Quantum Physics and Time Travel: University Level Course

Quantum Physics and Time Travel: University Level Course
A Beautiful Course on Theoretical Description of Quantum Physics

In this course we will discuss about quantum physics and time travel. We will discuss that how the quantum physics and time travel are associated with each other. We start from basics and end on where quantum physics and time travel have strong bond between them. The Schrodinger wave equation is actually the nice explanation of quantum physics and time travel.

This course is purely designed for the students of colleges and universities. Students will master all the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics and its applications. All the videos in this course have been captured on power point slides where the instructor provides the explanation of various theoretical concepts of quantum mechanics. This is chocolate like course. So the students for any background can take this course easily.

All videos have been framed sequence wise and contains simple stuff rather than animated like materials. It is just getting true knowledge course in quantum mechanics. The course has been designed keeping in mind that what kind of problems students feels as instructor own experience when he was taking this course in the university.

I would like to tell you more something bout this course to avoid from any frustration.

1. It is power point slides constructed lectures notes.

2. It is more theoretical and less mathematical course, where I have explained all fundamental concepts quantum physics.

3. My accents of speaking English is Asian and I have fully tried to made the lectures for all citizens understandable.

If you are students of a university and you are studying quantum mechanics as a course then you can take this course. I assure you that you will get benefits from this course.


  • Photoelectric effect experiment
  • Compton effect
  • Introduction to Classical and Quantum Physics
  • Two slits experiment
  • Entanglement and history of quantum physics
  • Wave function
  • The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  • An experiment with a bullets
  • An experiment with waves
  • An experiment with electrons
  • Wave particle duality
  • The Schrodinger Wave Equation
  • The probability of wave function
  • Strength of wave function
  • Quantum spin and probability amplitude
  • The state of a system and revisited two slit experiment

Now the most important thing is that if you don’t like the course then you can take your money back and if you like and this course is helpful for you then please please write your point of view about the course. Hope you have understand that what I am saying.


There are total 12 sections in this course which are separated according to their titles. Each sections contains proper number of videos in which instructor explains the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics and its applications. Sections 1 is the introduction about quantum mechanics while remaining sections are the complete description of quantum mechanics.

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