Software testing course for absolute beginner

Software testing course for absolute beginner
Software testing In-depth explanation

This course is Designer for all those how want to start carrier in Software testing or have very less testing experience.

Highlights of the course :

  • Syllabus Soft copy is attached with the course
  • Detailed Reference book is also attached
  • Each and every topic is explained with real testing example.
  • Course covers all the important concept required for a person to get into testing domain.
  • Along with the theory, two practical chapters are included in the course  where you will get opportunity  to apply testing techniques.
  • Many Testing practical questions are provided with explanation, with this you will learn almost all the testing techniques used.
  • First chapter is completely available for preview, you can watch lectures and then decide if you would like to go with it or not.

Chapters covered:

  1. Fundamentals of Testing
  2. Testing Throughout the Software Development Life-cycle
  3. Static Testing
  4. Black box testing techniques (practical chapter)
  5. White box testing techniques(practical chapter)
  6. Test Techniques
  7. Tools

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