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  • Learn Low Poly Blender Character Modeling: A Simple Blender Tutorial

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    Blender is a brilliant open source 3D building software. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a low poly character with the help of a professional digital artist. Actually, you won’t be building just one character, you’ll model a few of them. When you finish the whole Blender character modeling course, you’ll have five fully realized 3D models to add to your portfolio or use in a project.


    This tutorial doesn’t require any prior Blender experience. Your tutor Kevin Liao will guide you through Blender basics, Blender character modeling, learning to navigate and master the shortcuts, tools, and setup of the Blender 3D program. These are all crucial elements of 3D modeling when you’re trying to learn Blender.

    Next, you will go into object manipulation, 3d rendering and this is where the Blender character modeling truly starts. You will learn to use different tools to create objects and shapes, then tie them together to create characters, clothing, and accessories, all in 3D!

    You can take all the time you need for each part of the tutorial. Since this course is in the video-on-demand format, you don’t need to rush or panic. You can repeat each step until you’re comfortable with all the elements explained. Or if you like to move fast, that’s also possible! Either option you choose, this Blender character modeling course is based on efficiency. It will allow you to learn all the crucial practical skills without any unnecessary techno jargon.

    Multi-tool Software

    Blender offers you such functions as fx work, game, and 3D printing modeling, texturing, camera tracking, 3D rendering, particle simulations and full 3D animation creation. It has all the necessary 3D building functions needed for almost any projects you can think of. And it’s entirely free for both educational and commercial use.

    Starting to learn Blender is useful not only for a game or animation artist but also for an architect and video footage editor. Blender allows you to build architectural walkthroughs. They let you fully experience architectural designs and their depth. Blender also offers video editing option with tools for cutting footage, adding transitions, keyframe fades and many more. Blender is a great multitool type of software.

    Master 3D Character Modelling

    In this tutorial, we focus on Blender character modeling. Starting your 3D modeling journey with a low poly character has many advantages. Creating low poly models instead of high poly ones takes up a lot less time by removing all extra steps and focusing on the essentials. It also allows you to improve your approach to form and proportions since any inadequacies are way more clear. Furthermore, it’s easier to manage your work and stay more organized with low poly characters, especially when someone is helping you!

    Blender has a large community all over the world. While most of the people only use Blender for their own projects quite a few also help to develop it further. Scientists, artists, animators, VFX experts, and hobbyists are all part of this team. All of these people are united by the same goal to improve Blender and keep it free. Because of the active community and their development team Blender keeps on releasing and building new improved features like interactive viewpoint and 2D animation workspace.

    With Blender continually improving and its popularity growing now is as good time as any to learn how to use it. After finishing this course, you will have hands-on experience on how to use Blender, 3D character design, blender character modeling and some fantastic artwork for your portfolio! Enroll and get started now!


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  • Learn How to Make a Video Game Like “The Legend of Zelda” in Unity [100% OFF]

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    So, you’ve been a fan of RPG video games for a while now and would like to start developing one of your own? However, trying to figure out how to make a video game alone can be intimidating. And that’s why this tutorial was created. This course will teach you how to create your own game from scratch!

    In this tutorial, you’ll create a 3D “Legend of Zelda” like RPG using Unity and Blender. You don’t need to be an expert in either of those programs to succeed in this course. This tutorial will go through game programming, designing and 3D modeling slowly and steadily. The tutor will not only show you how Unity game development works but will also explain why some steps are necessary and others not. After finishing this tutorial, you’ll feel more confident when developing your original game.

    Master Unity, C#, and Blender basics in One Course

    First, you will learn about Unity game development. You will design the functionality, the code, and the mechanics of your game in Unity. You will use basic C# while building levels and fundamental physics. Don’t worry if you have never coded before, this tutorial will break it down into bite-sized chunks to make it easy to learn and digest. You’ll master all the essential coding basics needed to understand how to make a video game.

    After that, the modeling process begins. Using Blender, you’ll learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling. The tutorial will teach you how to design all the necessary art assets that you need to create your own game. You’ll build the whole game world around your code. After finishing this part, you’ll possess an entirely designed dungeon, temple, characters, weapons, and cannons. Then the tutor will explain how to import your newly created art from Blender to Unity.

    Team Sport

    If you strive to be like Jonathan Blow creator of “Braid” or Markus “Notch” Persson creator of “Minecraft” and develop video games on your own, this is undoubtedly an excellent tutorial for you. This course shows you how to make a video game from A to Z. Even if you would prefer to focus on one aspect of game development like programming or art creation in the future, knowing how every mechanism of the game works is beneficial. By improving your skills in different fields, you increase your chances of getting hired!

    If you’re an artist at heart, it might seem dull to learn game programming at first. And it probably would be if you tried to do it by reading multiple books or doing useless manual tasks just for practicing. However, if you can see the results of your work, it’s instantly far more rewarding. After all, isn’t it cool to see your art come to life? And if you’re a programmer and have had nothing to do with art in your life, don’t dismiss it just yet. Learning how to make basic art models isn’t that difficult. And if you can understand at least the basics of artists’ work process, any designer will be much happier working with you.

    Kickstart Your Career by Creating A Fully Functional Game

    This tutorial teaches you how to make a video game using two free and highly popular programs Unity and Blender. These are both brilliant software tools for a newbie to start with. Neither one of them is very difficult to learn since they have user-friendly interfaces and many tutorials online. Also, both Unity and Blender have large active communities which comes in handy if you run into a problem and need some help with it. Furthermore, Unity and Blender have enough nifty features that let you create almost any project form a small one to a complex AAA game. Therefore, learning how to utilize Unity and Blender to their full potential can easily kickstart your career in game development.

    “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” – said an old man to Link and gave him his first sword. The mighty hero Link needed some help at the beginning of his adventure and maybe you could use some guidance too. So, take this course and start your journey as a game developer.

    At the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to make a video game using Unity and Blender. You’ll also acquire new employable practical skills, and a have a massively impressive 3D RPG game in your portfolio. Enroll and Start Now!

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  • Udemy – Unlocking the Unreal Engine Material Editor [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Find out the tricks and techniques to create complex, high quality shader effects for your games!

    This course will teach you how to create advanced materials and shaders using PRACTICAL REAL WORLD examples!

    The power of materials in a game environment is often severely underestimated. Many complex effects like animated grass, parallax shading, light absorption, and more are achieved with only an object’s material and not with any complicated scripts. Good materials and shaders are becoming an ever more important facet of a game’s overall look and node based shader networks are the industry standard for creating them. The Unreal Engine material editor is one of the best on the market.

    This course will teach you how to use this powerful tool

    Being a good material artist is all about understanding how to manipulate textures using math operations and information from the 3d-world. There is a special design philosophy that surrounds node based shader networks and it requires a new way of thinking about color and value and how they all interact. This is not only true of the Unreal material editor, but of nearly ALL node based shader editors. Meaning that you can use the techniques taught in this course in many different software applications! By the end of this course, this design ethos will be second-nature to you.

    Learn by DOING

    This course is divided into several projects. Each is intended to teach you a new powerful technique for creating materials. For each material, we’ll go step-by-step through each node, what it does, and why it’s used. By the end, YOU will make a collection of high quality materials that you can build off of for your own games!

    Downloadable project files to help you follow along

    This course includes a .zip file which can be extracted into an Unreal project directory. Within the project, you’ll find all of the textures, meshes, landscapes, and map files that are used with each lesson so you can follow along from any starting point! This directory even includes all of the exact materials that I made during the curriculum’s production so you can dive in and see how they were made or even modify them to create something new.

    This course will cover:

    • The fundamentals of the Unreal Engine material editor
    • The differences between textures and materials
    • How to use information about an object like its position, rotation, and proximity to other objects to affect the material
    • How to combine colors and values using simple math operations to have total control over the material’s look
    • How to create your own custom material functions

    Get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course!

    30-Day 100% money back guarantee means there’s no reason to hesitate!



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  • Udemy – Maya 3D Architecture PreVisualization [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Maya animation training has become very popular; it is considered the industry standard for professional animators in markets. Its potent character animation and strong visual effects capabilities make it easy to personalize the user interface and make it ergonomic. This software allows everything from paint effects to dynamic simulations of rigid object, soft body, cloth, fluid and hair with a massively interesting scripting language. Maya is perfect for developers, animators, film industry professionals and graphic experts. This professional platform offers top quality for modeling, texture and shared creation tasks as well as features such as rendering, compositing software and simulations.

    Maya training lets you select form an option of included software for more efficient production pipeline associated with project and/or client needs.

    Maya training helps you increase playback speed and manipulate character rigs with multiple evaluation system for utilizing the computer core and graphic processor to its maximum.

    Maya training gives users the ability to sculpt as well as shape models with artistic creativity and an instinct that created detailed, high resolution graphics.

    Maya training also creates realism through details and special effects to liquid simulations so whether the sea is calm or rough, you can capture its every mood using this software package.

    Maya training guides complete results to a closer proximity as compared to original geometry and deformities. From smoothing to coarsening surfaces, Maya offers a set of choices for the fastidious user. From handheld PC to Ultra HD monitor, Maya training can be acquired across forms, displays factors and resolutions of multiple kinds.

    Maya training provides users specific tools for motion capture acquisition, re-targeting and refinement to use and reuse motion captured data more practically and real time 3 dimensional engine for character rigging, nonlinear animations, on set acquisition and editing to help visualization, conceptualization and performance animation.

    More realistic character reactions to outside forces can be accomplished through Maya training and resulting real time simulations.

    Maya training also ensures that organic models use sculpting, texturing and painting tool set of sculpting software such as Mud-box.

    Maya training enables users to experience cohesive and efficient pipeline solutions with streamlined data transfer workflows and compact integration between 3D suite offerings through asset exchange technologies.

    Consistent interfaces provide unified hotkey for view-port navigation and other task plus F-curve editors between applications.


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  • Udemy – Learn 3ds max : Modeling the MediaTech [100% off]

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    Throughout this 3ds Max  tutorial we’ll go through the complete modeling  workflow for this project

    We’ll learn about the various modeling techniques essential  such as working with CAD plans, spline modeling ,
    poly modeling of every building part including terrain modeling in
    a way that makes it quick to create, easy to edit and fast to render.

    By the end of this tutorial you will be able to work and think like a professional , model a 3D houses  easily
    be able to complete your work within very short deadlines.


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  • Udemy – SketchUp 2018 Essentials Training [100% off]

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    SketchUp 2018 Essentials Training

    This course teaches SketchUp from the very basic level. All the commands required to create a model and then organize it  are covered. 3D modeling commands such as push-pull and follow me  are covered with examples. Basically this course will make you skilled in sketchup software so that you are able do work on civil, architectural, interior or mechanical drawings.


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  • Udemy – Cinema 4D – High quality furniture modeling [100% off]

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    Cinema 4D - High quality furniture modeling

    In this course you will learn how to model high quality furniture. This course is a combination of simple and advanced techniques. Furniture industry is very big and furniture companies increasingly use 3D visualization of their products. I know this from experience since I am working in a company of a similar type.  So this course can be helpful to come closer to industry standards.

    Presented techniques in this course can be also of great help in high poly modeling of any type of products and objects. All learned techniques can be transferred to other 3D softwares.


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  • Udemy – Blender 3d For Newcomers: Using Cycles Render Engine [100% off]

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    Blender 3d For Newcomers: Using Cycles Render Engine

    Blender is awesome platform, in this platform you can create superb quality models which can be exported to any game engines, 3D printer, or other animation software.

    This course will build a strong foundation from scratch, This course is project based, so you can make your own 3d assets(models). You will create own materials & textures, lighting effects, simulations. You will also learn house designing techniques and camera fly through animation,  even you will do video editing quickly and easily.

    We will use Blender’s Cycles render engine to create materials for our objects & lighting the scenes.  We shall use the Node Editor to create and modify the materials for our assets(models).  This course provides the fundamental  concepts and techniques for creation of scenes, modeling, material & texturing, simulation and achieving great rendering output in Blender using Cycles render engine. We shall discuss about camera and rendering settings.

    You will  learn the fundamental concepts and skills regarding three dimensional geometry. We shall  begin with Blender’s interface and
    navigation tools deeply, and move steadily into the modeling tools.We shall discuss extrusion , beveling, bridging, welding & other all useful modeling techniques so you will be able to create your own 3d models with ease. We
    shall make complex models from basic shapes, and you will also learn
    different Blender’s Modifiers & you will make different objects(models) using that modifiers.

    You will also learn how we can make different simulations like water simulation, cloth simulation, rigid body simulation. You will learn how can we create ocean.

    We shall discuss about UV mapping techniques. We shall also discuss how can we export our UV maps out of Blender to make own textures in any image editing software like Paintnet, GIMP, and Photoshop. We will then import these textures into Blender and will assign these texture to our objects using the Node Editor.

    This course will make solid foundation in Architectural mesh. Architectural adds-on feature will be discussed with you step by step to creating custom room environment. In architectural mesh you will learn how to quickly add rooms to the scene. We shall also add lamp, cabinet, roof, stairs, shelf, rail window, panel window, doors. We shall also discuss how can we add materials, lighting, and camera and render the final scene & we shall also make camera fly through animation.

    The course will also build strong foundation through setting up Blender’s very powerful Video Sequence Editor (VSE). You will learn about Blender’s VSE (Video Sequence Editor), Editing your videos,  adding 3d scene into video, Adding Text, Adding transitions, Adding Sound(s), adding image(s), Making Soft Cuts, Making hard cuts, compositing techniques,  exporting audio, exporting your video for high quality playback

    Below are some of the reasons why you want to learn Blender

    Due to below reasons you can join this online training

    • I am completely newcomer (beginner) to 3d world’s art.
    • I want to create  own 3d models
    • I want to create assets for video games.
    • I am filmmaker and want to learn video editing
    • I want to start a career in modeling and animation industry
    • I want to learn simulation
    • I want to design my dream house, camera fly through  etc
    • I want to express myself through 3D artwork.
    • I need comprehensive course covering all of the basics in blender
    • I have no experience in 3d modeling and animation

     All videos are high quality and each step is very clear. You can dive into Blender 3d easily.

    By the end of the course you will be very confident in the fundamentals of 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, animating, rendering, simulating, video editing techniques, you will be able to tackle bigger challenges easily

    So purchase this course now, in case of future updates to this course are yours completely free of charges

    Are you ready to accept challenges of 3d world’s industry? Then get this course now and start journey toward 3d modeling and animation using open source and 100% free Blender 3d!


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  • Udemy – Learn Cinema 4D: Low Poly Planet [100% off]

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    Learn Cinema 4D: Low Poly Planet

    Do you want to learn 3D modelling quickly & easily by creating trendy low poly artwork? You can do it in this course and learn the basics of Cinema 4D by creating a Low Poly Planet! This class is perfect for web designers, graphic designers, illustrators and anyone else who would like to learn a bit of 3D modelling to add to their designs. Get started with 3D modelling & take this course now to learn Cinema 4D in just a few hours!

    • Learn the basics and use Cinema 4D from scratch.
    • Learn a basic modelling in Cinema 4D
    • Learn how to render your scene in Cinema 4D.
    • Create basic materials and colours for your model.

    Low Poly Art for Illustrations & Graphic Designers

    In this course you will learn the basics of how to emulate this trendy art style which has been used in many different websites and banners. Enhance your projects, presentations and illustrations using this versatile background!

    Content & Overview

    This is a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to 3D programs like Cinema 4D. Starting with a basic overview of the program, the course will help familiarise you with the tools you will need first. With the basics complete, the course will take you through how tp create a Low Poly Planet step by step. Each step will be broken down to make understanding the process even easier, starting with creating a simple 3D shape to manipulating random landscapes.

    Students completing this course will have the knowledge to create low poly planets in Cinema 4D.

    I have included the Cinema 4D and PSD file to download at the end of the course to use as reference. So you’ll be able to work alongside the videos to learn and create your own Low Poly Planet. Please feel free to share your creations as well!


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  • Udemy – Ultimate Creature Design and Concept Course [100% OFF]

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    Ultimate Creature Design and Concept Course

    Join the course and begin designing creatures today!

    Do you want to learn how to design creatures for game and film like an industry pro? Or maybe you’re on a quest to start making money as concept artist? In any case you’ve come to the right place.

    The ‘Ultimate Creature Design Course’ will show you how to create interesting and believable creatures that will stand up as professional work. The techniques taught in this course can be translated into any program from Photoshop to Manga Studio to paper and pencil. This course will enhance or give you skills in the world of creature design – or your money back!

    The course is your track to building a solid portfolio of creature designs and concept art! Whether for your own content or for other peoples projects.

    This course will take you from having little knowledge in designing creatures to creating professional concept art in as little as one week.

    So what else is in it for you?

    You’ll be taken from basic animal anatomy to believable and original creatures, from beginner to expert

    You’ll gain instant access to all of the course. You’ll also gain access to all of my files I create though out the course for you to use how ever you like. These assets can be used to study and trace over or as inspiration and reference for your own paintings.

    The course is setup to quickly take you through step by step, the process of creating interesting creature designs. It will equip you with the knowledge to create stunning images and concept art!

    This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section of the course or direct message.

    I will be here for you every step of the way!


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