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  • Udemy – Hybrid Python3|Swift4 Applications [100% off]

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    Hybrid Python3|Swift4  Applications

    BI-RADS DATA SCIENCE FOR SWIFT/PYTHON HACKERS, is a course designed by an iOS Developer for iOS and Python Developers. In this course you will delve into Data Science on a level past using coreML for Machine Learning.

    You will learn iPython enough to implement algorithms used in Data Science with little effort. As a Swift Programmer you will find the syntax needed to flow through iPython in Jupyter a breeze!!!

    After grasping a thorough knowledge of supervised learning in the first two sections, you will dive into xCode and write a Logistic Regression Binary Based application.

    In your final project, you will build BIRADS, a Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System that takes the output data from a Neural Network and assigns a BI-RADS Category given input from the following features…

     Sample code number ID number
    2. Clump Thickness 1 – 10
    3. Uniformity of Cell Size 1 – 10
    4. Uniformity of Cell Shape 1 – 10
    5. Marginal Adhesion 1 – 10
    6. Single Epithelial Cell Size 1 – 10
    7. Bare Nuclei 1 – 10
    8. Bland Chromatin 1 – 10
    9. Normal Nucleoli 1 – 10
    10. Mitoses 1 – 10
    11. Class: (1 for benign, 0 for malignant)


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  • Udemy – The Complete Kotlin & Android Developer Course 2017 [100% off]

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    The Complete Kotlin & Android Developer Course 2017



    Please note that we keep adding new lectures to this course on a regular basis! We want to make it the best Udemy course on Android development.


    You will get lifetime access to the course’s content!

    The main goal of this course is to teach you anything you need to know about Kotlin & Android to develop your own apps. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create your own Android apps and add them to your portfolio.

    I’ll personally be answering any questions you have and I’ll be happy to provide links, resources and any help I can offer to help you master Kotlin programming and Android app development.

    So you want to build your own android apps?

    And you want to build them… from the comfort of your home… in your own time… without having to attend class… or wade through endless textbooks or online guides.

    Am I right?

    And let me guess: you only want the latest technology, software and techniques—because you’ve got big plans, big ideas—and let’s be honest… you’re impatient and you want to jump the queue?

    There’s no getting around it.

    Android accounts for 81.7% of all smartphones sold, but not all come packed with the very latest Android Oreo.

    That won’t worry you because after completing this course, the apps you build will perform brilliantly on Android Oreo or any older Android operating system.

    Now that’s something most courses don’t teach you!

    My name’s Morteza Kordi, creator of the world’s best-selling online coding course… and I’ve designed The Complete Kotlin & Android 8 (Oreo) Developer Course, especially for YOU.

    Building on last year’s runaway success:Android App Development for Beginners: 87 Hours+ & 80 Apps (Udemy’s best-selling Android course, with over 7,000 happy students), The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course has been refined, honed and microscopically polished to deliver even more valuable content, all designed for the latest Android 8.

    A huge range of technologies are covered, including Firebase, SQLite, Chat App Technologies, Bluetooth and a whole lot more.

    Choosing a course that’s perfect for you can be damn hard. You need Instructors:

    ·      Who are passionate about what they do.

    ·      Keep their courses continually updated.

    ·      And most important, provide outstanding support and follow up to your questions.

    Know that you’re exactly in the right place to MASTER Android 8 Oreo.

    In this course, you will discover the power of Android app development, and obtain the skills to dramatically increase your career prospects as a software developer. You’ll also have a head start over other developers using obsolete tools and earlier versions of Android.

    With my course, you get the best of both worlds. You’re taught to write code for the latest version of Android Oreo. That way, the apps you build will also support older versions of Android.

    What’s stopping you from signing up to today?

    ·      You don’t have enough time: Not an issue. We’ve designed this course so you can learn everything you need in as little as SIX WEEKS.

    ·      You don’t have any previous experience: Seriously, not a problem. This course is expertly designed to teach everyone from complete beginners, right through to pro developers.  (And yes, even pro developers take this course to quickly absorb the latest skills, while refreshing existing ones).

    Straight up: No other course will take you to expert app developer in as fast a time as this. Have other courses done this for you?

    Importantly, our courses teach students the real-life skills needed to
    get those in-demand jobs or further your programming skills.

    Take this course in confidence today knowing you have just found the BEST Android 8 Oreo course on Udemy!  Don’t delay. Every minute you’re not learning Android 8 is a missed opportunity for that PERFECT high paying job.

    Buy this course today and this is what you’ll get.

    Firstly, using Kotlin and IntelliJ Idea I’ll teach you how to build real, marketable apps by cloning WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

    And by the way—just like my other record-smashing courses—this course is project based, which means you build your own apps in REALTIME…As. You. Learn.

    Over 10,000 students tell me this is THE most motivating and effective way to absorb information.

    ·      You’ll also get a full guide on submitting your apps to Google Play, plus THREE BRAND NEW WALK-THROUGH chapters explaining exactly how to effectively market your apps—and generate revenue with Google Ads.

    ·      You’ll learn all the latest Android Oreo features.

    ·      And finally, we’ll take a look at Android Wear – the future of wearable computing.

    Why This Course?

    • Learn to code how the PROs code – not just copy and paste
    • Learn the latest Android APIs and services – we don’t teach old junk
    • Beautiful Apps – We don’t build trash – you’ll create amazing real-world apps
    • Zero Experience needed to start
    • Build Real Projects – You’ll get to build projects that help you retain what you’ve learned
    • Lifetime Support. All of your questions are answered

    Why I’m the instructor you need:

    1. I have a decade of experience in programming and mobile app development.

    2. I’m a coding geek and I just love what I’m doing. I do it mostly for fun and because I enjoy it.

    3. I have years of experience at teaching what I know about programming and mobile app development – mostly at coding bootcamps.

    Click the BUY NOW button and start learning. The world needs your new apps!


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  • Udemy – Ionic & Angular JS: Principles Of Mobile and Web Development [100% off]

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    Ionic & Angular JS: Principles Of Mobile and Web Development

    Learn about the fundamentals that make the amazing applications we use on a daily basis on devices from mobile phones to tablets. A step by step process is used to show everything from setting up to all the crucial Ionic AngularJS tools.

    Gain a good understanding of the following concepts:

    1. Ionic programming
    2. Mobile development
    3. MVC development
    4. Web design and development
    5. AngularJS programming
    6. Cross platform development

    Ionic is a very popular responsive mobile framework, many applications use Ionic and AngularJS.

    You will be provided with the full source code to aid in development during and after this course. The source code is free to use in as many projects as you wish.

    Over 48,000 students have enrolled on my courses and all of them are extremely satisfied. You will also be satisfied with this course. If you do not like the course, remember that within 30 days you can request a full refundI guarantee you satisfaction.

    If you have any questions regarding the topics covered in this course, please feel free to ask. I’m always happy to help those who want to learn!


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  • Udemy – The Complete Regular Expressions Course with Exercises [100% off]

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    The Complete Regular Expressions Course with Exercises

    In today’s world we have to deal with a lot of data coming from different sources.

    Data from social media , blogs , companies anything you name. And for a developer its a hell of job for you to work only with relevant data whether you are searching a database, validating user inputs on forms or even in the process of building a website. And this is the place where RE can make your work a lot easy,.

     Knowing Regex, how to use regular expressions effectively is a valuable skill that can quickly take your skill-set to  top. Logic in programming language requires a long coding work but regular expressions can do the same job within 2 to 3 lines. Regular expressions are such an incredibly convenient tool, available across so many languages that most developers will learn them sooner or later.

    RE act like a filter, and they will filter only relevant data which programmer asked for. So, They can save your time, reduce your coding work and increase your productivity. That’s why, RE is a must skill for back-End developers and Data Scientists,

    In this course we will look into RE as a whole because they are supported in every Programming language and Unix based systems.

    Course Road-Map

    1. Setting up the environment
    2. Regular expression basic syntax
    3. working with simple text, characters, numbers
    4. Quantifiers and Repetitions
    5. Greedy and Lazy Approaches
    6. Learning Groups
    7. Advance Topics
    8. Group Capturing
    9. Back-References
    10. Assertions with all types
    11. All Exercise files
    12. Project
    • Regular Expressions for Names
    •  Regular Expressions for Email
    •  Regular Expressions for Website URL
    •  Regular Expressions for matching IP Addresses
    •  Regular Expressions for Dates
    •  Regular Expressions for  Times
    •  Regular Expressions for  Postal Codes
    •   Regular Expressions for matching credit card numbers 
    •  Regular Expressions for creating strong Passwords 

    If you are a complete beginner or want to take your skills at the next level this is the right course for you.

    So, learn RE and tell others that you know how to work with texts easily better  than anyone else with the power of RE. Feel free to preview this course . I will see you inside.


    This course is for complete beginners and for those who have some knowledge of Regular Expressions.


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  • Udemy – Become an iOS/Android Game Developer with Unity 2017 [100% off]

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    Become an iOS/Android Game Developer with Unity 2017

    In this course we will take a look at the two most popular mobile games and re create them using Unity and C#.

    We will then deploy these games to our Android device, as well as our iOS device using xCode.

    You will learn why xCode is very important when it comes to developing for the App Store.

    Finally we will show you how to publish these games to the App Store and/or Play Store.


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  • Udemy – The Ultimate iOS 11 Course. Learn to Build Apps! [100% off]

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    The Ultimate iOS 11 Course. Learn to Build Apps!

    Want to make apps and learn to code? With The Ultimate iOS 11 Course, you too can design and code practical apps from scratch.

    Expert programmers John Bura, Nimish Narang, and Chris Veillette from Mammoth Interactive will teach you everything you need to know to whet your palette in iOS 11. We’re here to show you how to use Xcode to become the app developer.

    Make the following:

    • Simple Calculator App
    • RGB to Hex Code Color Converter App
    • Tip Calculator App
    • Average Calculator App
    • Savings Calculator App
    • Games in SpriteKit
    • Apple Watch App
    • And more!

    Even if you’ve never coded before, you can take this course. One of the best features is that you can watch the tutorials at any speed you want. This means you can speed up or slow down the video if you want to.

    This course is project-based, where you follow along with your instructor to build real projects. The best way for you to learn how to make your own app is to follow project-based training content. By taking The Ultimate iOS 11 Course, you learn practical, employable skills immediately. You can put the apps you make in this course in your portfolio!

    Why Xcode?

    Xcode is Apple’s FREE software for app development. Xcode is user-friendly and allows you to make complex and creative apps. At the same time, it is accessible for beginners who want to make simple apps. Swift 4.0 is the programming language to learn if you want to make apps for Apple products.

    Why this course is different.

    Your teachers will teach you practical skills using real-world examples. Founder of Mammoth Interactive John Bura has created many games, apps, and training courses. This is an instructor that does not only teach – he produces apps. This means you get the most relevant information on how to code.

    Start from the beginning, or pick and choose your desired topic. Take this course to build your portfolio today.


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  • Udemy – Learn Swift 4 in 3 Weeks – Beginners to Advanced Swift! [100% off]

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    Learn Swift 4 in 3 Weeks - Beginners to Advanced Swift!

    Welcome to the world’s most cost-effective, comprehensive course on Swift 4 Programming. This course is designed to help you master Swift in the least cost and amount of time!

    By following this course, you’ll master all the concepts (beginner to advanced) that you will need to build fully functional iOS and Mac Apps with the popular programming language, Swift 4.

    Here are some things that you’ll be able to do after this course:

    • Step right in to coding iOS Applications without fearing for swift
    • Write fluently in Swift 4
    • Be well-versed in Object-oriented programming
    • Write scripts for web scrapers

    Build a strong foundation in object-oriented programming and get up to speed with Swift 4 with this tutorial for ANYONE. 

    Our syllabus includes all these topics:

    • Xcode and Playground Installation + Walkthrough
    • Variables, types, operators etc.
    • Functions and Logics (Conditionals, Switch case)
    • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Classes, Objects, Initialization and many more
    • More advanced topics (Enums, Protocols, Optionals, Closures etc.)
    • Swift 4 primer

    If you are a complete beginner:

    If you are completely new to programming and have no prior experience, be sure to stick to the lesson plan! Don’t worry as I will answer all your questions through email, or you can ask around in the community of Udemy learners. I’ve designed the course so that it would be a step-by-step guide for beginners to master swift and move on to conquer many more languages, so don’t skip around!

    If you already have some experience with the past versions of swift:

    This course is still very helpful to help you get back to speed with Swift 4. There is a dedicated screencast to help you master the new stuff in Swift 4 as well, so feel free to explore around.

    Feel free to ask for help in the live community where you can get free help 24/7.


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  • Udemy – The Complete Android O App Development [100% off]

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    The Complete Android O App Development

    This source will help the beginners to start build their own Android  apps  from scratch. By the end of this course you will be able to build real world android apps. In this course you will learn how to build and design secure android apps avoiding Android Vulnerabilities, and how to work with android layout tools to design very attractive and responsive layout that work with different device size, then you will learn how to use Sqlite as local database storage  and Mysql as remote database storage, Also you will learn about web services and map. And  you will learn how to work with android device persimmons and access to device information and device services. Then you will learn how use Firebase to build apps with Real-time database, monetize your app, and other services that offered by firebase. In this tutorial you will learn how to build real world apps and online games like Twitter, Tic Tac Toy, and Find my phone


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  • Udemy – Jenkins With DevOps For Developers: Mastery Course 2.0 [100% off]

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    Jenkins With DevOps For Developers: Mastery Course 2.0

    Course Description

    Are you ready to become a Jenkins Certified including DevOps using Linux and enjoy a fascinating high paying career?

    Or maybe you just want to learn additional tips and techniques taking to a whole new level?

    Welcome to The Jenkins With DevOps For Developers: Mastery Course 2.0

    DevOps is the new trend in the IT Industry. Many companies that have adopted DevOps are more reliable as their continuous project delivery adds value to the business besides limiting failure and timely costs. Jenkins is the leading CI solution that is extremely flexible. As a continuous Integration/Build solution, Jenkins helps in reducing costs by enabling teams to automate their build and release processes. As a Jenkins Developer, you will have a head start into getting into the DevOps domain and thus contribute directly to your organization’s bottom line.

    In this course we will learn about Jenkins and how it can be used to automate builds and deployments. We will talk about the tools and processes and continuous integration. You will learn about how to install and configure Java and Jenkins, manage users and security credentials and protect your system from crashes by backing it up. We will then demonstrate a number of different build types that Jenkins can handle and how to set up build dependencies.

    This course provides a strong foundation for implementing continuous inspection, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and even continuous deployment at your company or studio.

    We’ve left no stone unturned.

    This is for sure that you will find everything you need to get up to speed or from scratch learn Jenkins and DevOps including creating and configuring Jenkins UI, Dashboard using Linux

    See what our students say “It is such a comprehensive course that I don’t need to take any other course but this one to learn all the skills to become a cloud web developer, and I would without a doubt recommend it to anyone looking for a complete cloud based managing web applications course.” -Chris Portman

    Happy learning!


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