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  • Udemy – Value Proposition Design – Masterclass 2016 [100% off]

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    Value Proposition Design - Masterclass 2016

    Course Description

    This practical course is focused on the “Value Proposition Canvas” tool that helps startups and organizations design compelling products and services that customers will buy. It’s must have tool if you want to save time and effort in designing your product or service. The best thing is it’s visual, practical and is easy to learn. This world class tool was introduced in Alex Osterwalder’s top seller book “Value Proposition Design” and is a continuation of the “Business Model Canvas”. This excellent visual tool is easy and practical.

    1. Use the value proposition canvas to come up with great value propositions
    2. Develop deeper understanding of your customer
    3. Map out a detailed customer profile
    4. Design products and services based on customer needs
    5. Extract powerful value propositions
    6. Check your customer-product fit


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  • Udemy – Business Model Blueprint – Transform Your Business [100% off] Worth $97!

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    Course Description

    If I could show you a way to completely innovate and re-think your existing business … a model to completely re-invent your startup, existing business or enterprise, would you be interested?

    Introducing the ground-breaking work of dozens of visionaries, and game changers that set out to defy outdated business models and design tomorrow’s enterprises.

    Literally millions of people use the unique and very inventive Business Model Canvas around the world to gain clarity and insight into their business models. It is a simple, yet amazingly powerful tool when used and applied properly your business or organization. It will allow you to strategize and look at your business or startup from different perspective.

    Customer Segments & Value Proposition – Figure out who your target customers are. What problems you intend to solve for them and what needs to satisfy. How to think outside-the-box.

    Customer Relationships & Channels – Come up with inventive ways to deliver your products and services and the type of relationships you need to carry have with your customers. Can you change the way your industry does things for the better?

    Key Resources & Activities – Determine what you need to do and how you need to do it to deliver what you promise to your customers. Or how about determining an entire new customer or market to serve by analyzing what you already have and do best?

    Key Partners – Build a support system of partners, vendors and other enterprises.

    Rethink Revenue Streams & Costs – Come up with different ways of generating revenues that you may have never considered. Streamline operations to save costs.

    To help you tackle the Business Model Canvas head on, the course provides insight into 5 useful business models that you can use as a template to build your own enterprise. Imagine if you could be a fly on the wall in the boardroom of some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world (Google, Gillette, HP, and more) to see how their innovative business models fit nicely onto a one page canvas.

    This course provides must-have knowledge for anybody who is an entrepreneur or existing business owner or anyone considering starting a business. The end game is a new model and paradigm for your business. Why not transform and disrupt your industry … simply by applying critical thinking the business model canvas forces you to do.


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