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  • Udemy – Learn Deferred Taxes through Case Studies [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Welcome to this course Learn Deferred Taxes through Case Studies

    As the name says, this course will cover only problems / case studies in Deferred Taxes. It means, there will be no separate lectures for Theoretical Concepts. You are expected to know theoretical concepts before taking up this course.

    Deferred tax problems / case studies are night mares for several students taking up professional courses like CA / CMA / CS / ACCA / CIMA. This course was created to help those students who are facing difficulty in cracking Deferred Tax Assets / Liabilities computations.

    So far, around 10 Case studies have been added into the course curriculum. All the case studies are tested in Professional Level Examinations. More case studies will be added in the coming days.

    This course is structured in self paced learning style.

    Excel / PPTs used for solving problems / case studies will be available for download.

    Solve problems simultaneously to get better grip on the case studies.

    See you inside the course.

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  • Udemy – Personal Finances with Neelam Dhal CPA, CA, AccFM [100% OFF]

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    Personal Finances with Neelam Dhal CPA, CA, AccFM

    Vital Keys to build your wealth

    Neelam Dhall, CPA, CA, AccFM, Divorce Coach, Personal Financial Coach and Author

    Neelam Dhall an AccFM (Accredited Family Mediator) with over 21 years of experience in Finance, Contract Negotiation and Contract Management.  She is well-versed in the complexities of separation/divorce, from dealing with parenting plans to dealing with the financial aspects of divorce to navigating the stressful process of preparing for and attending court.


    Neelam is well-respected for her compassionate, calm approach and her eye for detail.  She has an exceptional ability to provide clarity and direction in a supportive, comfortable and neutral environment. Neelam’s finance background enables her to mediate and assist you with resolving your divorce-related financial issues in a highly effective manner.  Her ability to mediate all matters in a divorce allows you to resolve your issues efficiently and cost-effectively with one person.

    Having been through her own divorce, she understands the turmoil and stress that are brought on by divorce. She understands the complexities and emotions involved in creating parenting plans and dealing with the financial implications of divorce.  She is passionate about helping families resolve their disputes in a less stressful and less costly manner and finds it very rewarding to help her clients restore peace in their lives.

    Most people don’t plan to fail,

    They fail to plan.


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  • Udemy – Linear Programming Problem [100% off]

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    Linear Programming Problem

    Course Description

    Welcome to this course Linear Programming Problem.

    Every organisation will have this objective. That is, Maximization of profit or Minimization of Cost. But this objective cannot be achieved that easily because there will be many constraints. Constraints may be in the form of Men, Material, Machine or any other resources. Organisation should keep this constraints in mind and make optimum allocation of its resources.

    This course will teach you, how to allocate resources optimally and achieve objective when you have various sets of constraints.

    Linear Programming Problem (LPP) is a mathematical technique to identify the ways in which resources can be allocated given the constraints and achieve given objective.

    In LPP, there are broadly two methods by which we can identify optimum allocation of resources.

    This course will explain both the methods i.e., Graphical Method and Simplex Method using number of case studies.

    This course is structured only from Academic Point of View. Hence, it does not teach you about software or apps related to LPP.

    This course is useful only for students pursuing CA  / CMA / CS / CAIIB / Accounts and Statistics related courses.

    This course is structured in self paced learning style.

    Take this course to have practical insight of LPP.


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