REST API Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide to REST APIs in Node, ES6 & More [100% OFF]

REST API Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide to REST APIs in Node, ES6 & More [100% OFF]

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Course Description

Welcome to the most in-depth treatment of REST API backend development available online. This course is perfect for you if you want to learn how to go professional in API development. This REST API tutorial is designed to take you from beginner level through the fundamentals of API development in Node, ES6, MongoDB, and Express.  Kickstart your journey to becoming a rock star REST Api developer today!

The acclaim of this particular REST API tutorial is from the approach that it takes towards teaching. While other tutorials tend to drown you in a sea of unneeded details, this course takes a focused approach to teach you about the REST API. It narrows down on the important knowledge that’ll help you master API development quickly. Also, this course utilizes a hands-on approach that is necessary for long-term retention of the skills learned!

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone! This course is for anyone who is interested in API development. As earlier said, the course is designed to take students from beginner level. If, however, you are a mobile application developer and you’re sick of outsourcing your backend API and database needs, this API tutorial is the perfect match for you.

Also, if you have a mobile product idea and you own or want to create a startup, RESTful APIs could come in as a handy tool in your development toolbox.

If you are considering a career switch towards backend development and are looking for industry-sought out skills to populate your portfolio and make you wanted on many development teams, this is the course you’ve been combing the net for!

Over 50,000 students have enrolled in this course and have learned how to code and develop REST APIs. By taking this REST API tutorial, you can become a part of the next generation of mobile developers who build APIs for their mobile applications.

What Will I learn from this REST API tutorial?

  • •    How to build RESTful API for iOS & Android applications
  • •    REST APIs deployment in Node to live servers
  • •    Live MongoDB deployment
  • •    How to write code in ES6 for API development and general-purpose programming

What other skills will you learn from this course?

  • •    Node
  • •    Express
  • •    MongoDB
  • •    ES6 and Javascript
  • •    API development
  • •    CRUD & REST
  • •    Getting your developed iOS app to talk to your API
  • •    Getting your developed Android app to talk to your API
  • •    Automation and Tooling
  • •    Programming tips and practices from professionals
  • •    And a lot more!


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