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  • Udemy – Leveraging Your Personal Brand To Grow Your Business [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    We’ll show you how to measure the size and quality of your personal brand, understand the link to the brand of your business, and amplify the way you market yourself online. We also cover the protection of private information and strategic decision points in the manner that you wish to present your message.

    Tap into the potential of your own personal brand so that your business can grow as a result!


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  • Udemy – Brand Health Check [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    We Will Cover

    Part 1: – Elements Of Brand

    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Image & Positioning & Differentiation.
    • Brand Personality.
    • Brand Equity.
    • Brand Experience.
    • Brand Communication.
    • Brand Extension.

    Part 2: – Health Check

    • Logos.
    • Exploring The Future Of Your Brand For You Business.

    This is a course allows business owners to conduct a “health check ” on their current brand now and helps them project where the business might go in the future.


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  • Udemy – Personal Branding MasterClass [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - personal branding masterclass

    This Personal Branding MasterClass helps you identify your strengths and develop the qualities that recommend you. On one hand it teaches you to communicate these strengths effectively and turn them into key messages; on the other hand, it shows you how to use them as unique competitive advantages for your career or business – in short, to differentiate what you have to offer professionally.

    The course is right for you if:

    • You are at the beginning of your career or wish a change and want to promote yourself either in the company where you are working or among the potential employers.
    • You want to know more about how to promote yourself in the field you are already active in, to get more customers or to become more familiar with your community (business or career).
    • You are an entrepreneur, and a strong personal brand can help you promote your business.
    • You work or want to start a career in areas such as Life / Business / Corporate Coaching, Training, Vocational Counseling, Personal Development Counseling, Leaderhsip, etc.


    The benefits of the Personal Branding MasterClass course translate into building an authentic personal brand and creating an online and offline communication plan that takes you to the next professional level: whether we are talking about position consolidation or an update or a step forward in a new direction. It’s not a “successful” prefabricated recipes, but an authentic assessment and transformation.

    What you will learn in the course:

    • The brand and the elements of a brand
    • Defining your personal brand
    • Strengths, points of improvement, values, personality traits, brand promise.
    • Personal Brand Architecture
    • Communication plan for your personal brand
    • Channels for online and offline communication
    • Monitoring your personal brand

    You will work on your own personal branding plan, ready to be implemented when you complete this course. Branding exists at all levels of personal and professional life, whether we are trying to promote ourselves in a particular sector, trying to sell a service or product, trying to get a job, trying to convince our audience or wanting success in interpersonal relationships. Personal Branding is a process of developing personal reputation with the goal of gaining notoriety for a person, being known for certain skills, having competitive advantages, differentiating and becoming memorable for specific features.

    Without realizing, we are Brands. It only takes a simple interaction with a person for labeling.

    Personal branding is a powerful and very important tool because it sends a direct, clear and relevant message about you and / or what you have to offer. A strong and authentic personal branding helps you get to know your strengths, differentiate you and position you as an expert on your niche. In a busy and very agitated world, personal branding helps you discover your qualities through your own personality and reach your career and / or business goals.

    We will discover together what makes you UNIQUE and many more within the Personal Branding course.

    The Personal Branding course does not address only to the entrepreneurs or managers, but to all those who feel the growing competition in the today context, which is in a constant change. Because it is about a more clear definition of the personal and professional position, it’s definitely very useful to all those who are at a crossroads in the career, a moment that inevitably appears on the path of professional development.

    (The course contains practical exercises)


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  • Udemy – BUSINESS BRANDING TOOLKIT | Customer Attraction & Retention [100% OFF]

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    Many businesses (both in the products and services category) are ignored or forgotten in possible usage situations because they are either unknown or simply perceived as weak brands. The owners of these businesses have not put enough effort into how their prospects will think of their brand, when they would think of it, where they would think of it, and how often they would think of it.

    And since the extent to which a business is remembered and patronized by customers is often determined by how well it is known, perceived and trusted as a brand, I decided to create this course.

    The Business Branding Toolkit course will help you as an entrepreneur, business leader or manager to understand the concept of branding as it applies to business growth and profitability, how you can use branding to properly position your business to be able to attract the right customers, and how you can sustain the resulting goodwill.

    As a seasoned brand visibility specialist and expert in brand strategy development, advertising, idea generation, creative writing (copywriting and content development), business strategy development and marketing (offline and online), I have put together this course from a backdrop of my experience working with top brands.

    I’ve worked on different international brands like Kellogg’s, Pringles, Wrigley, Johnnie Walker, Lipton, Infinix, MTN, and some national brands like Sterling Bank, Interswitch, Globe Motors, Konga, Wakanow, Bayelsa State, Quickteller, Minimee Chinchin, Royco and others.


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  • Udemy – Grow Your Business: Drive Success by Building Brand Values [100% OFF]

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    Whatever type of company you run, Brand values can be used to improve virtually every aspect of operations, from training and leading employees to accounting and payroll issues.

    Values-driven companies achieve better business performance & make their brand stronger and more valuable.

    I’m gonna provide you with a step-by-step strategic plan to transform your company into a high-profit leader and learn how to fully engage your employees & create a thriving company culture.

    Whether you’re a solopreneur or a member of an established company, by the end of this course, you’ll have a useful, inspiring set of brand values that will unlock your potential, clarify your path, and allow you to develop the business you’ve always imagined.

    In this course you will learn:

    • What are Brand Values
    • How brand values help your company
    • How values shape culture
    • How to create your values
    • How to put your values into practice
    • Sharing your values
    • Keeping your brand values alive


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  • Udemy – 65 Actionable Branding Strategies That Will 3X Your Profit [100% off] Worth $200!

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    Course Description

    • There is one misspelled word in this description and I bet you can’t find it (no one has yet)! Shoot me a message if you think you’ve found it.
    • Join over 2,000 successful students in the first and only course on Udemy with a 125% money back guarantee. If you don’t earn your investment back with the strategies you learn in this course, I will give you 25% cash on top of your refund.
    • Please check out the video at the top 🙂
    • Here’s what students are saying about 65 Actionable Branding Strategies:

    “I am rather blown away by the lectures, wanting to learn more about…the strategies and thinking about how I can deploy them.”

    “Branding…and so much more! If you are starting a business or looking to revamp a current business, this is THE course to take. So much information every step of the way and not one second of fluff, with the exception of the hilarious intro. This instructor not only knows his stuff, he delivers massive content in a fun way that draws the student in and allows for maximum consumption. Easy to understand and great video quality makes this course an A+ in my book. Looking forward to learning more!”

    “Anyone who has a business of any kind needs this course.”

    No fluff. No filler. In this course, you’ll learn how to:

    • Get publicity and advertising without spending a dime
    • Create high-converting promotions
    • Win customers for life with one extremely rare but simple strategy
    • Establish expertise and authority in just six weeks
    • Create viral names, USPs and logos for your brand and products
    • Go from talking to yourself to getting paid speaking engagements
    • Use your customers to go viral
    • Become the go-to resource for anything and everything related to your niche

    You’ll also receive a great interview with billionaire Lynda Resnick, founder of POM and Fiji Water, and a$100 online advertising credit.

    Hurry, the price will rise to $499 very soon!

    Now in addition to the 65 tactics I’m going to walk you through, I’ve included a list of 100 content marketing case studies so you can see great examples of how small and large businesses have put some of these unique marketing ideas into use.

    To make the course easy to digest, each lesson is screen recorded in HD 1080p and includes transcripts and checklists in case you prefer text to audio or video. These checklists are great for review but also include a link to everything you see in the videos so you can easily find anything you need.

    I’ll personally be answering any questions you have and I’ll be happy to provide links, resources and any help I can offer you in developing your brand. I’ll also be updating the course every month with new tactics and approaches to branding and marketing so that you’re always up-to-date.

    If you’re looking for 65 unique and actionable branding / marketing strategies that will triple your profit,Click Take This Course at the top right. Every second you wait is just money lost.

    Did you find the mispelled word?


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  • Udemy – Teacher Training Part 1 Branding [100% off]

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    Teacher Training Part 1 Branding

    Course Description

    Did you know that E-Learning Instructors who have a solid brand are more successful when marketing their online courses?  Branding can make or break your online teaching business and determine how many online courses you sell.  In this brand new proprietary training by 90 Day Guru E-Learning’s lead instructor and course developer Louise Anne Maurice you learn brand identity, brand positioning, personal branding and business branding to market and sell more online courses.  Read the FAQ for more details:


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who is the Teacher Training Part 1 Branding Course Good For?

    1. This branding course is ideal for E-Learning Instructors who use the Udemy elearning platform or other elearning platforms and are just starting to create online courses or already have online courses but don’t know where to begin marketing them.
    2. Branding for Instructors is ideal for E-Learning Instructors who are struggling to get students.
    3. Do not take this course if you already have a brand identity, brand positioning, personal or business brand to use as the foundation piece for marketing your online teaching business and selling more online courses.


    Why should I enroll in Teacher Training Part 1 Branding Course?

    • No more frustration and struggling to figure out what you should be doing first as you start to market your online courses.
    • Develop the branding mindset that every E-Learning Instructor needs to master to be successful.
    • Save time and money after learning brand identity essentials to follow, mistakes to avoid, brand identity strategies and brand identity best practices to use in your overall marketing plan.
    • Become more confident and successful as an E-Learning Instructor as you learn the 5 step process for developing your unique brand positioning that sets you up as the only viable solution your student needs.
    • With your completed personal branding plan you will have the essential foundation pieces to market your online courses with less effort and more confidence.
    • Discover how to use branding in your marketing plan on a daily basis.


    What will I learn in Teacher Training Part 1 Branding Course?

    Section 1 Branding for E-Learning Instructors

    Branding for E-Learning Instructor success.  In this section you are introduced to the essential information you need to know when you are branding yourself as an online Instructor on elearning platforms such as Udemy.

    Section 2 Brand Identity for E-Learning Instructors

    In this section you discover the inside secrets to developing a brand identity that connects with your target market and sets you up as the only learning solution for your students.

    Section 3 Brand Positioning for E-Learning Instructors

    Brand positioning requires that you know who you are and what you stand for as an individual.  When you have this foundation piece in place, your online teaching business brand positioning will naturally follow. You’ll learn how to do that in this section.

    Section 4 Personal Branding for E-Learning Instructors

    Do you know what separates you from other E-Learning Instructors? In this section you learn how to differentiate yourself and develop a personal brand that signifies success.

    Section 5 Business Branding for E-Learning Instructors

    Business branding that takes your online teaching business to the next level.  In this section you discover the simple steps to creating a memorable business brand that people connect with.  When people are looking for online courses and find you, you spend less time and money on marketing.

    Section 6 Branding Success for E-Learning Instructors

    Branding success for E-Learning Instructors continues when you are up to date with the latest information on branding. This section will help you spend less time and money on marketing.


    When and where can I take Teacher Training Part 1 Branding Course?

    1. At 90 Day Guru E-Learning, we have chosen to use Udemy; a state-of-the art e-learning platform that continues to be a global leader in online learning delivery.
    2. Come to class ready to learn when it is convenient for you.  You have access to the Udemy e-learning platform 24-7 wherever and whenever you want to learn.


    How much does Teacher Training Part 1 Branding Course cost?

    • Branding for Instructors Course was designed to give you an exceptional learning experience similar to a high-level training seminar for E-Learning Instructors and sell for $200 U.S.D; but you won’t pay that on Udemy.
    • In this online marketing course, you receive step-by-step educational HD video lectures, hands-on exercises, free resources, real-life examples, activities, projects and an interactive Q & A forum where you receive insider tips and personal assistance directly from the instructor who not only created the course but has lived the course.
    • To get the most out of this course, active participation is encouraged.  Take the course immediately from start to finish and return as many times as you like with the lifetime access feature.
    • You have lifetime access with your one-time low cost enrollment fee.
    • At 90 Day Guru E-Learning, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to join the course.  You are backed by Udemy’s 30 day money back hassle-free guarantee if you are not 100% happy.

    Join us today in Teacher Training Part 1 Branding Course and start seeing a difference tomorrow!


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  • Udemy – Branding Guide Creation [100% off]

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    Branding Guide Creation

    Course Description

    Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business specially for startups . A Unique Brandcan give you a major edge as a startup.

    So in this course With only a simple steps & free online tools, you’ll be able to create branding guides for yourself and your clients.

    These brand guide can be used to attract potential customers to your work by pinning it to your Pinterest or share it on social media.

    You also can earn from it if you made it a gig on freelancer websites such as Fiverr. So, If you’re interested in learning how to do it don’t hesitated & click the Enroll Button now.


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  • Udemy – 5 Steps to Build & Manage Your Personal Brand Platform [100% off]

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    5 Steps to Build & Manage Your Personal Brand Platform.

    Course Description

    Intelligent, smart, and big people are talking about branding!
    Companies, Organizations, nonprofit, countries and even regions are branded.
    So what is branding?
    We all by now heard that branding is not a logo, it’s not a design but then
    what is it?
    According to Norwich Business School, Branding is confidence, passion,
    belonging, action, Security, A set of unique values.

    The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezons said “Branding is what people says about
    you when you are not in the room”.

    For the proposes of this course, I will explain the personal branding which
    is different than the company branding and product branding.

    When you see the image of Steve Jobs, what do you think of? Smart,
    successful, and innovative man, who changed the world.

    when we remember him, we don’t say he invented Apple nor created iPhone.

    personal branding is to define who you are, your goals, and set a strategy to position and communicate your brand in the mind of your audience.

    My definition of branding has the following sections:

    1- Define who you are!

    It’s very important before you set any branding strategy to know who you are, understand your strength and wikness. Know why you are so special. Understanding yourself will increase your self confidence and will enable you to be capable of controlling your life.

    2- Set your goals: if you don’t know what you want to achieve you will never achieve anything.

    3- set a strategy to position and communicate your brand in the mind of your audience.

    Once you know who you are, you should not leave it up to your audience to figure out who you are. You need to tell them who you are, and what do you stand up for. Communicating your story is an art. Keep in mind communication is symbolic, and the meaning of words are in the mind of the audience not in the words.

    4- Execution

    5- Retention

    By the end of this course you will be able to go through the 3 steps of personal branding, defining who you are, setting goals, communicating your brand.

    So if you are a story to be told, what would it be?


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  • Udemy – Branding for Business: How To Build Outstanding Brand? [100% off]

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    Branding for Business: How To Build Outstanding Brand?

    Course description

    Let’s make it clear from the beginning: this course is NOT a secret shortcut or recipe to build successful brand. They just don’t exist and those who say that, simple lie. Period. 

    So, I am not another marketing “guru” teaching you how to build 6 figures business in a record time. I might even disappoint you, but I haven’t reached 6 figures by myself. However, by this time,I’ve significantly contributed to reach 7 figures by others companies working as a brand consultant – check out my PORTFOLIO (lecture No. 3, 30) and my story in bio section below. 

    I created this course to show you, that it is POSSIBLE to build a successful physical product brand without having big budget (still need money though) and I will prove that by showing you how it’s done based on real life case studies. However, again, rather than ready solution, you’re supposed to get the right mindset, find an inspiration and learn TOP strategies & techniques, that will help you to grow your brand.

    I don’t want to bore you with long marketing messages so simply watch the promo & free preview videos and decide whether this course meets your specific needs. I’m happy to have you on board and enjoy our branding journey together!

    P.S. Ohh, did I forget to mention, that I offer ONE FREE personal advice for all of my students? 😉


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