Substance painter 2020 – The complete 3D Texturing course

Substance painter 2020 - The complete 3D Texturing course
A complete introduction to 3D Texturing from beginner to intermediate using substance painter 2020

Welcome to the Substance painter – complete 3d texturing course . 

In this course you will learn all the tools and techniques used by artists within substance painter to make detailed and realistic 3d textures on your 3d models .

The course is composed of three parts . the first part is dedicated to introducing you to all the tools that you will be using in substance painter, the render engine within the software and the UI ,etc . While the second and third parts of the course go through the 3d texturing process of two 3d assets provided with the course from start to finish .

What you will learn :

  • 3D texturing tools available in substance painter .
  • Creating and using materials in substance painter .
  • Filters , generators and procedural 3D texturing tools .
  • Correct mesh maps baking methods to avoid common issues .
  • rendering your 3D textured model and applying post effects using IRAY render engine inside of substance painter .

Enroll now and start learning the industry standard 3d texturing software substance painter .

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