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  • Udemy – Make women want you!! [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Man if you are in a relationship you know how difficult it is to understand women. Throughout the history men are trying to understand what women want.

    It hurts when you don’t get the recognition, appreciation and respect you deserve from the woman. Do you know why this happens even after you give your complete self to her?

    This is a lively and accessible course to successful communication between the sexes that has already helped thousands of people understand why members of the opposite sex behave the way they do, this new course contains:

    • what makes members of the opposite sex tick

    • how to understand their verbal and non-verbal language

    • how to motivate the opposite sex and get what you want

    • how to avoid arguments and promote fruitful communication

    • how to score points with the opposite sex and impress your partner

    • the real emotional needs of the opposite sex and the behaviours associated with these needs

    • how to keep love alive and stay together long term

    This authoritative course will help you reach a point of harmony and understanding where both sexes can live, work and love together.

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  • Udemy – Winning With Communication – Master Communication Skills [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Winning With Communication – Communication Training Course

    It’s hard to get the slightest things done … if you can’t communicate well. Master Communicators enjoy Better Careers, Relationships, Happiness and More Success! Gain an Unfair Advantage over those who are missing these skills … and Join the Ranks of the Top 1% of Communicators!

    You will learn:

    • How to Say things in a way others will Listen

    • Learn how make your Communication more Powerful

    • Improve your Relationships

    • Be more Influential

    • How to get your needs met

    • Create Closeness & Understanding

    • Be Liked more

    • Understand others better

    • Achieve your Goals

    • Speak With Greater Confidence!

             and Much, Much More!

    Mastering Communication Skills is one of the KEYS to a Successful Life … It will help you achieve more in your Career in less time and More in your Life in General!  Gain this Added Advantage in Life – Become a Master Communicator!

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  • Udemy – Public Speaking for Profit [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Public Speaking is not a talent you are born with, but rather a skill that anyone can learn!

    In this course I share with you the secrets of how you can create  yourself a career in speaking and presenting to small and large  audiences. You will discover the benefits of becoming a speaker and how  to build your speaking business.

    You will learn tips and tricks established presenters are using to  present their subject matter and content in an engaging and professional  way.

    The class is set out in small sequences which can viewed in any order  you like. This way you can pick and choose what you want to focus on.

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  • Udemy – Effective communication skills for 4-6 years old children [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Your children do not listen to you. You do not know how to make them to be able to communicate what they want in an effective way.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. how to  communicate with your children
    2. to teach your children to communicate with the others
    3. to teach your children to communicate with their self.Communication has got many aspects which are important if we want to help our children to be effective in their lives.

      After you will finish this course you will feel secure and you will believe in your abilities to communicate with the children.

      You will learn from the shortcut  of my expertise, my  knowledge and the experience that I share with you to be the facilitator that your child needs for the development of his/her communication skills.

    4. In this course you will have an outline which makes the communication from abstract concept to a congrete practical quide with simple steps to accomplish.
    5. You will have the opportunity to practice in a very ease and anganging with child way

    All the above are a shortcut of my expertise,  practice and research in three siences.

    It is an opportunity to grap the communication in your hands.

    Enroll now and I will be connected with you.


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  • Udemy – The Complete Body Language for Business Course [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - The Complete Body Language for Business Course

    Course Description

    Body language. Having strong body language and non-verbal skills in business has never been more important. In order to be successful in today’s business world, it is important to not just know the part and act the part, but to look the part and move the part as well.

    Like it or not, we are all being judged (consciously and unconsciously) in the business world by how we sit, stand, move, talk, and engage. This body language course will give you the tools you need in order to know how to come across your best at all times.

    Please note, this course is the longest, most through, most comprehensive body language course on this platform, clocking in at 10 hours and more than 150 lectures. Plus, the instructor gives you individualized, personalized feedback and critiques of your own body language!

    TJ Walker, a world class presentation skills, body language and non-verbal communication expert to executives around the world, is here to guide you on how to handle yourself(and your body) in every business situation.

    The Complete Body Language for Business reflects the modern reality that executives and workers need to convey comfort and authority not just in face-to-face meetings and presentations, but also in on-demand and live video communications on Skype, Facetime, YouTube, Zoom, WebEx and other platforms.

    This body language course will give you all the tools you need to interact with customers, clients, colleagues and bosses in the modern workplace. And you’ll gain the tools you need to ace job interviews.

    You will never need to feel awkward or uncomfortable in the workplace again.

    You can look and feel as comfortable conducting a meeting on Skype video or giving a keynote presentation as you are talking to your best friend.

    Note: This course will not peddle you the same old tired (and fake!) clichés about body language being 93% of communication. It will teach you have to use effective body language, combine with your other job skills, for maximum positive career impact.

    What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this course?

    ·         Come across as comfortable, confident and relaxed in any work setting

    ·         Display excellent body language in the workplace

    ·         Come across authoritative on Skype video, TV and other on-camera work opportunities

    ·         Exude leadership when speaking and presenting

    Please note: this is a body language and non-verbal communications course conducted by a real person who is speaking and demonstrating communication skills. If you are looking for a course with lots of animation, slides, special effects, slick edits, and robotic voices, this course is not for you.


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  • Udemy – Business Development Blueprint: Advanced Strategies [100% OFF]

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    Great Business Development Reps come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, but there are some common things in all successful ones, thinking outside the box.

    It’s not enough to blindly follow a process: the modern selling landscape has changed drastically in the last 15 years. Now, we live in the world of hyper-personalization and educated buyers. Great business development representatives must be able to adapt to the changing landscape and think for themselves.

    Business development is all about communication, from cold-calling prospects to maintaining long-term relationships, to sharing information and ideas with colleagues and other stakeholders. That means the business developer must be able to speak and write clearly and confidently, as well as listening with an empathic and open mind so as to be able to address others’ needs and concerns.

    Business development requires not only understanding one’s own business, but also that of competitors and of the market as a whole. Part of gaining that understanding is simply researching and listening with an open mind, but part of it, too, is collecting and analyzing data. Knowing which market segments respond to what types of campaigns, how large the market is, and whether the market is currently changing will give you the leg up.

    In this course I’m going to provide you with advanced business strategies for achieving exponential growth and transforming your company into a high-profit leader.

    I’m going to show you how to attract and keep great clients, while running a profitable and efficient business.In addition, I will help you to maximize your most valuable client relationships, and to develop a breakthrough  personalized business development plan to mine the untapped potential in your business.

    You will gain a new understanding of the business development process that will enable you to implement superior business plans.

    What you’ll learn in this course:

    • Essential communication skills that empower you to masterfully handle pivotal moments in your career
    • Perfect your body language to maximize your success
    • Improve conversation skills to leave a positive Impression
    • Leverage the power of storytelling to help your message resonate with your audience
    • Methods to create, validate, and communicate requirements that accelerate decision-making
    • How to deliver quick wins that drive end-user adoption and long-lasting solutions
    • Building trust and credibility
    • Learn how to build strong client relationships
    • Asking proper questions, challenging all assumptions, and understanding the context of every interaction
    • Proposals, recommendations, and presentations that sell ideas
    • Use competition to your advantage



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  • Udemy – Everything You Need to Know About Speaking on Camera [100% OFF]

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    Speaking to a camera is the most important skill to have in the 21st century. Video is soon to be the most common way people share ideas, businesses, and relationships, and if you don’t know how to speak to a camera effectively, you’ll be left in the dust.

    Hi, we’re Nick and Soma.

    Consider this:

    1. Over 3 billion people use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, and Udemy
    2. Video content is by farthe most pervasive and effective way we communicate on these platforms
    3. Development in recording technology isn’t slowing down – it’s speeding up. If you thought people filming concerts with their iPads was crazy, that’s nothing compared to what’s coming

    According to Forrester Research, a single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

    What does this mean?

    It means the businesses, the innovators, and the world leaders of the future are going to be spreading the equivalent of several thousand books’  worth of ideas, emotions, and experiences in the same time it takes for you to finish a single videoon YouTube.

    That’sworld-changing potential.

    Entrepreneurs today are faced with the same dilemma they had twenty-five years ago when the internet was first becoming widespread:

    “Should I try and adapt? Or is this just a passing fad?”

    Newsflash: just like the internet,it’s not a fad. Get in or get left behind.

    Now, where is this “in” anyway?

    “In” is where the majority of people currently aren’t. Most people out there have noidea how to talk to the camera – the second somebody starts filming, they freeze, get awkward, and manage to look more out of place than a penguin in the middle of the desert.

    But cameras are all around us. On every street corner. On every laptop. And in every kid’s, young adult’s, and granny’s pockets. And by neglecting to spend any conscious time working on your camera skills, you’re potentially missing out on huge opportunities. Like:

    Marketing videos. Personal branding. Skype interviews. Business meetings. Instagram stories. Virtual acting calls. News segments. Online dating. The list goes on and on. Take any activity, social situation, or career and apply video to it. Because if it doesn’t already involve a camera, it will eventually.

    Here’s where we come in.

    We coach communication. Body language, vocal tone, public speaking – you name it.

    Recently, we started applying what we know about the fundamentals of human interactions to the relatively esoteric sphere of communicating on camera. We compiled peer-reviewed articles, spoke to professional journalists, and watched a tonof crappy speakers.

    And we came up with a short list of 6 easy steps anyone can take to master their camera speaking.

    6 short steps, with each one taking less than half an hour to practice and get down pat. Do the math, and you end up with just under 3 hours total to master one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

    We’re proof that they work: we personally used these 6 steps to get over 4,000 students worldwide to enroll in our courses in just a few months.

    Because what most people don’t realize about content creation is that it doesn’t really matter whatyou’re saying.

    It matters how you say it.

    And we’ll teach you the how. Whether or not you actively create content, the tools, skills, and techniques you learn in our short information-packed course will benefit you the rest of your life.

    Let’s get you started. Enroll now and we’ll see you inside.

    Talk soon,

    Nick & Soma

    P.S If you’re still not convinced, feel free to watch a few of our samples by clicking the video in the top-right corner. We stand by our content 100%. Happy public speaking!


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  • Udemy – 10x Your Social Skills & Connect With People [100% OFF]

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    The first step in increasing your skill in dealing with people. 85 percent of your success in life is going to be determined by your social skills, by your ability to interact positively and effectively with others and to get them to cooperate with you in helping you to achieve your goals. To create a successful human relations, it is imperative to understand people and their nature.

    This course has been divided into 12 sections. In each section, we have discussed in detail about different aspects that you would need to master to have a great people skill .

    In this course, you will learn human Characteristics and how you can understand the non-verbal quo while talking to someone. You will learn to tactfully agree with people, you will learn to make people feel important, you will learn the power of constructive criticism, and many more .  So, be prepared with you pens and notepads to take notes while you listen to the lectures.

    Each section has exercise to be done for better understanding of the concept. And I would encourage you to complete the exercises before you move to the next one.

    Throughout the course you will hear me giving many different examples in the form of photos and stories to make your understanding better and relatable.

    Once, you have successfully completed the course. In the last section of this course, You will learn the tools and techniques to apply the real-life application of the human-centered skills and I have also explained how you too can do the same for yourself. So, what are you waiting for?? Let’s dive into the world of creating amazing people skills.

    Thank you, my name is Susmita Dutta and I will see you in the course!


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  • Udemy – Effective Communication – 29 Hours HD Video [100% OFF]

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    NPTEL JADA’s partner Course,.

    Course Introduction and Description of Lecture Plan

    As the table above indicates, the course contents are distributed over twelve modules.
    Each module consists a minimum of one to a maximum of five lectures, and in total, the
    twelve modules amount to forty lectures.

    The focus of this course is on communication
    skills, which cover the four major language skills, namely, reading, writing, listening,
    and speaking. In Module I, I talk about Introduction to Communication and the Need for

    Effective Communication. In the following module, Module II, I talk about Barriers to
    Communication and Overcoming Measures to these Barriers to Communication. You
    will come to know of those barriers and obstacles, which actually cause impediments to
    effective communication. In Module III, after introducing you to the operative principles
    communication, its effectiveness, and then various associated concepts on overcoming
    the barriers to communication,

    I will be focusing on Non-Verbal Communication with
    detailed descriptions of Body Language. This module highlights the soft skills relevant
    for performing well in professional activities like group discussion and interviews.
    Module IV deals with Listening Skills and answers in detail the following questions: Why
    do we need listening skills? How to enhance our listening skills? How to be a better
    listener? How to be an active listener?

    In Module V, the focus is on Written Communication. Here Letter Writing, with special
    emphasis on Job Application Letter, is dealt with. In Module VI, the focus is on
    Technical Writing emphasizing Report Writing, and highlighting the difference between
    literary style and technical style.

    The next two modules are quite important in a

    professional sense. Module VII deals with Group Discussion covering such issues as:
    Why group discussion? How to be a good participant in group discussion? How to judge
    group discussion participants? How to consider the non-verbal aspects of group

    Interview Skills, the next module of consisting of seven lectures, is the longest one in this
    course. Beginning with a discussion on how to prepare for an interview, the module
    systematically covers all the skills needed for giving a successful performance at an
    interview. Module IX deals with what is contemporary and necessary, that is,
    Netiquette—the manner and method of expressing oneself on line. The next module,
    Module X, focuses on Oral Presentation.

    This includes professional presentation skills
    and general skills related to public speaking. It addresses important questions such as:
    “How to overcome stage-fright” and “How to deliver a confident presentation.”
    Module XI addresses a quite contemporary and relevant topic, that is, Cross-Cultural
    Communication or Inter-Cultural Communication. This focuses on communication
    across-cultures or communication between two cultures.


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  • Udemy – The Key to English Pronunciation: British Pronunciation [100% OFF]

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    Ever wondered how to read the phonetic transcription of words or how to pronounce a word that you have never seen or heard before?

    When you mispronounce words it can impede understanding and affect your confidence to speak English. Knowing the correct or received pronunciation of words will boost your confidence and help you learn words correctly once and for all.

    Take this comprehensive course on the ins and outs of English pronunciation. This course can be used it in the context of accent reduction, vocabulary building towards more fluency,  or of language teaching. It is ideal for intermediate to proficient speakers of English.

    My clear videos, video tutorials, quizzes, downloadable infographics, and downloadable memo sheets will make these symbols and concepts easy for you to put into practice! In as little as 10 hours you will fully understand the phonetic transcription of words and feel more confident pronouncing new words.

    Don’t be intimidated or put off by past experiences with pronunciation classes. Believe that you can master pronunciation, and that it can be interesting and fun!


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