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  • Udemy – Test your Knowledge in Cost Accounting [100% off]

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    Test your Knowledge in Cost Accounting

    Welcome to this course on Test your Knowledge in Cost Accounting.

    This is a Practice Test course only and you can test your knowledge on the various topics.

    Each and every section will have various questions framed as Multiple Choice Questions.

    You will be given a time frame and cut off marks for clearing the course.

    You can expect questions on the following topics:

    a) Basics of Cost Accounting

    b) Material Costing

    c) Labour Costing

    d) Overheads Costing

    e) Cost Sheet

    f) Standard Costing

    g) Marginal Costing

    h) Contract Costing

    i) Job Costing

    j) Process Costing

    k) Operating Costing.

    l) Budget and Budgetary Control.


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  • Udemy – Accounting for Beginners : Learn Basics in under 1 Hour [100% off]

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    Course Description


    Are you struggling with doing accounts ?

    And what to learn accounting easily and instantly ?

    And without finance experience ?

    And with examples and exercises?

    *****Then you are on right place*****

    Warm welcome to the course page of accounting for beginners !

    This course is for beginners who want to learn accounting with simplified method.

    In this course, you will learn about basic accounting terms, accounting entries, accounting principles as per GAAP, concept of accrual vs prepayment, methods of cash accounting vs accrual accounting, accounting cycle, how to prepare ledger, how to make trial balance and prepare financial statements. I have explained concept with examples in excel sheet ( when needed) to make your learning process easy.

    The course has +79 minutes of content having 20 lectures.

    1. First section is introduction section.
    2. Second part is theory part explaining fundamentals of accounting, accounting terms, accounting principles as per GAAP, concept of cash accounting vs accrual accounting.
    3. In third section, I have explained how to do basic accounting via drafting ledgers and preparing trial balance.
    4. Fourth part is having ex plainer videos about how to prepare financial statements and close the accounts.
    5. Fifth section is resources in which I have given 10 Exercises so that you can do repetition what you have learnt.
    6. Additionally there are quizzes given after completion of each section for knowledge testing.

    You should take this course because it is simple and still effective and covering basics in very short duration. After completion of course, Your accounting fundamentals will be strong and you will be able to do basic accounting for business or at job or for client. You can view preview lectures FREE before purchasing !

    For puchasing, Just click the take this course button. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you have got a lot to gain.


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  • Udemy – Lean Accounting and Productivity Measurement [100% off] Worth $99!

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    Lean Accounting and Productivity Measurement

    Course Description

    A strong reason Lean Accounting gained prominence is because traditional accounting systems were essentially backwards looking, and are not able to reflect accurately the improvements through Lean. The point to remember is that lean accounting is undoubtedly a major improvement over the status quo, but must still not be used to control the financial performance of the firm. Even though lean accounting will provide you with much better information, it is important to understand that the financial performance is an emergent outcome of the relationships among the organization’s parts. Managers should not use financial targets to control financial results, instead, manage the relationships that produce these results.

    Lean manufacturing is concerned with eliminating waste in manufacturing processes. Promised benefits included such outcomes as reduced lead times, improved quality, improved on-time deliveries, less inventory, less space, less human effort, lower costs, and increased profitability.

    Lean accounting is a simplified approach to costing that supports lean manufacturing with both financial and non-financial measures. One key area that supports efficiency improvement is productivity measurement, which is concerned with the relationship between outputs and inputs. As waste decreases through lean manufacturing practices, productive efficiency should increase.

    Content and Overview:

    This course contains 10 lectures, over 1.5 hours of content, and a quiz containing 15 questions. The course is suitable for students and business professionals who want to get a basic understanding of Lean Accounting and to explore various strategies and best practices for developing and implementation of lean accounting and productivity measurement.

    The content areas include:

    • Lean Manufacturing Basics
    • Lean Accounting
    • Productivity Measurement and Control
    • Total Productivity Measurement
    • Measuring Changes in Activity and Process Efficiency
    • Process Productivity Model
    • Performance Measures

    By completing this course, you’ll be armed with the valuable and practical skills you need to create, develop, implement, maintain and sustain an effective Lean Accounting and Productivity Measurement system in order to improve your product/service costing accuracy, support decisions about pricing, improve the efficiency of processes and activities, and evaluate process improvement initiatives.


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  • Udemy – Introduction to Accounting : Mastering Financial Statements [100% off]

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    Introduction to Accounting : Mastering Financial Statements

    Course Description

    Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis is a fundamental skill for anyone who aspires for a career in main stream Finance, Business and Management.

    • Is the company generating enough profits?
    • What are the main accounting principles and rules?
    • Is revenue the same as cash?
    • Is the business generating enough cash flows to be able to sustain itself?
    • How do working capital items impact cash flow?
    • How are the financial statements interconnected?

    These are just some concepts that all aspiring professionals need to have a good feel for. So why should you invest your time to pick up these core skills related to Accounting & Financial Statements Analysis? The most compelling reasons are…

    • Without them it is very difficult to build a career in high growth areas of Investment Banking, Private Equity, Investment Management & Equity Research
    • Forget mainstream finance, it is difficult to have a career in any stream of business or management
    • Accounting & Financial Statements Analysis is a very stable, solid & secure skill set to have
    • Your career progression is highly likely to look like a hockey stick with these skills
    • You can only move higher up the value chain and learn financial modelling and company valuation techniques used by Wall Street and sophisticated investors, if you understand these concepts

    Of course you are very busy, but to gain these skills it is important to carve out some time to fill the knowledge gaps. And when you do, be sure to invest it in SIB’s Introduction to Accounting: Mastering Financial Statements module.

    • It’s the newest course on Udemy!
    • We start by covering the basics and lay a strong foundation
    • Then will build on this foundation, to give you skills that will serve you well in your professional journey

    So why should you invest in our course v/s what’s out there?

    Professional HD production: All our content is professionally produced to enhance your learning experience

    Practical skills: Since inception, SIB has been a pioneer in the provision of practical skills. Our aim is to deliver quality content that is easily digestible and actionable, as opposed to laying out the longest course for the sake of it

    Relevance: Think of a top tier Investment Banking firm in any part of the world and our alumni are working there! This is possible only because our content hits the nail on the head. Through this module, you have access to that same high quality content

    Perfect blend : This module strikes the perfect blend between theory and practice. There are exercises on Depreciation, Cost of Goods Sold, Final Accounts and preparation of a Profit and Loss statement,Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

    Support: If you are not sure about a certain topic or have questions simply post a comment and we will get back to you with lightning speed (subject to holidays and different time zones)

    Our course comes with Udemy’s 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. This is something that we are extremely comfortable with and are convinced that this program will provide a ton of value to you.

    There are no prerequisites for this module and content has been designed such that candidates from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are able to understand and digest concepts covered.

    It is certainly not our intention to make you an expert on either US GAAP or IFRS, but provide you with a solid framework of concepts and skills that can be applied to Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis in general.

    Without much ado, START LEARNING NOW!


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  • Udemy – Financial Accounting, its cycle, statements & analysis [100% off]

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    Financial Accounting, its cycle, statements & analysis

    Course Description

    The course is about some very important and basic topics of financial accounting. The most important function of financial accounting is to prepare statements and reports that depict the financial and performance positions of a company. For that purpose statements such as income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow are prepared. I have very simply explained the procedures and steps to prepare such reports. The course also includes transactions related to a business that include discounts allowed. Cash-based and accrual-based accounting have been clearly differentiated. The most important transactions and their treatment such as those related to expenses, cost of goods sold and revenues have also been discussed. Each important topic not only includes theoretical presentation but practical examples have been included so that the concepts of students are cleared. The whole accounting cycle has been classified into steps so that students can easily pick up the basic concepts and procedures of financial accounting.

    Students who want to learn accounting cycle which leads to financial statements will find this course very helpful and simple to understand. The course has been divided into topics and then further into sections.

    I expect students to take this course as it has been prepared so that students as well as entrepreneurs can easily pick up not only the concepts of theoretical accounting but use them practically also.


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  • Udemy – Introduction to Accounting, Finance, Modeling and Valuation [100% off]

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    Introduction to Accounting, Finance, Modeling and Valuation

    Course description

    ** ACCORDING TO BUSINESS INSIDER: “Haroun is one of the highest rated professors on Udemy, so you can expect to be in good hands through the course of your education.” **  He is the author of the best selling business course on Udemy this year called ‘An Entire MBA in 1 Course’

    This course will help you understand accounting, finance, financial modeling and valuation from scratch (no prior accounting, finance, modeling or valuation experience is required). 

    Professor Chris Haroun has been profiled in Forbes Magazine and Business Insider and has raised and managed over $1bn in his finance career. He loves teaching students about real world practical concepts with no theory.

    Professor Haroun has more than 20 years of finance analyst experience in several different finance sectors, including 5 years at Goldman Sachs, 8 years in the hedge fund industry at firms that include hedge fund giant Citadel and his own firm, 7 years in the venture capital industry (a venture firm he started had a private investment years ago in Facebook) and 4 years in the finance/tech industry at Accenture where he worked on the merger of Bank of America and Nations Bank as well as setting up an offshore bank for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. His finance work experience has been all over the world in countries that include the United States, England, Scotland, Canada, Japan, China, India and France. He has taught students in more that 160 countries and he is a well known business author of many books. His popular business book: ‘101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School’ was written up in Forbes Magazine as “1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs need to read right now.”

    Professor Haroun also has an MBA from Columbia University where he majored in Finance.

    After taking this course, students will understand how accounting, finance, modeling and valuation works. 


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  • Udemy – Basic Bookkeeping Hacks [100% off]

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    Basic Bookkeeping Hacks

    Course Description

    Learn the difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping. Discover how a good bookkeeping system can save you wasted hours and dollars. How to have a conversation with your banker and accountant.

    You will learn:

    • Ethics and Rules
    • Types of business organizations: proprietorship, partnership, corporation, C-corp, S-corp, LLC.
    • Basic terminology
    • Accounting concepts and principles

    In this course, we share how you can make your bookkeeping tasks easier.

    • Set up a separate business bank account
    • How to separate your personal and  business transactions
    • Basic software that can save you time and money
    • What to do with your receipts

    Furthermore you will learn some basic accounting terminology to help you organize your accounting information, including:

    • Assets – economic resources owned by the business
    • Liabilities – creditor’s claim to the asset
    • Owner’s Equity – owner’s claim to the assets


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  • Udemy – Accounting Decoded [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Many people suffer from being intimidated by the subject of accounting. This can lead to several challenges, such as, a person could miss out on a promotional opportunity, or a person can decide not to start a business, or an entrepreneur can leave all the accounting to the accountant and not know when the accountant is robbing you blind. Through this course, you will unlock the mysteries of accounting so that you can get that promotion, open that business, and keep an eagle eye on your accountant!

    You will learn through:

    1. video and audio lectures,
    2. practical exercises that you can practice over and over,
    3. and you will learn through he eyes of a fictitious small business.

    You will learn exactly what debits and credits do, you will learn to find errors at a high level (even though you may still have an accountant fix the problem), and you will have the foundation to build further accounting knowledge that differentiates you from the crowd.

    I have proven methods to help you learn this subject easily, all you need is the openness to believe you can actually learn this important part of the business world.


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  • Udemy – Basics of Microeconomics : Theory of Producer Behaviour [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Welcome to ‘Basics of Microeconomics : Theory of Producer Behavior’

    In this course , you will understand how a producer :

    1) Maximizes his profit

    2) Decides what to produce and how much to produce

    3) Decides what all inputs to use and in what proportion

    In this course, we will discuss the following:
    What is microeconomics?
    What is the difference between fixed factors of production and variable factors of production?
    How do we differentiate between short run and long run?
    How is the meaning of cost in economics different from meaning of cost in accountancy?
    What is the difference between fixed cost and variable cost?
    What do we mean by Perfect competition and Monopoly market type?
    What is the difference in the behavior of revenue curves in these two market types?
    How does a monopoly or perfectly competitive firm decides how much to produce to maximize his profit?

    Some concepts that we will use while discussing the topics mentioned above –

    Production Function, Returns to a factor, Law of variable proportions, Total cost, Marginal Cost, Average Cost, Total Product, Marginal Product, Average Product, Total Revenue, Marginal Revenue, Average Revenue.

    This course has 16 video lectures and 1 hour of content.

    How will this course benefit you?

    If you are an economics student – This will help you in gaining better clarity of concepts.

    If you are someone who has a desire to learn economics – This course is the first step that you need to take to fulfill your desire, it starts from the scratch and assumes you have no knowledge of economics.

    All that said, if you would like to discuss something while you are learning, please feel free to start a discussion or PM me.

    Lets get started..!


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  • Udemy – Crash Course on Cost Accounting [100% off]

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    Crash Course on Cost Accounting

    Course Description

    Welcome to this crash course on Cost Accounting.

    In this course, you will have overview of

    a) Cost Accounting

    b) Material Costing

    c) Marginal Costing

    d) Overheads

    Costing and Cost Accounting is very important subject for every learner who aspires career in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

    Knowledge of Costing and Cost Accounting will equip the learner to find the areas where the cost of the business is going up and affecting the profits. It would enable the learner to understand the importance of Cost Control and Cost reduction to improve the profits of the business.

    Material Costing:

    Material can be classified into two types. Direct Material and indirect Material. We should know how to value the Material Cost while arriving out the total cost of a product.

    Marginal Costing:

    Marginal Costing is a technique of Decision Making adopted by Management of the Business Units.

    Marginal Costing is practically applied in the following situations:

    a) Performance Evaluation

    b) Profit Planning

    c) Fixation of Selling Price

    d) Make or Purchase Decision

    e) Optimizing Product Mix

    f) Cost Control

    g) Flexible Budget Preparation


    Overheads are basically expenses incurred on

    Indirect MaterialsIndirect Labour andIndirect Expenses

    which are not directly identifiable or allocable to a cost object in an economically feasible way.

    So, overheads is a total of all Indirect Costs.

    This course is structured in self paced learning style.

    All the best and welcome to the course.


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