn’t you—it’s the diet!

    Most diet plans don’t work against your body’s key fat burning hormones not with them!

    That’s why it’s inevitable for most diet plans to fail!

    It’s only a matter of time before you deplete these hormones and once you do you’re fighting a big uphill battle. You’re constantly going to feel hungry and irritable—no wonder why so many people aren’t successful with diets!

    Instead what you must do is be strategic with your nutritional approach. There are times when you should push down on the gas pedal and other times when you need to ease off of it.

    Sadly most people floor it all the time!

    You don’t drive that way and you shouldn’t diet that way either.

    This is where carb cycling comes into play.

    With carb cycling we’re going to strategically manipulate your carbohydrate intake to work with your body’s key fat burning hormones.

    This means that there will be times when you’re eating a low amount of carbs and times when you’re eating a higher amount of carbs.

    This allows you to have your cake and eat it too because eating your favorite foods is all part of the plan!

    Your friends will wonder how it’s even possible!

    Who Am I?

    My name is Thomas Rohmer and I have a Kinesiology degree from the University of North Texas, experience working as a personal trainer, and I’ve self-published 13 different health and fitness books.

    Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of the things that people commonly struggle with when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals. That’s why I always make sure to craft my advice and programs in a way that thinks of potential problems in advance and then solves them.

    I don’t care about what should work on paper, I care about what actually works for real people who have normal jobs.

    I love sharing my unique knowledge with others who are eager to learn and get started. I hope to inspire you to take action and achieve your health goals!

    Why Do I Need to Take This Course?

    You need to take this course if you’re finally ready to lose weight once and for all.

    You can leave this page and hope for the best. Hope that everything will work out. That you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off.

    Or you can stop wishing and finally get your hands on the right information. Put yourself in the right vehicle that’ll lead you to dieting success and help you maintain that success for good.

    Imagine being done with diets, pills, powders, and other supplements for good.

    Imagine what you’ll look and feel like.

    This is the last diet plan that you’ll ever need because it actually works!

    Course Topics

    • What Carb Cycling Is for Fat Loss or Muscle Gain
    • Learn How a High-Carb Diet for Weight Loss is Optimal
    • Difference Between Simple and Complex Carbohydrates
    • How to Use Key Hormones to Your Advantage Such as Leptin
    • How Many Calories You Need to Eat to Start Burning Fat Today
    • How Much Protein, Carbs, and Fat You Need to Eat to Lose Weight
    • How to Use Carb Cycling for Muscle Gain
    • The Easiest Way to Track and Measure Your Calories and Macros
    • Optional Cardio and Weight Workouts You Can Do with Carb Cycling


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  • Udemy – Wellness, Weight Loss, Transformation and Health Course [100% OFF]

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    You will get information on

    • Weight loss and Weight Management
    • Specific Habits to Implement
    • Stress Management and Stress Reduction Techniques
    • Ideas You Might Have Not Considered
    • How to Transform
    • Tips to Implement Today

    In the combination program you are getting 5 programs in one.  Make the easy decision to develop a plan for your health, wellness, and weight loss beginning today.


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  • Udemy – How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat [100% off]

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    How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

    Looking to build muscle? Do you want to lose some fat? Then this course is perfect for you!

    In this course I’ll go over (in depth) how to do both so that you can understand the principals and then apply them yourself for the rest of your life. It’s about consistent progress! This course is all you need to reach your goals and continue progressing on your Fitness and Nutrition journey.

    What qualifies me to teach this? I’m a certified Personal Trainer with over a decade of experience in the Gym. I’ve made all the mistakes and believed all the common misconceptions that you might not even know exist. That was back when I was was first starting out, but was still an integral part of my journey. Let me share with you my mistakes and what I’ve learned works best over the years of successfully implementing the right principals so you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself and cut your learning curve (and results) significantly!

    I also major in Nutritional Sciences. Nutrition is one of my favorite passions. For the last 3 years or so, I have literally ate, slept, breathed, and studied everything nutrition. This course throws out all the boring Nutrition lessons that you might not care about, while still implementing their principals. More importantly, it will educate you (in laymen s terms) on how to eat to achieve your goals. It’s a lot simpler than you might think!

    Aside from the phenomenal walk through videos that explain both fitness and nutrition, how they relate to your goals, and how you can implement them correctly…you’ll also get much much more 100% FREE. I usually charge hundreds of dollars for these things with my Online Fitness & Nutrition Consulting Service, but my students will benefit from them for no extra charge. They are as follows:

    – 3 Workout Plans with everything set up for you (Weekly splits, rep ranges, sets, exercises to perform, etc…)

    – A FREE personalized Nutrition Plan from me (this is 100% personalized to your goals and will be done by me in real time)

    – 5 Supplemental Resources to grow your knowledge base on Fitness and Nutrition Principals

    – The corresponding PowerPoint with all the information outlined for you in the course (so you don’t have to take notes…I’ve already done that for you!)

    – Access to a special Motivation Playlist and Motivational Quotes to power through any workout and keep you inspired

    – Access to every single exercise I teach (including videos and step by step walkthroughs of the biomechanics of every movement and how to perform it properly)

    – and much much more!

    ***This is hands down the best value (course wise) in the Fitness Industry that you can purchase online.***

    Enroll today and start building the body of your dreams…


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  • Udemy – Sustainable Weight Loss [100% off]

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    Over the past few years I have been asked by many of my patients, family and friends to help them to lose weight. I also struggled with my weight for many years when I was an athlete competing in Long-Jump, as it was extremely hard for me to stay lean and light, so I know how hard dieting can be. Most of us have been on a diet or two throughout our lives and the obesity epidemic is a real problem in society today, with not many successful programs out there to help us solve the problem.

    So, through my personal experience and extensive research in this topic I have finally put together a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of sustainable weight loss. By sustainable I mean being able to change your unhealthy eating and exercise patterns and learn how to sustain a healthy way of living- resulting in a body that is healthy and fit.

    My sustainable weight loss program is designed to:

    • Help you to lose weight gradually so that you can maintain the results throughout your life.
    • Give you exercise programs that are easy and fun and designed to improve your overall strength, flexibility and fitness.
    • Assist you to manage emotional and physical stress that can lead to over-eating and weight gain.
    • Give you basic nutritional advice that is easy to follow long-term.
    • Help you to make the right health choices for you so that you can take control of your own health.

    The program runs for 3 weeks and it is recommended that you do it a total of three times to get the maximum benefits and to create a new pattern in your life. You will be given a detailed plan with the requirements for each day and your daily training time is approximately 1 hour with one day off each week.  The program consists of:

    • 6 short resistance training sessions- low intensity and low impact on the body.
    • 6 short pilates videos- for improving core strength, overall body strength, better posture and flexibility.
    • Nutrition advice- my 6 best diet and weight loss tips.
    • 4 meditation videos- to reduce stress levels and remove emotional baggage.
    • Choose your own interval cardio sessions of approx. 20-30 mins.

    Research has found that a combination of strength training and interval sessions are more effective than cardio alone in losing weight. So I have provided a variety of training videos and styles to help you lose weight more effectively.

    The overall aim is for you to achieve a gradual weight loss that you can maintain. You will reach a  level of fitness that will keep you healthy for life, so that you can feel great and look great! This will give you the freedom to be able to do the things that you love such as fun adventures and activities, travel and enjoying time with your friends and family. I will help you to gain control of your body and health now and in the future. I look forward to assisting you! 🙂


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  • Udemy – The Secrets to Get Abs Fast: Abs Programs to Have 6 Pack Abs [100% off]

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    Join my community of over 6 MILLION PEOPLE who regularly listen to my secrets !

    Dear Reader:

    • Do you have trouble losing fat, having a flat stomach or having abs ?
    • Have you ever felt that, no matter what techniques you use or the methods you have been told, you can not have real meaningful changes when it comes to having a better body ?
    • Are you uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a swimsuit ?
    • Do you have trouble losing fat in your love handles or at your stomack ?
    • Do you want to go to a gym but you do not really have the time or money?

    If yes,

    you are not alone.

    And let me reassure you of something

    It’s not your fault !

    When you really want to take your life in hand, then read very carefully what follows

    You really deserve to possess the abs of your dream and a flat stomack, just like me.

    Because if you are reading this article, it is not a mere coincidence. Maybe there’s a part of you that you want to improve now, even if you’re not necessarily aware of it.

    Or maybe you’re tired of stagnating by watching you every day in the mirror without actually making great improvements.

    Or then you are tired of seeing some girls and boys slaving over the bodies of certain actors or actresses of cinema, singers or singers, while they could just as much ecstasy in front of YOU (when you really know how to do)

    The good news is:

    You do not need to hire me personally (at a high cost) to show you the secrets you will discover.

    Everything you need is explained very precisely in this program, in detail, step by step, and I take 100% of the risks and consequences to the fitness industry and other sports “gurus” who want to make a large number of dependent people by leaving them always waiting.

    Nothing will be hidden from you here.

    Whether you’ve never played a sport in your life or have an expert lever, wherever you are, you’ll find all the details you need to progress.

    No matter your age and your professional situation.

    You will discover for example:

    •  How to Get Your Abs Without Going to the Gym
    • The Secrets of Fat Loss on Your Belly
    •  How to Lose Fat Locally on Your Stomack
    • An Essential Aspect to see your Abs
    • What You Should Eat
    • The Secret Number 1 to Lose Fat
    •  The Best Foods to Get Abs
    • The 2 Things to Keep in Mind
    •  The Best Time to Do Cardio
    • The 4 Main Components to Target During Your Training
    • Best Exercises to Work The Lower Abs
    • Best Exercises to Work The Obliques
    • My Personal Secret that Allowed me to get my Abs Quickly
    • How to Boost Yourself Well Before a Training
    • What You Should You Do to Maintain Your Abs
    • How to Keep your Abs for the Long Term
    • What you Need to Know on Stretching
    • How to Use the Law of Attraction

    There is also NO Financial Risk for you …

    Of course, you are protected for a 30-day warranty – so if at any time within 30 days of your receipt, you do not feel that this is for you, simply return the program and you will receive a refund.

    Be fast however!

    Once the stock is exhausted, the product will be removed from the sale or it will be banned for its controversial nature with the secrets it contains, the program will never be produced again (it will also be sold at a much higher price for people who do not get it on time).

    Also take before and after pictures of yourself, because you will really change.

    See you soon !


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  • Udemy – Complete Health: The Perfect Diet, Exercise And Motivation [100% off]

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    Learn How To Boost Your Health With The Right Diet, Exercise And Motivation – Everything In 1 Course

    Hi, I’m Felix Harder fitness and dieting coach and amazon best selling author. My Complete Health Course is designed for anyone who wants to boost their health, no matter if you’re a beginner, athlete or simply want to live a healthier life.

    This course is not some random program that makes outragous promises and keeps none. Instead I will teach you everything you need to know about the three most important ascpect of healthy living: the right diet, the right exercises and the right mindset.

    Unfortunately, the internet is full of false fitness gurus that sell you all kinds of workouts plans and gimmicks that are overpriced and don’t work. This is why I wanted to create an video course that not only debunks the most common fitness myths but also teaches everything you need to know to reach your goals, be it to lose fat, build muscle or simply live a healthier life. 

    Here Is What’s Inside The Program:

    The Right Dieting For Health & Fitness

    • What the simplest weight loss diet looks like that always works
    • How to build a healthy relationship with food 
    • What the most important aspects of your meal plan are 
    • How to avoid weight gain over the holidays 
    • How to read a nutirtion label correctly

    The Right Workout For Health & Fitness

    • How to use scientifically proven strategies to motivate yourself to exercise more
    • How you should train on your first day at the gym, to avoid the most common beginner mistakes 
    • Cardio vs. weight training: which is better for weight loss 
    • How to measure your heart rate during your workout 
    • The right type of exercise for a stronger heart and stronger bones

    The Right Mindset & Motivation:

    • How To Master Willpower
    • The Role Of Stress In Motivation
    • How To Set SMART Fitness Goals
    • 5 Steps To Endless Motivation & A Strong Mindset 
    • How To Visualize Your Ideal Body For More Motivation

    Complete Health will give you the best possible start for a healthier and fitter you!

    So If You Want To Boost Your Health, Feel More Energized And Live A Healthier Life, This Is The Right Course For You

    Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start building your health & fitness plan diet today!

    tags: nutrition, dieting, diet plan, fat loss, weight loss, build muscle, meal planning, building muscle, weight loss, fitness, health


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  • Udemy – Weight loss by Dieting,Training &Body Transformation(8Weeks) [100% off]

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    8 weeks of training in the gym with the perfect exercises that help you to lose fats and to shape your body to more beautiful

    The diet is playing very very very important role in any goal , so learn how to write it wisely  and how to manipulate the body by caloric deficit to keep fat losing process continuous !!

    so you will learn in this course :

    Setting Up Your Weight Loss Diet (Step-By-Step)

    • Determining Your Daily Calorie Needs
    • Amount Protein Intake For Weight Loss
    • Amount Carbohydrate Intake For Weight Loss
    • Amount Fat Intake For Weight Loss
    • Recommendation Of  The Right Meals 

    Optional food sources with the nutrition facts of them :

    • The Best Sources Of Healthy Protein
    • The Best Sources Of Healthy Carbs
    • The Best Sources Of Healthy Fats

    2 Different Plans of Training That Will Shape Your Body Perfectly!!

    First 4 weeks :

    • Perfect Chest and Triceps Exercises
    • Perfect Back and Biceps Exercises
    • Perfect Legs and Shoulders  Exercises
    • Suitable Cardio and Abs Exercises
    • Time of Training 
    • Time of Resting Between sets
    • Perfect Time of Cardio

    Second 4 weeks :

    • Harder Chest Exercises
    • Harder Back Exercises
    • Harder Arms and Abs Exercises
    • Harder Legs Exercises
    • Harder Shoulders , Arms and Abs Exercises
    • Cardio !

    Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start Achieving your goal and get ready for the summer  today !!


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