Refactor Javascript

Refactor Javascript
Master the art of writing dead simple Javascript code that you’ll love to work with.

We live in a vibrant and ever changing world, and this demands that our code reflects that, our code should be easy to read, understand and change!

Yet, a lot of developers still write code that is bad, even though it works, it lacks the best practices that keep the code easy to maintain and modify.

In this course we will dive into the main points of bad code and refactor to Javascript to code that is flexible, and easy to change.

Specifically, you will learn about:

  • Common issues, known as code smells.
  • Techniques to refactor already existing code.
  • Structure Javascript code.
  • Tools that enforce you to follow the best practices and good rules.

In this course you can find a compilation of best practices, rules and concepts that will help you with just that.

All this is backed up by examples and code snippets.

This course does NOT focus on a specific programming style or paradigm (like functional programming or object oriented programming) but instead covers general concepts and techniques that will apply regardless of the paradigm.

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